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We’re feeling pretty super, how about you? The big game is fast approaching, and while we love football, we love an excuse to invite people over and cook even more! You too can cook like a champion with recipes from Dr. BBQ’s NFL Gameday Cookbook: Grilled Tuna Sandwiches from Seattle and Baked Brie from New England. Who’s going to win? You’ll have to cook both to find out.

The 17th Annual EGGtoberfest was amazing - here are the highlights Click Here


I just got my first Egg in November 2013, a Large and love it.  Before getting the Egg I cooked on a Weber Kettle, a 4-Burner Gasser and a WSM smoker.  Thinking about getting rid of all the other grills now since they don't get used.


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  • I've done a bunch of them it's a major pain in the ass.  You have to remove the glass which is very fragile by heating up the device and putting a thin metal tool between the frame and the glass to cut the adhesive.  Then you have to remove the LCD …
  • I used to work for Costco in high school, Costco does a lot of work with local dealers and contractors in their stores for their members.  Most likely the KJ Costco road shows are handled by a dealer located near the Costco having it.  An example wo…
  • badinfluence said: oh one more dealer called me to keep me updated. If I was your Egg dealer I'd call you personally to keep you updated on every new Egg, Accessory, etc. too.
  • I've tried to avoid posting in here but I just can't help myself...  For the price of the Minimax, maybe they missed the mark maybe not all I know is that it's usually easier for them to drop the price than increase it so it's hard to blame them for…
  • I got a mini a few weeks ago and have fired it up almost everyday since I got it.  It's perfect for just the wife and I, I can do 2 good size ribeyes on it at once or 2 chicken breasts and a foil packet of potatoes on it as a side.  I also fire it u…
  • I like smokingeggs personally. I'll also take the PM to the other sites...
  • I watched it last night, my wife and I really enjoyed it.  Made me want to give it a try with a food truck myself, looked like a blast.
    in Chef Comment by aukerns08 October 2014
  • Mickey said: It's still not on the dealer price sheet. I've heard this too but it's on all of their marketing materials now, including the picture on the website of all the egg sizes.  Doesn't make sense to me to market a product that t…
  • @skiddymarker - I like that homemade ash tool next to your egg in that pic.  I'll have to remember that if mine ever breaks.
  • @DMWThanks I'll definitely be checking them out. @atgcpaul, I'm not really near Germantown but on the Northern VA side of the DC Metro area I've seen beef ribs at both Food Lion and Harris Teeter.
  • DMW said: Restaurant Depot. A membership is required, but any business license or a membership to KCBS ( will get you in. I've been wanting to check out Restaurant Depot for a while.  If I join KCBS as an individual that's a…
  • You can also use a pizza stone on the bottom grate of your swing rack and put whatever you're cooking on the top rack to get indirect cooking.
  • looks great. i was considering a turkey breast cook myself did your turkey breast come with the center bone in it and if so did you leave them in for the cook or remove them? 
  • One of the sellers contacted me back and said they won it in a raffle but live in an apartment and can't have it there.  Would that make a difference?
  • Nice looking table by the way.
  • I'd get the table nest and put a paver or fire brick under the nest.  There's been a couple of guys that have burned up there tables and one guy unfortunately lost his house to a fire that started when his table caught fire after a cook and after he…
  • I'd agree with @tksmoke controlling temps should be low on your list of cons for any Egg size.  You will have learn your Egg and how to control the air flow into the egg to control your temps.  Personally I went with the Large but I could definitely…
  • @RRP, the table/egg set up will be going on a cement patio that is off of a wooden deck and near the house.  The patio will likely be 10x10 so it could be a little ways from the house and deck.  We're still working out the details of how the backyar…
  • 20158
  • I'm assuming that you're putting the cupcake pan directly on the grill grates on the gas grille?  Assuming that you're doing it this way that would be directly over the flame/heat source which is causing the pan to heat up more than the air around i…
  • I've been brewing for 5 years and egging for just under a year now.  We just moved and had our first kid in the last 10 months and trying to get back in shape so my brewing has suffered but been able to keep up with the egging.  My Keezer is current…
  • AmericanFlannel said: Dizzy Pig is an 1.5 hours from Richmond isn't it? Give or take depending on traffic and what part of Richmond you'd be coming from.  I've been thrilled with Dizzy Pig but it's the closest thing to me.
  • Marrt, I'm in the Northern VA area too, not far from Dizzy Pig.  I've been using the Nature Glo lump that Dizzy Pig sells and I really like it for all my cooks.  I've been wanting to try Rockwood but haven't ordered it yet but with Nature Glo I have…
  • Thanks just ordered one myself.
  • I used to have a brew or glass of wine each night, nothing extreme just one glass usually, but since the wife is preggo I've cut it back so as to not throw it in her face.  I will usually have a brew or two whenever the Egg is fired up.
  • Love this idea with the Egg in the center.  Going to add this to my potential table designs.
  • I'm a noob myself but went with the cast iron one.  I originally bought the ceramic the day before Dizzyfest but after spending the day at Dizzyfest talking to the cooks they all talked me into the cast iron one.  I've been happy with it, it does gr…