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  • Than you both. I now have more confidence on timing, as well as helping me decide to go skinless. I hate soggy skin.
  • Your post was very timely for me, as I've been thinking about the same thing. After reading the responses, I think I'm in the CyberQ camp since I like to do over nighters and like to keep an eye on developments. Makes me feel like I'm the one in c…
  • Ahhhh, my education continues. Thanks again, my friend!
  • Hey thanks! While I don't know exactly what FTC stands for, by the context I think you're saying why rest it in a cooler if it's going to the refrig anyway. Makes sense to me. I may let it cool a little before hitting the refrig, as I don't want …
  • Actually, I think I now have my answer. I'll make sure i double or even triple wrapped as it rests in the cooler. Then directly to the refrig. When I reheat it, it'll still be unopened and a will slowly bring it it up to serving temp in a covered…
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  • Ok...I finally weathered my 2 plateau brisket smoke. All areas of it finally ranged from 195 to 203. Below is the pic of the final product. Thanks to all for your support. Happy Easter!
  • No, I have the rest of the night, if need be..
  • Hapster, I thought I liked you from before. But now that you've posted a brisket, Woodford DO, and a good cigar, I definitely know you're the man! I'm have the same combination going this weekend myself. Have you tried Bulleit Bourbon? It's my 2…
  • Hey Bonemuse, quite a spread you prepared here. You'll have to walk me through the process when I see you next Friday at bowling.
  • My only goal was to get extra space to use during the same cook. And as for ease of moving food on the lower grid, I don't really need to do that often. Also, what I'm smoking on the top grid will usually be for a much shorter duration - e.g., ABT…
  • In response to a couple of questions: 1) yes, I did use SS luck, not that I thought of it while at the hardware store. But it does make sense. 2). I have the Large BGE, with its 18" grid, and my 2nd level grid, while not labeled at t…
  • Great, that's what I was hoping to hear...thanks!
  • Oh yeah, great looking table! This was my first Christmas as an a nice Dutch oven and a pizza stone. In spite of upcoming sub-zero weather, I'll be smokin' some chili soon!
  • Sorry, I don't type well this early. I should try proofing what I write next time.
  • Me too, Hokiejacket. I just put in 2 8-pound turkey breasts. My first attempt very with turkey on my Large BGE. It's 25 degrees in Chicgoland, but spouse to be clear. This is my first cold weather smoke ever. I'll miss sitting by the Egg with…
  • Doesn't seem like too much salt. In fact, I've seen up to 1 1/2 cups per gallon in some recipes. I'm quite curious to hear what you find out. Good luck and don't give up....brining does work!
  • gdenby said: Buy a couple of extra wings or necks, and make some good stock in advance for a gravy base. I have tried catching drippings, but too often they have been somewhat burnt. Great thought on preparing for the gravy! Also, …
  • Thanks to both of confidence is growing!
  •'ll soon wonder how you lived without your Egg. This is my first year and am absolutely loving it.
  • Hey Little Steven, thanks! I'll check that out. That's twice in one day I've connected with you!
  • Thanks, guys...I was hoping it wouldn't be the. 18. I can see it adding a little time to the 6-pound timeframe, but I did I want it doubled. Time for another beer...great weather in Chicagoland for smokin butt.
  • I'm in mgmt on the dental side for a large insurance carrier located in the Midwest. I'm within sight of retirement when I can spend more time with my BGE.
  • Actually, the butcher at Cosco said it was a packer, as I was surprised at the weight myself. Here's a picture...I'm no expert, but isn't this point and flat?
  • As long as it turns out ok, I'm willing to have smoked brisket with my eggs! However, I was hoping it would take a little longer. This being my first brisket, I'm hing to establish some good timing guidelines. I read everything from "1 hr per po…
  • you clean out the seeds and stuff from the pepper, or simply wrap the pepper, seeds and all?
  • I hope to keep the temp in the 220-240 range. But I have to plead ignorance...I don't know what an air gap is between the setter and pan. I've always set the pan directly on setter, which uses up the whole space up to the grate. What am I missing…