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Hop on down to your nearest EGG dealer this week to pick up some Easter EGGcessories! Here are a few that may be useful for Easter, the V-rack, electric charcoal lighter and flexible skewers! Now that Spring is in the air, it's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I am SO glad most of you like loin backs (what's the heck is a Baby back? Something Chili's promotes!) because it keeps the cost of spare ribs down for the rest of us.  Spare ribs have much more flavor. BOB
  • Y'all PLAY NICE! Isn't that in the forum rules? Why would a company put wheels on a product that would mark up concrete?  Even POOL DECKS?  Aren't many/most Egg dealers also POOL stores?  I think those wheels are a mistake and possibly defective whe…
  • All that can be said on the subject has already been said here: Watch and learn.   BOB
  • Rib Bones. Natures perfect teething ring. BOB
  • I think "Charley Tuna" killed it. :unsure: His was the last post before it crashed. :woohoo: About 10 minutes ago, I got this... Notice: Table 'mos_session' is marked as crashed and should be repaired; query=DELETE FROM mos_session WHERE (…
  • I'd raise the temperature to at least 250-275. Maybe even 300, but that might be me. :woohoo: I wouldn't soak, and I'd use chunks instead of chips. Soaking can cause a creasote-like taste to the meat. You don't need to see the smoke for it to …
    in long smoke Comment by BobinFla July 2011
  • I don't cook brisket flats, so I have no idea if what I am thinking would work on a flat or not, but... I'd cook it a little hotter. 275 to 300. Works for me with trimmed packers. I also rarely even check anything 'til it's about 195, then I'l…
  • I completely burnt off the gasket on my Mini several years ago, and it works well without one, even for low (less than 250ish) cooks. BUT!. the mating surfaces of my Mini are a perfect match, after I re-adjusted the hinge. It even passes the dolla…
  • The Mini is a great grilling machine. If you can't get the green light for the small right now, get the Mini while yoou can. Then, you can always try to cook more than it will hold and do some convincing that the Small would be more convenient.…
  • Yes, but not nearly as well. BOB
  • My favorite. Made in Goldsboro. BOB
  • Gummy Bear Brats is just SO WRONG on so many levels. :unsure: But I sure woulda bought a package, just to try them, too. BOB
  • Dave in Florida wrote: Some of the best quality I have seen. I pass by the entrance to Randall Knives a couple of times a week. I think that I need to stop in. Probably …
  • Yes, Smokey Mountain. Ask (TELL!) them to get some! I still like the three separately (I don't really like mustard in anything, so I don't really think about or count that one :unsure: :lol: :sick: ) for lots of cooks, but right now, I am mi…
  • I used to go 50 - 50. But the last couple of times, it was 33.3 - 33.3 - 33.3. Blues Hog has a new flavor that goes well with the other two. BOB
  • My challenge is that my wife likes her steaks well done (I know, its a crime). Any one have any tips on getting steaks well done. I'm almost thinking I'll have to butterfly hers or something. I left hers in the egg during the cook process for pro…
  • Throw on a brisket and let it do it's thing. Then follow Wess's ideas for the kids while the brisket is cooking. Phil's idea is pretty-durn-good, too! BOB
  • Basscat wrote: With your dome temp at 215, your grate temp could be as low as 180 or so. Try 250 dome next time, or even 275. The pork won't mind, and will be done way sooner. DITTO!!!!!!!! I will NEVER understand MARATHON cooking. Why cook s…
  • Bacchus wrote: Sounds like a waste of good beer to me. :huh: Also, alcohol abuse. BOB
  • This guy seems to like it. If I remember correctly, he uses it on all of the basic 4 competition meats. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: BOB
  • If you saved any of the au jus or the drippings, add thqt back in with the beef broth. BOB
  • The next time you try Keri's recipe, try using PEACH pie filling instead of the Apple. Or Cherry Pie filling! All 3 versions are FANTASTIC. BOB
  • I'll tell ya what. Buy the 5 CFM package. If you think that the 5 CFM fan isn't large enough, I will buy it from you since I am in need of another fan. You can then buy just the 10 CFM fan and add it to your set-up. Deal? BOB
  • The 5 CFM fan will work fine. I have a Smoker thats volume is almost twice that of the XLBGE, and even the 4 CFM fan works well in it. Remember, your Egg is almost completely sealed and in reality, when your fire is burning you aren't pushing mu…
  • SmokinParrotHead wrote: LOL. I didn't realize I was talking to the same person in both posts. Thanks for the reply! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :lol: :lol: :lol: BOB
  • :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: See my other reply to you! :laugh: :laugh: BOB
  • Nah. If you like it, it's NOT wrong. Just the way many competition teams use it. You know those big jugs of Pork Rinds @ Sam's Club? Yeah, add straight Butt Rub. That big jug will just disappear! :whistle: BOB
  • I bet he didn't "cut" it with anything, and it was too salty! BOB
  • Buy it. It's a "Power Rub" meaning that you don't use it straight. Most use it 50/50 with Turbinado sugar. I could name 50 competition teams that use it but then I'd have to kill you :silly: (or they might kill me!) :whistle: Seriously, i…
  • All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go I'm standing here outside my door :lol: :laugh: BOB apologies to Ms Travers, Mr Yarrow and Mr Stookey :unsure: