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Looking forward to a delicious Christmas dinner? Keep our Holiday Entertaining Publication handy throughout December for all your holiday dinner needs. But you can also find some of our favorites on our Country Christmas page, including Christmas Ham and Peach Cobbler. Happy cooking!

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  • Thanks for the feedback folks.  More evidence that Amazon is not always the answer, particularly if it is not "Prime" eligible.   BTW, I really like the notion of having the ribs on the "legs up" side for keeping a catch pan elevated off the surface…
  • I am happy to buy it 5 or more bags at time from Firecraft.  Good price and 4 day delivery to the door by the Fedex guy thinking he is delivering firewood!
  • Paqman, thanks for the links.  Signed in/joined and reading at Egullet.  This is a great Forum. Lit, thanks for the tip on the book.  Had just read about it on   The title is quite interesting, "Under Pressure" and the Sous Vide enthusia…
  • I do 200 F cooking grate often. Have not had a need to try lower.
  • Looking forward to seeing the result. Assuming you are doing indirect, couldn't tell from the photo.
  • Charles, are you going to slow cook the bacon after you cold smoke it? Example - 200 F dome, indirect to 150F for the bacon?
  • Great post - Thx for sharing the experience. Looking forward to a report on the cook and some photos.
  • I just ordered 5 bags of Rockwood. I can't wait to try it and with buying 5 bags the shipping was free. If its as good as folks say it is that's a no brainer in my book. The UPS guy saw Firecraft on the boxes and asked me if it was firewood! :-)
    in Rockwood Comment by Alphonse January 3
  • dhoten said: Alphonse said: ............. Good luck on your decision. I also live in LA (Milton, FL) Great location!  There is an excellent BGE dealer in Pace, FL that is easy to work with if you haven't if you haven't found them…
  • I looked at several and ultimately landed on the large BGE.  I have enjoyed the availability of information and accessories.  If you are cooking for two - my recommendation is get the large first.  It is more than adequate for two plus many more.  P…
  • Agreed Rockwood rocks. Just finished a batch of Canadian Bacon with it and apple wood chunks. It does seem to burn hot and that's fine since the DigiQ controlled it to 210F.
    in Rockwood Comment by Alphonse January 2
  • Has a bThanks, need it also to slice bread. No problem for bread!
  • Check out American Angler. American made with great torque/ power. Comes with several blades and will cut meat like butter. If you're a fisherman you'll be surprised how it will handle a big redfish.
  • Oops!
  • Yes, per henapple's suggestion use chunks vs pellets. Also drop the temp to 200F and monitor meat temperature to your target.
  • Make certain that it is seasoned really well first.  Even new ones that claim to be seasoned can be improved by a high temp seasoning.  I recently seasoned a new Lodge 8 quart with legs on my gas grill at 500F for 3 hours with three separate coating…
  • RibsnWhiskey said: I just perfected my own Holiday Cocktail recipe: take: 1oz chartreuse 2oz dry vermouth 1oz Fresh lemon juice Take these ingredients and pour down the drain. Pour 3oz of your favorite 90 proof Whiskey into a rocks …
  • Found this in Garden and Gun.  May be the bomb for New Year's morning though.
  • laserdoc85 said: Pellets are better than the dust costco has bags of hickory pellets for twenty bucks at the one over by The Mall of Georgia Amazon has 20 pound bags of apple pellets for a little more than 23 bucks to your door if you a…
  • Botch said: I had not been interested in cold-smoking when I first got my Egg, but after reading Charcuterie over the holidays I'm getting ideas.  Can this thing burn/support a cold smoke within a Large?  The Amazon writeup didn't really tell…
  • Okay Friends - sold! Order placed for smoker and apple wood pellets. Thx for the confirmation and encouragement.
  • Bought one for Thanksgiving workout - used it since and can recommend it.  Here is the initial review:
  • Very unique table. Really like the legs and it appears quite sturdy.
  • Cen Tex, We all need our annual training to remind ourselves during the year of the pain we'll endure if you let it get out of hand and we encroach on the field of alcohol poisoning.  Big problem is that you have taken yours a week too early!  Sure …
  • They are never going to be exact but a pizza stone reading 473 F vs. 500F is essentially the same number.  Use it with the understanding it is yielding a reasonably close indication of temperature and you will not get exact results.  As someone has …
  •   If you are shooting for a low temp., start the fire high in the lump toward the front of the grill.  It will travel to the rear as you progress.  I run the fan damper full open and almost close the daisy wheel.  It is slightly cracked.  I have had…
  • Good price if all is in working order. It's a saw that you would not find in really serious woodworker's shop. Flipside, buy it, use it until you want a serious cabinet maker's saw and then you can sell it to get most of your money back. Be prepa…
  • I've got both and use them both. Use the one with feet on camping trips with charcoal top and bottom. Biggest trick is to season them well from the get go.
  • Alphonse said: New backlit Thermapen and 5 bags of Rockwood lump. :)) Speaking of Thermapen ... who currently has the best deals on them at the moment? Bought two from direct from ThermoWorks and got discount. One for my son and on…