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Spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with your EGG? Virginia Willis’ three course menu is perfect for a date night! February is also National Chocolate Lover’s Month, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve been cooking a little more dessert than usual on your EGG. If you’re looking for something a little more savory than chocolate, try some Roasted Chicken Flatbread or Pork Tenderloin with Honey Mustard.

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  • "Toss" my name in the hat, please.
  • I am an Anesthesiologist Assistant. Been giving anesthesia for about 30 years now and love it. Have her check out this web site: AAAA Click on Facts tab at left for basic info. There are currently seven schools in the country: Case Western Reserv…
  • Still use it as a reference now and then. Thanks for posting.
  • Here are some Linkys to BBQ Guru and Stoker: BBQ Guru Stoker I used a Guru for the first time Friday night. Got a great night's sleep for the first time during a Lo n' Slo. Pit temp was right on the set point when I got up. Only mistake was n…
  • Screwing up is when you don't get up to check on your egg and then find the temp down to 140 when you do. Butt is forgiving, and easy enough to remedy if it does get a little dry. Congrats on waking up to a finished butt rather than a cold egg! P…
  • Plenty of bark! I slice most of the fat cap off to get bark all over.
  • That's like calling wrinkles "Character Lines". Well mine certainly has some mileage and character lines. She was a thing of beauty when Sparky got her finished, but sadly I neglected her. I was waiting for the wood to cure a bit before staining and…
  • Right with you, Hungry Man: My Daisey is slider closed, petals barely open. Wish I had set the damper at 1/4 to start. Guru will force the air and fire won't die. Excess air pressure will escape. Next time it will truly be set it and forget it, but …
  • Thanks, t. I usually use the V rack so it's easier to place the meat on the egg and take it off it one piece, w/o having any meat stick to the grid. Also, if I see a hot spot developing, it's easy to spin the rack around rather than trying to lift m…
  • Thanks. I get the idea of two "fire temps" (Dome and Pit) and using a third separate probe for meat temp. Plan on doing something similar by placing one of my remote temp probes into the dome. That way I don't have to go outside to check the Guru re…
  • Besides folding or rolling, Calzone always has ricotta in the middle and no sauce (Sauce on the side for dipping); Stomboli usually more pizza like: no ricotta but always has sauce inside.
  • Let the dome drift down to 205-210°. Held it there til about 11:30, then raised it to 230° to finish it (stuck at 185°). Took it off the egg at 12:15 when it hit 200°. Foiled, toweled, resting in a prewarmed cooler. Total time 21 hr 15 min. I love i…
  • Went to bed @ 12:30 and had the dome down to 255°, meat 167°. Figured it was stable again. At 5:45 my dome was down to 195°/meat 177°. Small adjustment and dome to 230° and rising (opened the Lucy one petal). Looks like things are on track again. T…
  • I do them at 350° direct. Turn every 15 min. Done when center is 140°.
  • Malis lights quickly, but sparks and pops a lot when I use MAPP. WGWW slower to light but burns hot and lasts much longer. Great big chunks in the WG, lots of small stuff in the Malis I have bought. Hope this helps. I prefer the WG when I can get it.
  • I'll run by his store today and check it out. Maybe he will be practically giving away a mini.
  • Try Elder Ward's recipe for Western NC (Piedmont) style red sauce. Drop dead simple and my favorite. You can find it on this page: Scroll down to …
  • Fidel wrote: I have a serious question. What color is the sky in your world? Probably paisley, just like mine.
  • Thnx!
  • Duplicate post, sorry.
  • How about posting full recipe for those of us OCD eggers that have to have details? :laugh:
  • I left it out for about a 1.5 hours, then rewrapped and bagged. In the fridge as we speak. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I've been baking bread. Used the Jim Lahey "No Knead" recipe and baked in a CI DO. Used the oven 'cause I didn't have enough ti…
  • I agree: infrared propane prolly warmer, more even heat, easier. But then again, where is the romance of an infrared heater vs a real wood fire? Besides, "A log warms you twice", as the saying goes (prolly even more if you count cutting down the tre…
  • I think I'll unwrap and give it some air time. How long you reckon? After that it goes in the 'Beer Fridge'. Don't think it will affect the beer any.
  • Mine has been like this for at least 4 years now. It still holds together when I lift it out of the egg, so I'm not bothering with getting it replaced until it does break thru and thru.
  • Just took the cheese off and had to sample it. Some ash/soot shook down from the Daisy so I had the excuse of cutting some off to clean up the blocks. Very smokey, flavor not quite what I was expecting, but I'm going to let it rest for a couple of d…
  • Please note: The beer from the can I used is not fit for human consumption! Bought it to cook with. Not even good at that. The empty can was all it was good for.
  • I purposely left the stone outside and didn't preheat it, figuring I could omit the tray of ice to keep smoke cool. So far it's working: Through the chimney temp is now in the 50's.