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It’s almost football season, so we’re perfecting our favorite tailgating and homegating recipes! Whether you like hamburgers, wings, brats, ribs or something cooked with beer, we have everything you’ll need for the perfect tailgate party. We always like inviting friends to join our tailgates because the EGG is about community and having fun, so make sure if you’re inviting company you make extra - the food will be gone before you know it! Don't forget dessert, either!

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  • WTF happened in here? For all of those who answered my question, thank you.
  • SmokeyPitt said: Angus is just a particular type of cattle and it doesn't have anything to do with the USDA grade.  It should also list the grade on the package.  I think the brisket is probably choice grade at RD.    That being said- I have…
  • BigGreenBamaGriller said: What is "RD"? Went for my first time yesterday. I was amazed. You can sign up for a KCBS membership ($35/year) and use that for a one day pass...any day of the year. You could go in every day with the free on…
  • I smoke then fry. Smoke for about an hour at around 225-250. Then fry them. Sometimes I bread them too. Crispy and smoky! I have learned to fry outside though otherwise the house smells for days.
  • Nice! hopefully they are on sale here (Colorado). I actually think the moist and tender brand meat is really good. Better than my local butcher, better than overpriced whole foods etc.
  • Crazy. I have a feeling this will only get worse in the coming years. One time my neighbor was clearly "exaggerating" her cough. I try to keep it respectful with them in terms of smoke (we get along fine) but the wind is always blowing their d…
  • Can you imagine trying to "attach" that handle with thick gloves on because the pan is hot? No thanks...especially at almost $100.
  • Most useful, best investment I ever made (yes, investment, I bought it cheap!) for some reason I cannot add a photo so I apologize but here is a link. I've been toying with the idea of s…
  • Littleton eh? Call the troubleshooter tom martino. 630 am radio. maybe he can help. he is a consumer advocate and loves stuff like this. my neighbors dont seem to love my smoking habit (both legal) but I dont live in an hoa neighborhood. Sor…
  • Here is a link to the build.  For my first, I am stoked with how it came out.  My Egg feels neglected, although I still use it multiple times per week for higher temp stuff.…
  • SGH said: busmania said: johnkitchens said: You are going to pics right?  Confession. I might not use the egg...GASP!!!  I just built a side firebox reverse flow smoker so I might try that out. Trying to get it dialed in. Hav…
  • johnkitchens said: You are going to pics right?  Confession. I might not use the egg...GASP!!!  I just built a side firebox reverse flow smoker so I might try that out. Trying to get it dialed in. Haven't decided yet. 
  • SmokeyPitt said: I think you would be just fine cooking at that temp.   If need be you could always foil them for a bit which speeds things up.  Are you cooking a whole rack of shorties or the individual ribs?   They are the full ribs (l…
  • I roll mine around my large patio no problem. With the wheels that come on an egg nest, I would not try to move it across my lawn or the rock trails or anywhere off the patio. Got a welder or handy skills? Put some 12" wheels on and then you migh…
  • and I apologize for the massive "paragraph." It was spaced correctly when I typed it. What area of town is your friend in? Denver is big!
  • I have had good luck with Ruffs BBQ near the foothills. It is in the "applewood" shopping center. He replaced a broken plate setter of mine under warranty the day after I initially called him about the problem. I mostly buy my hardwoods at Ruffs …
  • I am in the ski industry.  Could you send some of that snow to the west?  Thanks!
  • Cool pic.  Im sold!  Already signed up.I happened to be in NW Denver today for lunch and was talking to my friend about where to buy a brisket.  He mentioned a place called "sisters meats" or something like that on Tejon.  So I called, she said "yea…
  • @busmania - to clarify, with the KCBS membership you can go as many times as you want throughout the year, but only a single time each day... Well then!  Thanks!  I guess ill be a KCBS member, proudly!  Thanks for the tip!
  • Thanks Eggerty.  I actually own a rental in NW Denver in Berkely.  My favorite part of the city.  Thanks for the tip on the one day pass!
  • I called, they want a sales tax  license.  dang!
  • Interesting.  There is one by my house as well in centennial.  I have an LLC but no business license.  I "work" for a company as an independent contractor, thus no license but needing an llc.  could that work?  I have a credit card in the name of my…
  • Hey Eggerty, I am in Denver too (centennial) but cant find a good full packer brisket to save my life.  Where do you buy yours?  My local king supers used to have them but no more.  Walmart has them but they tend to just be average.  If I am going t…
  • Looks great!  Id be worried it will tip though.  Why not secure the fourth side?  just curious, I am NOT a woodworker!
  • But what about a cover to cover the cover?
  • That video is terribly produced.  jeez, get to the point already.  (didn't read rest of thread)
    in Gas BGE Comment by busmania January 9
  • That's all a gasser is good for. That's how I used to do it before I realized a torch was better/easier.
  • The fruit seems too small to be an apple. It does not produce a lot of fruit either. I didn't notice the fruit in the pic until most of the leaves had fallen off the tree. I'll give it a go on some ribs soon.
  • Hungry Joe said: Isn't it the wrong time of year for fruit on a cherry tree in Denver? I took these pics about a month ago. The fruit does look almost identical to cherries with a stem and the same size. Bad smoke won't kill me …