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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • Naked Whiz has some pretty good posts on wood tables, stones, and potential fire risks. IMO, It is well worth the read. Bottom line even with thick pavers a kettle setting directly on the stone will eventually char and possible burn the wood beneath…
  • One of SWBO's friends lives in a Del Webb. Nice facility, lots of activities, but just didn't care for the vibe ourselves. Some people really like it, but it just didn't click with us.  In a Webb, you live with and see the same age and older folks e…
  • Due to the fact I live in the mountains of Arizona with high fire danger, I am forced to cook on my Weber Summit every year usually during the months of June and July before the heavy monsoon rains in August. (Local county enforced fire restrictions…
  • Just set the KAB directly on top of your stock grate. No need to ditch the grate, as the KAB holds the lump off the grate and creates extra air space, along with the ease of clean up. 
  • Prayers sent, and my wife and I will pray later this evening, as well. (Where two or more are gathered……) Also prayed for your son and your family in this time of tragedy and concern. Very sad anytime a young person is injured seriously. 
  • Evie, indirect over a stone with a reverse sear is my go to method for any thick cuts, like 2 inch steaks, thick chops, roasts, whole poultry. Kinda gives you the best of both methods. Nice even cooked meat with a great crust and color. 
  • I find that two 13x17 grates are helpful when doing a pile of ribs. I am even thinking of getting a 3rd, but haven't done so yet. 
  • Nice end to a great story. Maybe a pic of your grandpa at his newly restored grill. 
  • Just a great Masters IMO, what a tremendous performance by Spieth. Great golfer and seems like a really nice kid. Have to admit, I shed a tear. But then I love the emotional stuff in sports. this is certainly going to change his life as he knows it. 
  • IMO this is really shaping up to be a fantastic Maters. The course looks even more beautiful than I remember. With Ben Crenshaw's last competitive round today, and Spieth just playing at a historic level, this is truly fun to watch. I just heard Spi…
  • wow, that looks delicious. Great cook
  • My next door neighbor has a high end commercial  electrical smoker. big thing he keeps it in the garage and rolls it out to cook.  Cost a fortune I am sure. His wife is a relator and gives away briskets he has smoked to her clients and home buyers. …
  • Love Tri Tip, really nice beefy taste but I think you will end up with a tough chewy piece of meat if you take it to 190. I pull mine at about 120 and do a quick reverse sear. If you want chunks of meat with a crust, I have cut a Tri Tip into 1 or 2…
  • I would gather as much info as I could, apox date of purchase, etc. Then I would take pictures and send them to service at the Mother Ship followed by a call to Bruce who does the warranty claims at 1 (800) 793-2292. They will probably want to know …
  • Really like watching Spieth play golf. The kid can putt when it's clutch. Not the biggest hitter for sure, but Augusta is all about the greens. Who ever putts the best will be in the last group. Freddy is always a sentimental favorite, his back just…
  • Always recommend spatchcock chicken and a pan of veggies and such. Quick, easy, and always delicious. Nothing beats kamado chicken IMO. 
  • Congratulations, great to see you so proud and excited to be an American. Just wonderful
  • I have my large Egg on a  table stand and in a Sole metal compact table. Can't  recommend the table stand strongly enough, especially if your Egg is in a wooden table. The air space is IMO absolutely critical. After I tested the surface below my Egg…
  • Just picked up one of these, looks pretty rugged with good reviews, but have not used it yet.…
  • take what ever they give you and then get a custom handle to fit your egg. at 
  • Here you go. this chart includes both fridge times and cold water method times. However, I am no fan of the submerged turkey method, just too much opportunity for bacteria growth IMO. Although, I do brine turkeys in a container that fits in my garag…
  • A smoke ware cap is a fine replacement and I believe cheaper than the original issue daisy wheel. 
  • Wow, will never pay your full debt, but it is a hell of start. Great cook for a loving wife. All the best to you and yours. 
  • Good for you and your wife, beautiful baby girl. Congrats Dad. 
  • I just set mine of a  damp dish towel when I take it out. Even after a pizza cook, never had an incident of it setting the towel on fire. basically just keeps the grease off your surface, in my case a metal table top. 
  • Tom is truly one of the good guys. I think you can take what he tells you to the bank. I have what your planning on getting and can tell you that it will help you turn out an excellent pizza along with almost every other cook you can think of. Truly…
  • Love apple pie on the egg. IMO apples go great with pork chops. I do a CI pan of apple slices and texas sweet onions as a topping almost every time I cook chops. delicious. Put the pan right on the grill next to the chops. 
  • Started baking bread in my egg last year. Just a wonderful thing to do. I picked up a book called "The Bread Baker;s Apprentice" really good info as well. Enjoy your bread journey, I have had lots of fun with it. 
  • Old school home econ teacher taught me a pretty good trick for geese that manages the high fat content rather well. Poke the skin with a sharp BBQ fork all over especially where you see fat deposits. Using a big tall pot, fill it a little less than …
  • BBQJiM,  Love those riblets, there are one of the best appitizers at my favorite Greek restaurant Kokari in San Francisco. Amazing flavor. Done pretty much the way you did yours with the addition of dry white wine. Great cook, I can taste em from he…