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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I don't have a ton, these 4 are definitely the workhorses in the fridge. I like the Trader Joe's sriracha better than the rooster bottle, I get a lot more garlic in it:
  • For a no name place. Yes its high. Franklin in Austin. A lot of people say it the best on the planet. Is 8 for a brisket sandwich. Franklin can afford to charge a little less than your local place. He KNOWS he's going to sell out everyday, your lo…
  • @Mattman3969 I use this cornbread recipe: I have the blue cornmeal from here: I can't recommend McEwen & S…
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 18
  • Thanks all!  This was my first full packer - I have done a few flats before, both on an old brinkman vertical smoker and on the egg.  Those results were OK (except for the last flat I did on the egg - didn't have a controller or maverick, woke up an…
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 18
  • cazzy said: Thank you gentlemen. High praise indeed from notable brisket experts... No kidding!! I eagerly await the day that Mr. Brisket makes an appearance in one of my measly brisket threads. Have you seen how many views this guy's t…
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 18
  • Thank you gentlemen. High praise indeed from notable brisket experts...
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 18
  • frankc623 said: Brisket looks great! What butcher shop did you go to? JW Treuth in Catonsville. They don't have them in the case, but ask and they'll go out back and pick one up.
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 17
  • What, people on a grilling forum are more serious about grilling than the rest of the public? I am positively shocked to learn that! Sarcasm aside, that is a good reminder that in some areas you may be left with your dealer's markup on BGE brand. …
  • So this turned out to be my best brisket ever, the first time I did one that makes you stop and say, "So this is what all the fuss is about." After FTC: A few sliced shots: The veggies and the cornbread wouldn't both work, so I did the cornbread …
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 17
  • @GeorgeS - I have an almost 7 year old daughter. I have more fairy stuff than I ever expected to in my life. @chainsaw19 - looks great, I love the grilled lime addition!
  • Also, I had filled up to the top of the fire ring with Rockwood; after I stirred it (blue cornbread and veggies are going to cooked on the egg to finish dinner) to get things evened out and to burn off any leftover bits of oak still in there, here i…
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 17
  • Gratuitous beverage pic:
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 17
  • Thanks guys, here it is after 15 hours, probe sliding like butter. It'll be FTC'd for about 2 hours, I'll eat around 5.
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 17
  • Thanks all! @thatgrimguy - I didn't make the kim chee, although I've been eating a bunch of it recently (0 points on weight watchers) and my wife and I have talked about making our own sometime. @bys1981 - I'm about 30 minutes from Dundalk - it is o…
  • Morning check in:
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 17
  • The packer is on. USDA choice, relatively floppy. Trimmed, liberally coated with DP Red Eye (yes Texans, I know not traditional. I am using Acadian Oak though. So I got that going for me, which is nice).
    in First Packer Comment by Acn August 17
  • Thanks guys! I think everything turned out really well. Great night, and now relaxing with some vino...
  • berndcrisp said: Playtime is over. Your SWMBO saw this post and pics. They will be home about 7:30. I don't think they can make it from Durham to Baltimore in hour.  I like a few days by myself, but if they could do this Wednesday, I'd b…
  • Finally, one of my favorite things I've ever done on the egg. I had picked up a couple of brisket flats at Costco today, and ground them up, so now we have 6 one-pound packages of ground brisket in the freezer for burgers (not pictured). I did sav…
  • Then I started on the side, a quick salad. I tossed a bunch of green onion and 1/2 pound asparagus tips with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Tossed these on the egg, raised direct, until the scallions had wilted and the asparagus was cooked, but stil…
  • I usually do Dizzy Dust, no mustard.
  • If you're using theme cups you should include this one.  Would Nola be Bunson?
  • I agree - this hit me a lot harder than most celebrity passings. The Academy's tweet last night made things a bit dusty, and I love that people are turning the bench in the Boston Punlic Garden into a memorial.
  • I can't provide too many recommendations in Bar Harbor - I avoid there as best I can during the summer.  I do think there is a Hannaford in Bar Harbor proper, that can serve for most of your basics.  If you go the most direct route from Portland, yo…
  • Great job!  One hint for next time, put the shoulder in a v-rack, and set that on your grate.  You will see less of the bark sticking to the rack, and it makes it much easier to get off the egg when it is falling apart.
  • The only reason not to pick Costco:
  • Another vote for Costco, I make a 30 minute drive rather than go to the BJs or Sams club withing 10 minutes - it is that much better.
  • Botch said: Also I used to use Penzey's but now that I have Amazon Prime (free shipping) I've found everything except pimento wood there (oh, and Dizzy Pig; hint-hint, Amazon!)   Amazon has a bunch of Dizzy Pig:http:…
  • Been home with a sick (and VERY whiny) 6 year old, so starting now: