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  • stemc33 said:What's below your plate setter? That's the BGE cast iron grate.
  • Jstroke said: Where are you located. Red Devon cattle are almost unheard of. Southwest Missouri. Black Gate Farms ( ) sells at a few area stores and farmers' markets.
  • I've gone 22 hours, 225-250ish. 
  • Mine's kind of old, the bars are tapered, one side flat, the other side pointy, newer ones may be different, I don't know. I use the other (pointy) side for grill marks on steaks and stuff.
  • Biggreenpharmacist said: @Basscat‌ What kind of grid is that? And awesome looking ribs! It's the BGE Medium cast iron grid. On the platesetter, legs up.
  • All I can think is maybe your thermometer is off, have you calibrated it? My usual rule for bite through tender ribs is 5 hours for loins and 6 for spares, but this was a small rack of spares.
  • Wow, that looks great! I've been doing all my pizzas with fresh tomatoes (usually chopped), garlic, a little dried oregano, and basil instead of sauce lately, love the fresh taste. 
    in Skillet Pizza Comment by Basscat July 10
  • Sour orange juice, if you can get them, or a mix of lime and orange is what I use, achiote paste (you can get El Yucateco brand at Amazon or Mexican/latin markets, or grind anatto seed, cumin, cinnamon, and other spices to make your own), garlic, Me…
  • Beautiful cook! Halibut is my favorite white fish for the grill, so good!
  • Dizzy Pig is about all I ever use. Very fresh and creative. Dizzy Dust for pork, Raging River on salmon, Raising the Steaks on steaks and burgers, and the ish group (Bayouish, Fajitaish, etc.) are all great for grilling. And Tsunami Spin on my over …
  • Those are my 2 faves for wings, love them both, Pineapple Head is a little sweeter, Raging River a little spicier and more complex, but I couldn't pick a "best" between them. Added a couple chunks of peach wood for smoke this cook, and that was inte…
  • Medium with Platesetter legs down on cast iron grid with pizza stone on BGE feet, vent wide open. 500ish, I'd guess.
    in Pizza Comment by Basscat May 12
  • qprhooligan said: Looks good, got a recipe? Not much of a "recipe", just boned and skinned chicken breasts, dusted moderately with Dizzy Pig Bayouish, then tenderized with a Jaccard tool, which also gets some of the rub into the meat, th…
  • One of them lost its head, but the rest came through unscathed, and very tasty ;)
  • nm
    in Sunday Ribs Comment by Basscat April 7
  • Medium model number would be great, thanks!
  • I cook plenty, and generally do without a cover, but like to cover in winter so it is easier to open after a snow or long freeze. Just sad to see the BGE stuff priced so crazy. I will check out the Cover Store, thanks! 
  • Bayouish is great :) On Chicken, and fish. Wonderfully savory, a little heat, and stands up great to a hot cast iron pan.
  • Congratulations! Too Cool!!!
  • Usually just another hour or so, if they aren't too big. I usually trim them St. Louis style, if you leave them whole they may take longer.
  • Awesome! Great article, and congrats on the recognition!
  • Looks good! I hate foil, it tastes icky to me. I put my ribs on and leave the lid closed for 5 or 6 hours. The Egg takes care of the moisture, don't need liquid in the drip pan. Smoke, rub, sometimes a little sauce at the end. Works for me.
  • With your dome temp at 215, your grate temp could be as low as 180 or so. Try 250 dome next time, or even 275. The pork won't mind, and will be done way sooner.
  • So sorry for your loss. Been there too many times, I know the feeling. Hang in there, and care for Mr. H, he will miss her too.
    in OT: Sad day Comment by Basscat July 2011
  • Danger zone is 40-140, so you are fine. Crank it up to 300 if you need to speed it up, butts are very forgiving.
  • If they were dry they probably weren't quite done. Sometimes they take a little longer than normal, but with average size back ribs I usually find 5 hours works, sometimes another half hour is better if they are a little bigger. You didn't say how l…
    in CWM Ribs Comment by Basscat July 2011
  • Waaayyyyy too salty for me, but as usual, YMMV. Might be OK if cut with other less salty things, as others have said. I really like his Jubilee Seasoning on fish.
  • So sorry. I know that feeling all too well.... Your pictures are a wonderful tribute to him. Hang in there.
  • Use chunks, don't soak, on the coals. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it