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Hop on down to your nearest EGG dealer this week to pick up some Easter EGGcessories! Here are a few that may be useful for Easter, the V-rack, electric charcoal lighter and flexible skewers! Now that Spring is in the air, it's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I've never had a bad Flying Dog. This was today's The Gonzo Porter is my favorite though.
  • SWMBO Jr asked for chicken drumsticks tonight, and SWMBO asked for ribs tomorrow, so that's my cooking plan for the weekend. And while I won't be brewing anything except tea, the mentions of Irish Red inspired me when I went to the store.
  • I'm cooking blackened salmon tonight, not on the egg though.
  • Slice down the middle, brush with a combination of soy sauce and melted butter.  Grill raised direct about 2 minutes, flip and cook another 2 minutes.  Brush with additional soy/butter after cooking.
    in Bok choy Comment by Acn March 3
  • I'd suggest starting by talking to your doctor or a nutritionist and planning on the idea that you might need to try several things; a lot just comes down to the bacteria in your gut and how you personally process food and nutrients.  I know tons of…
  • I can't stand Whole Foods either, although we do go to TJs fairly often, although we can't do a full grocery shop there, but what we do like, we really like. Our list usually includes dog treats, peach salsa, spices (esp cumin and cinnamon), and ka…
    in unimpressed Comment by Acn February 26
  • Gin and Juice? What do we have in the living room and what are they doing :) The Gourds' version of that is one of the greatest cover songs of all time. Right there with Toots & the Maytals' version of 'Take Me Home Country Roads'
  • I use shaking the tree on roasted veggies, it is fantastic on roasted cauliflower. Also, my daughter suggested red eye on roasted butternut squash, and it is surprisingly awesome.
  • I'm also in the 'my wife cooks very well' camp.  Her falling down would be on menu planning and weekly grocery shopping; if we followed the more European model of stopping by the market daily and getting what looks good, she'd do much better. I gene…
  • Amazon has it for $2 more, but it is eligible for Prime so you might be better off, depending on what Woot charges for shipping.…
  • Add me to the crowd who doesn't go out on Valentine's Day.  Too crowded and too many people who only go out on Valentine's Day, so they have no idea that the entire restaurant isn't all about them.I'm cooking twice; although neither on the egg most …
  • bo31210 said: Now the most interesting thing in Georgia this time is our governor (after being blasted two weeks ago) has issued a request for all large trucks to stay out of Atlanta.  He is encouraging them to take other highways in the stat…
  • I have a 3850 watt generator; last Wednesday we lost power and I ran my sump pump, chest freezer, refridgerator, wireless router, laptop, couple of lamps, and a charger for our iphones/ipad that always had something plugged in.I got about 8 hours on…
  • The weather soothsayers have upgraded the snow event from 5+ inches to 12-20 here in Maryland. We will see. I find to be the most consistent for predictions in the Baltimore area, and they are definitely in the 12+ inch camp.
  • It's about $8/lb at Wegmans in my area; just under for bone in and just over for boneless.
  • It depends on what else I'm doing with them. If I'm going to use a sweeter sauce like Carolina Pig Polish, then I'll go with Swamp Venom. If I'm going to use a spicier sauce, I'll go with something like the simply marvelous cherry rub @qdude menti…
  • I really like the 1554. This is what I'm drinking, not the greatest beer I've had recently (that would be the Allagash Curieux I had Thursday) but it is solid and it provides a little nostalgia for me.
  • fishlessman said: those ones from allagash in maine are incredible, never seen them for sale though. changes what you define as the best of the best in craft beers. as soon as i found their booth at an october fest, i never moved for the rest…
  • had some raging bitch this past week as well very good beer had two types of shock top, really gross beer but while on the octoberfest diet had to choke those down. dont recommend these at all http://www.shocktopbeer.…
  • I'm down from 194 to 189 as of this morning.
  • Reach out to @stlcharcoal and ask about his SS fire grates.
  • I'm down from 194 to 191 last Friday. I'll start doing a weigh in on Monday too.
  • I'm in the same boat, except I had to do my self eval yesterday and I'm not egging today because I have to take my 6 year old to see the Fresh Beat Band. :( SWMBO has already told me that I am not allowed to bring earbuds and listen to Spotify on …
  • Real question: freezing shoulders then thawing them before cooking ... does that effect finished taste? Not that I've ever noticed. The ones I've taken out of my chest freezer have always turned out great.
  • I've been through that with a rental property my parents own in Maine and it is a serious pain in the arse.  Best of luck getting things resolved quickly and with a minimum of fuss and drama.
  • @acn, jealous of your commute, right now my cmite is 1 hour 15inutes to work and an hour and a half jome Thanks, I commuted from Baltimore to Northern Virginia for about 3.5 years and that was anywhere from 2-4.5 hours each way, depending on traffic…
  • Around 1350, plus a partially finished basement that would add another 600 or so when we fully finish it. It is about right for the 3 of us, the dog and the cat. Plus it is in a historic district (which makes our taxes just about half of what they…
  • I'd be interested too, I could definitely stand to drop 20+
  • It was a Meh 45 here in Maryland. I wish it was colder. Nothing better. You can always layer up but you can't take your skin off when it's hot and humid. I'm from Charleston, SC so I have an inkling of what I am talking about. I want to join the 300…
  • My parents brought this down for me, it counts as a BBQ related gift right?