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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Crimsongator said: The middle pic makes me think it is essentially a flat with the very bottom portion of (what's left) of the point attached. I would treat it like a flat while cooking. Leave the flap on and rub it like normal What…
  • Thanks husker dude. I'm a cornhusker fan myself. I have seen those but will watch again while working tomorrow. I should also point out I bought this on a whim. I went to a new store for some other groceries and since they had full packers and it wa…
  • Should I leave the flap on for the cook? I figure it can't hurt it, right?
  • GATABITES said: That is a packer. You trimmed the heck out it. What temp are you cooking? Again, I bought it this way. There was 3/4" of fat on the bottom and that is all I trimmed. I trimmed literally zero actual meat. Lesson l…
  • And noemi not sure how long to cook it for which is really why I started this.
  • I'll take more pics before putting it on but I already rubbed it down. Here is a pic in the package. I trimmed a ton of fat from under so it ended up being skinnier than it looks in this picture.
  • The flap is off to the side, I didn't alter it and it came out of the bag that way. I did trim some hard fat that was likely between the point and flat but what I think is the point is so thin.
  • Well, as luck would have it I did some grocery shopping at a different king supers yesterday because it was in the area I was eating lunch.  As I always do when I am at any grocery store, I looked at their meat selection.  Guess what?!?!?  they had …
  • the back seat should have hooks for child safety seats.  Put some cardboard down and treat them like a baby!  I would tie them down using these child seat hooks.  Or just put them in the cargo area with cardboard between the two and tie them down.
  • Supercilious_In_5280 said: every now and then i see one at the super king soupers on leetsdale. but usually i just see them as flats... Yep, I check king supers weekly.  they always just tell me "we can order them".  Im a spur of the moment type…
  • They sell that brand a lot around me.  I really like them and the size of the pieces are really nice.  It is super cheap around me too so I use their oak and apple.   
  • I would also be all over it if I were closer.  As a used purchaser, I have no warranty and personally think these things are all destined to crack eventually.  My dad's did finally after 10 yearsl
  • I was given these when I first started barbequing.  Very thick and very nice.…
  • Mkadilla said: Spaightlabs said: Centennial, roughly 25 and Arapahoe. Run the egg 3 nites a week minimum year round, 5 nites when nice. Spend a fair amount of time in FoCo and surroundings chasing ducks and geese... Ready for another Rockwoo…
  • My pops' egg cracked and he was all bummed thinking his egging days were over.  I was like "dad, your egg has a life time warranty, go get a new one."  He didn't believe me.  The dealer gave him a hard time and fought him on it trying to tell him it…
    in Cracked egg Comment by busmania March 8
  • GeorgeS said: I don't see any links on the site to anything other than charcoal, might be because I'm on my phone right now. Am I missing a link to the pitmasters?I think you need to email him.
  • Agreed.  Posted a few Fridays ago here as to where I should buy it.  someone said st Louis charcoal.  An hour later, it was in the mail.  Had it Monday.  boom, now THATS instant gratification!
  • Also, you can only fill the bucket about a third full otherwise it doesn't work very well.  You have to filter two or three batches each time you fill the egg but I think it is worth it.
  • I must admit, this is actually my second version.  The first I only drilled holes about 1/2" and they were not nearly big enough.  The 1" holes work much better.
  • This is one of my favorite pizzas!   Heres mine.  It is a little simpler.  I made it again the other night.    Today im going to make a brisket, bbq sauce and onion pizza for lunch.…
  • GeorgeS said: Nice easy way to filter out the dust! Sometimes the simple solution is the one that is most elusive! Great job!! Thanks, my lump usually gets dumped into buckets anyway (one for "used" lump with wood chunks that may be not totally b…
  • Next question.  Dinner is 3 hours away.  can I FTC a brisket for 3 hours?  Ive FTC'ed a butt for that long but never a brisket.  
  • I just checked again.  the edges are now nice and tender too!  Only one more part of the point is not tender but I am going to pull it in 20 minutes. 
  • I ended up using the pitmaster to start her up. Btw, i use the chimney method to start it. I had a meeting with a life insurance guy so couldn't really monitor it. Worked great! Brisket is now on.
  • Got it today!  My question is this, should I start my fire and plug it in and let it dial into the temp with the pitmaster installed or get the egg stabilized and then start the pitmaster?
  • Dang, that looks good!  Let us know how it turns out.
  • cazzy said: Is the brisket floppy or stiff? Pretty floppy. The only thing keeping it from being even more floppy is the cry oval packaging.
  • I should say. I've only done two other briskest. Both we're select and came out ok. Not great but plenty good to eat. I hate to admit this but the only place I can find a packer is walmart. They are $2 per pound so I don't get as nervous screwing it…
  • SkinnyV said: Why would you buy it from someone other than who makes it.  Wouldn't the third party have to increase the price.St Lois charcoal prices are the same and his service is probably faster. It was with my grate. It was actually cheaper…