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  • I just twist a single towel and pour a little oil on it. Place the towel in the top center of the lump and lay a couple of pieces over it and light the towel. Keeping it simple works for me.
  • Simple oil on a paper towel and it will be at 400 in 15 to 20 minutes. I usually just fill the egg to the fire ring each time I start.
  • Nice looking cook. Nothing wrong with going all out for a table of one.
  • When you want to start a new paragraph with an IPad enter < BR> < BR> With no spaces on its own line. I created a short cut in the iPad keyboard settings.
  • Thanks @SoCalTim‌ for the reference. I still refer to my first post cooking a butt each time I cook another one. Here is the link.
  • Everything looks great from the ribs to the table and finally the view. Great way to break in a new egg.
  • Thanks everybody. Love the ideas and the limitless possibilities of Sriracha.
    in Sriracha Comment by Auburntgr June 16
  • Thanks guys for the replies. Anybody have any lengths to great cooks and recipes on the egg using Sriracha?
    in Sriracha Comment by Auburntgr June 15
  • Garden Spa And Pool is closer to Collierville right next to Fresh Market. Great service but the hours of operation can be limited.
  • Good looking ribs and I always enjoy throwing on some ears of corn at the end of a cook.
  • I have had better luck with cooking the chicken breast down and then flipping after the first 15 or 20 minutes for a crispier chicken. It is easier to flip at the beginning than the end.
  • @caliking‌ Here is a recent cook I did with the same costco finely ground turkey paste. Freezing the Turkey patties helped a little with them staying together during the cook.…
  • Still trying to decide on if I am going to be able to stop in on my way down to Auburn. Any idea on how many cooks they are going to have this year?
  • I don't believe it is your flipping skills as much as just the turkey burger being its usual sticky self.
  • Love the simple cooks.  I tossed on some hot italian sausages after my cook tonight for lunches this week.  Love the flavor of these.
  • I use a simple injection with my butts. 3/4 Cup Apple Juice 1/2 Cup Water 1/2 Cup Sugar 1/4 Salt While I have not decided if it helps or not, I know it doesn't hurt it. Part of the fun for me is the whole process of preparing and eggin…
  • Looks great. What did you use for the marinade?
  • By the looks of the final plate it seems you didn't care for it much. Great looking cook.
  • My parents and my brothers family live there now. My dad is retired and I have to admit it is probably one of the best towns in the south for retirement. I am sure your daughter is loving it outside of the rivalry.
  • Tylerd76 said: Great looking dish. Salmon cooked on a cedar plank always comes out tasty and it can standup to bold flavors like rub or teriyaki I believe I will try substituting the soy for teriyaki next time and removing the brown sug…
  • cajuncook said: Try the corn without the foil. Very different flavor. Love the flavor of the corn outside of the tin foil but the foil allows a place and forget strategy for me.
  •   weredaone said: looks great! tell me more about the resting on the raised rack.......  When I have been resting the steaks in the past I have used a cold plate straight from the cabinet to rest the steaks.  While the steaks were restin…
  • @SGH‌ thanks for the compliment on the food. Not much of a chance coming to the Alabama side but I am ready for football season to start. I believe it is going to be another great year of football with the Iron Bowl having a major say in the SEC C…
  • Never feel like a gluten just take it as a compliment to your cooking.
  • Never thought about potatoes on cedar plank. Chops look great.
  • I am just horrible about eating leftovers. I am always ready for the next new meal. I need to be more creative about repurposing my leftovers with new meals. The board has provided me with many alternatives for the leftovers and now I just need to…
  • I am always confused and I guess feel a little lucky on my results with starting the egg compared to some of the challenges I read about with starting the egg. Full disclosure here as I do have a medium but I wouldn't believe it would be a huge dif…
  • I would agree on the overcooking of the steak. A little slow this time with the thermapen.
  • @pnwfoodie The salmon was actually Alaskan King Salmon. Thanks for the recommendation on the wild sockeye. We will definitely be trying different kinds of fish throughout the summer.
  • Sorry for the first posting.  Ran into a little trouble posting the pics.  Everything should be showing now.