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  • Yeah, it's a great recipe.  Even though I'm not a fan of raw cilantro when it's cooked and kept in the right balance with other flavors I think it certainly makes up part of a wonderful taste.
  • When I'm smoking cheese I smoke for 2 hours.  Some like more smoke, some less, but you need to try it and see what your personal tastes are.  To me the most important thing is to vacuum seal and let the cheese sit in the fridge for 6 weeks after you…
  • I like to keep my burgers simple - salt, pepper, garlic powder, and one or two shakes of worcestershire sauce. 
  • BKRonline said: It sounds like we had a 'flat', and I need to look up what a 'packer' and 'point' are. Is it common to need to bump the temp to finish? (i.e. would I ever finished at 225 grid temp?) Thanks everyone. Yep, you must have h…
  • BKRonline said: 0000 Meat temp to 185 F, took off grille, wrapped in foil0100 Sliced, surprisingly nice smokey flavor, fairly dense, tough, and chewy0200 Put sliced brisket in fridge for lunch the following day... defeated! Where did I go wr…
  • Thanks LS.  The question is will it last long enough for the salt flavor to dissipate. :)
  • And here's the results.  I cut the slices in half because they were so long.  This is what I cooked up this morning and it was the best bacon I've ever had although it was a bit too salty.  Next time I will add a soak in ice water after the cure.  B…
  • Thanks guys.  The temp will taper down from 80 degrees at the start of the smoke to 66 at the end.  I'll stop worrying and start the smoke when I get home.
  • wpendlegg said: Smell your phone! And then if someone calls you out on it, scream "MY PHONE SMELLS LIKE BBQ STOP JUDGING ME!" and storm off. If someone calls you on your phone why wouldn't you just answer it instead of screaming at them…
    in A BBQ Confession Comment by New2Q May 9
  • I've been starting my Egg with paraffin starter squares for a year.  I use 3 squares if I'm shooting for a temp above 275 and 2 square for 275 or less.  I've never had a problem and don't have to wait longer than 5 minutes to get up to 400 (without …
  • OK, final question - if you vacuum seal your pork chops in brine will it take significantly less time to brine the chops? 
    in Vacuum sealers Comment by New2Q April 24
  • I need to stop reading this forum.  I was mostly happy with my little hand-help FS vacuum pump this morning but now I want a chamber sealer. By the way, how does salad hold up to being vacuum sealed in a chamber sealer?  Too much damage to the green…
    in Vacuum sealers Comment by New2Q April 23
  • @LittleSteven Are those 10 cent bags able to handle boiling without off-gassing deadly toxins into the food?
    in Vacuum sealers Comment by New2Q April 23
  • And I do like the wide end of the spectrum as much as the telepho end: Full EXIF InfoDate/Time20-Apr-2010 21:41:13MakeCanonModelCanon EOS-1D Mark IIFlash UsedNoFocal Length16 mmExposure Time1/125 secAperturef/4ISO Equivalent50Exposure BiasWhite B…
  • Eggcelsior said: @New2Q, I can't see EXIF, what lens is that? I'm headed down to Myrtle Beach in July and want to get some marsh/ocean wildlife pics so I'm going to rent a few lenses to test. Your shot is specifically what I'm looking for wit…
  • jtippers said: I beginning to wonder if I will have to sell an Egg to finance this new hobby...  :-S Don't sell the Egg…just get a second (or third) job.  Sure you get to spend less time with the new family but just think of all the c…
  • Eggcelsior said: You mean you don't like Time value and Aperture value? Charlatans! All of you! Them there's worst than charlatans - they's infidels! Us Canonites know we're in the right! And as far as glass is concerned, go long or go h…
  • As Steven Wright said, it's a small world…but I wouldn't want to paint it.
  • Wow, a Dallas old-fart and young-un all in the same thread. :)  And here I am at the right age - W.T. White '85. 
  • I'll throw out another piece of advice that took me a while to learn - it takes a fairly long time for the Egg to come up to temp.  What I mean is that if, after 10 minutes, you have what seems to be a stable 275 then in reality it's still warming t…
    in Rookie here ! Comment by New2Q April 15
  • @henapple - Well see, you are smart.  Me, apparently not so much. :)
  • Just a comment - CenTex has taken to cooking at 250 grid temp.  My last brisket I followed his advice and used 250 grid temp (per my Stoker) and had my best brisket so far.
  • Congratulations...but if you don't have pics it didn't happen. ;)
  • Sounds like there's plenty of variations and smoke times.  I guess I'll have to make several more batches of bacon to see which I like best.  :D
  • Angus1978 said: And my house in Plano must be further south than you @new2Q   as we got some nice, but short lived rain and no hail. @Angus1978 - I live between Hedgcoxe and Legacy. 
  • Well, I guess I don't get a choice.  The pork belly I got from the butcher (different butcher than I usually use but it was late and my normal butcher closed an hour earlier) had no rind on it.  So, I guess this batch of bacon will be cured and smok…
  • Thanks for the information.  Charlesmaneri - have you removed the rind before curing or just done it before smoking?  If you've done it before curing have you noticed the bacon being a lot saltier? I think for this go-round I'll just leave the rind …
  • At my home in Plano we weren't hit very hard - just 10 minutes of nickel to dime sized hail.  I'm thankful because I just put a new roof on the house last Spring.  However, some friends up in Allen got a lot more hail and will have to replace their …
  • You have my sympathy.  Sorry for your loss. :(