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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • Hillary? Really?  How mainstream of you.....
    in Devastated Comment by KennyLee April 13
  • Spieth is playing unbelievably.  Crenshaw's final round at ANGC was hard to watch for me.  You won't find a more gracious man.I think the only ones who might make a run at Jordan will be Mickelson, Dustin Johnson or maybe Justin Rose.  The kid seems…
  • I'd be shocked if hail would do any damage at all to the Egg, even the baseball/softball size you may see.  If it does, the Egg will be the least of your worries.....or your insurance claim, which you can add the Egg to should I be wrong. 
  • JohnInCarolina said: I'd be willing to make a donation to The Human Fund over all of this.
    in Devastated Comment by KennyLee April 5
  • Since you will have 3" of pavers under your Egg (if I am reading this right), you can add that much to your shelf depth.  I would recommend 17", giving you an inch of leeway for hinge clearance on top.  I've built several tables for a large assuming…
  • The manufacturer and dealer both told me it wasn't a necessity when I bought my Egg three years ago when I inquired about the feet that I thought came with it.  It was after they stopped including/selling them.  I took their word for it since it was…
  • I don't think airflow is that big a deal depending on what it's sitting on.  With the setup in the original pic, I think you're fine without the table nest.Mine sits on a concrete paver in a table with no issues at all.  
  • I bought these from Lowe's several years ago when I got my Egg.  They're cheap and I still have and use them and have been great for anything associated with the Egg, handling a hot grate, lifting out a hot plate setter, etc.…
  • Looks great!  Good luck with the rest of the process.  I have a partial granite top on mine too and love it, but not near as finished out as yours.
  • tjv said: Thumper169 said: EGGjlmh said: I use a propane torch, anyone know how much better MAP torch is?Good question, I'd like to know this answer as well. Propane can spit or flame out with the bottle upside down, map won'…
  • I prefer the clear sealants versus a stain, but just because I like the natural look of the cedar.  I've used Olympic Wood Protector clear sealant from Lowe's and it has worked well.  I'm sure the ones you mention will work just as well too.  Might …
  • Looks great Proser.....nice job!!
  • JohnInCarolina said: Wow this does not jive at all with what I've seen.  I say that as someone whose mother was an elementary school teacher her entire life, whose wife taught in inner-city Atlanta for five years, and also as a parent of chil…
  • I've done it both ways and my best ribs are done with foil, usually 1-2 hours in the middle of the cook. 
  • Great analogy and insight.   Thanks for sharing.
  • Good to know....I'll keep that in mind when I give the beef ribs a shot!
  • I don't, but can take some tomorrow.  And you're right.  17" should give you a perfect fit and you will be fine, but I just like to give it a bit extra just to be safe.  At a minimum, I'd go 16.5" just to ensure you won't get any "rub" later on, for…
  • Gotcha.....did you leave them on longer than the baby backs?  I did baby backs today and went with my normal five hours at 250-260*.
  • Looks like a great plan.  I'd cut the hole for the Egg a little bigger than the required minimum as much as 1-2".  Makes getting it in and out a little easier and gives a little more breathing room around the perimeter of the Egg.  For a large and u…
  • Well done.....looks awesome.  What was your cook time?  I need to try beef ribs.
  • Oh, and I'll echo what @Proser and @CowtownEgger said about breakfast at Old South Pancake House on University just south of 30 and Paris Coffee Shop south of downtown by the medical district. 
  • @Mickey Still open as far as I know.  Haven't been there in probably 3-4 years, although I was at an office across the street from it about a year ago for some work stuff and everything looked the same.  Their website is up, so I'm assuming it's sti…
  • Joe T's is great on the patio for atmosphere with margaritas and love the chicken fajitas, but my favorite Tex-Mex is El Rancho Grande just a block or two away.  BOTH blow Uncle Julio's away.Del Frisco's for steak downtown and the original Railhead …
  • Dumb call.....even dumber throw.
  • Tito's and tonic.  'Bout to mix up my second tumbler.   
  • Just a quick update....I'm now into my third bag of The Good One and continue to be impressed and feel even better about giving it a great review.  I would definitely put it up there with the other lumps that get a lot of fanfare on here, namely OO …
  • Congrats man!!  Sounds like you got what you were wanting.  And not only will your mortgage be less like you said, but remember you'll get the mortgage interest deduction on your taxes as well that you weren't getting while renting.
  • I use the Bernzo TS4000 torch and love it.  It uses MAPP or propane, but I just use propane because it's far more cost effective at about $3 a bottle. 
  • I've marinated in Italian dressing before in a ziplock overnight for venison fajitas and they turned out great. 
  • Great synopsis and comparison.....thanks for sharing.  I know I used to do 2-2-1 for baby backs, but after some experimentation have found that cutting the foil time down to an hour to an hour and a half is about perfect.  Went 3-1-1 last time and t…