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Here are some of our new favorite non-beef burgers: Italian Turkey Burger, Grilled Tuna Burger and Goat Cheese Portobello Burger. You’ll want to perfect these before football season starts up in a few weeks! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Old Dave,Bless you and thanks for the info--I think it will work right nicely and will give Alan a little project and an excuse to visit the Home Depot (there goes the American Express bill!!!) Thanks again!! Cheers- Elizabeth
    in lots of butt Comment by AnE June 2000
  • J Appledog,Mornin'!! I'm picking up on your "turducken"- I've wanted to try one-and have Paul Prudhomme's recipe to make one at home-but it's soooo much Sister-in-law says "don't bother" as they aren't as good as they sound-she claims the…
  • MAC, Funny you should say that...When he got through with the first coat of the finish...I thought to myself "this would make a pretty dining room table..and said " much deeper could you make this overhang....." He looked at me like I …
  • Oh, yeah, and don't let the finish fool you- it's a red mahogony gel stain and two coats of exterior grade high gloss urethane....The table is on the edge of the porch, and even though there's a substantial overhang, we figure when the wind starts w…
  • Dr. Chicken, Well, he decided that he didn't want to mar the tabletop by routing out a spot for the duck cutting board..he wants to leave the option open for another egg....(I wondered how long he'd have to have this thing before he wanted a second.…
  • Brant,Thanks!! You made Alan's day!! All he has is a small table saw and router...he did have the 3 boards that make up the top and shelf planed at the store so they would fit perfectly..He used the plans on the website, but just kept making the tab…
  • Here's a top view....
  • Maybe this will work...I'm a ditz...[p]
  • Gfw,Many thanks- I will do that!! Cheers-ELizabeth
  • Nature Boy, Amen to the lager comment- that's Alan's specialty and I say he does QUITE a delightful job-when he gets 'round to it..can't wait to show him this thread when he gets home--maybe it will motivate us to fire up the brewpot and finally ge…
  • Gretl,LMAO-as did Alan--seems that you, like me, are a believer in the saying "Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves-for they will never cease to be amused!" You should see some of my doosies....Cheers! Elizabeth
  • Spin, You're right- rumor has it that frozen is the way all the "famous" steak places go to get the really, really rare steaks done right!!! Cheers! Elizabeth
  • Seattle Todd, THANKS very much- I will try to get it really really low next time!! Cheers- Elizabeth
  • Dr. Chicken,gravlax is a raw salmon filet recipe from Scandanavia-you marinate the salmon for several days then slice it really thin and serve on dark bread-it's basically raw fish cured by the salt and spices..which I love, but I wanted something d…
  • Teslamania,the brining salmon--do you think 2 days is too long to brine it?? Then I want to smoke it real slow-trying for that Northwest Indian style-smoked salmon that flakes... Cheers! Elizabeth
  • Dr. Chicken,there are priorities, and then PRYORITIES...sounds like you've met Alan... Cheers! Elizabeth
    in The Table Comment by AnE January 2000
  • Scott,The plans for the table on the website are great--and a good table can be had relatively cheaply. On the other hand, Alan-who tends to go a bit overboard at times- went to the fine wood store over the weekend and got 50 board feet of Honduran…
    in The Table Comment by AnE January 2000
  • Elder Ward,I'd love to be able to tell you I simmered it all day, but I just used Knorr's vegetable cubes....they don't have too much salt (not that it'd matter in this...)
  • C~W,That would have been smart-Webmaster fixed us up-we can't use the & sign, so we went with AnE used a simple brine from the Food Networks Good Eats show...he used on his Turkey before cooking it in the oven (remember, we didn't have the egg t…