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  • Dobie said: JenGang said: Welcome Dobie!  We have 3 dobes here.  Best dogs ever.  Wow three. My two are love sponges and would not share me and the wife with a third. They are true people dogs. Let's share BBQ and Dober pi…
  • Welcome Dobie!  We have 3 dobes here.  Best dogs ever. 
  • Love sprouts and love bacon.  I must try these soon!
  • @DMW and @SGH, you were right, it's starting to level out.  I've never had the grid temp so much higher than the dome so it freaked me out.  The only difference this time from all the other times I've done this exact same cook is that the Egg isn't …
    in Strange temps Comment by JenGang June 16
  • It went in about 8:30.  I've only opened it to take the Maverick probe out to check calibration.  I've done this size cook quite a few times and have never had the grid temp this much higher than the dome.  I guess I'll just need to make sure I'm up…
    in Strange temps Comment by JenGang June 16
  • That looks tasty!  And I wouldn't have to worry about keeping it hot.
  • We have the Ultima and haven't used it for much other than smoothies.  It's awesome but I really need to use it more for what it cost!
  • @Mattman3969 Thank you!
  • OK, I have no idea how to get these pictures to post directly to the board.  Any tips for me?Well, I removed the links for Photo Bucket and just uploaded the pics from my computer.
  • LOL, we have a  10 lb. min pin in addition to the dobes.  Compared to her, they are huge.  And they all think they are lap dogs. 
  • Thank you.  We now have 3 dobies. Never wanted big dogs (that was the hubby's decision) but they seem to be like potato chips and you can't have just one. 
  • My poor Weber is used as a storage unit for the egg.  I really should give it to someone that can use and love it. 
  • We drove down to Greg's Meats in Hampton this morning just because they are probably the closest butcher shop to us.  Other than Von Hanson's anyway.  They had packer briskets for $3.99 lb.  I can't believe that Von Hanson's brisket is really any di…
  • I went to Sam's in Apple Valley tonight and they had packers.  $3.18 lb for choice.
  • RRP said: This may sound hard to believe but my 22 year old CutCo shears which actually came as a "freebie" are still remarkably sharp and handle any meat and bones that I have ever tried to cut. I admit I am not familiar with other brands so…
  • D_Train said: EggNorth said: Brisket at Costco? I must be missing something, does it go by another name? The second time I saw prime packers at Maple Grove Costco I asked the butcher if this would be a regular thing and he …
  • I was talked into a pair of Cutco ones but one of the girls friends that was selling for them.  I told him when he made the appointment to give his presentation that I wasn't buying anything.  He was just so cute and serious during his sales pitch t…
  • jjsupafly said: We regularly see full primes at the Costco in St Louis Park...amazingly cheap as the $2.69/ lb range if I recall correctly. Yeah, we looked at Von Hanson's just to check the price and it was $9.99 and the kids w…
  • SGH said: @JenGang‌ Just wanted to let you know the bacon tots you posted has been a huge bit on here. Again thanks for posting them. Would like to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Easter. Glad you like them!  Since I only m…
  • TexanOfTheNorth said: Did you actually ask someone in the meat department if they had packers. The Costco that we go to only puts flats in the display case but, if I ask, they always have packers in the back. Never thought to ask them bu…
  • ambergirl said: I have gotten packers at Sams in Apple Valley, Eagan and Woodbury. I have even seen smaller 10# whole packers at Walmart in Woodbury on multiple occasions. I'm wondering if lots of people are doing brisket for Easter dinn…
  • That was me!  Glad you liked them!  I almost made more of them tonight but I was too lazy to wait for my bacon to thaw.  I wisely put it in the freezer the other day after making them so I wouldn't be tempted to use the entire pound all at once. 
  • WeberWho? said: The Shakopee Sams usually always has 3-4 packers in stock when I stop in. I would maybe call ahead just in case with it being a holiday. I gave up on the brisket for this weekend and will be doing ribs instead.  Since it…
  • Shiff said: There are 2 Restaurant Depots in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  If you're a member of the Kansas City BBQ society you can get a free day pass.  This web site should show you where they are located:…
  • I'll have to check Shakopee Sam's.  I went to Apple Valley and Eagan today.  Apple Valley didn't have a single brisket and Eagan had flats.
  • @Tjcoley those look amazing!  I'll have to try those soon!  My sister will be in town for our daughters graduation party in June and I said that we were going to have "bacon fest".  I'm going to do ABT, bacon shots and the bacon wrapped tots.  Now I…
  • I think the brown sugar would burn of you deep fried them.
  • The one change I would make is that the recipe says to cut the bacon in quarters but when they cooked I found that the bacon ended up being to shrinking so much that the tots didn't stay wrapped.  I will do it in thirds next time.
  • Thanks everyone for your input.  I think I'm leaning towards the AR but need to figure out which set up.  I'm going to wait until after we've paid taxes to hit him up for it.  LOL  And don't get me wrong, I love a new handbag just as much as most gi…
  • I got my red backlit one in the mail today.  Hubby ordered if for me this week after I overcooked steaks because the thermometer that I have was painfully slow at getting the temp.  Can't wait to try it!