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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • bud812 said: KennyLee said: xbox?  I think that's a porn site.   ;) I sure hope so.  :)
  • Sound like you've got it down, except for letting me know you were cooking filets by the pool.  I could have been there in a flash :)Bet it turns out great!!
  • I do plate setter legs up, rack, then pizza stone....or steel pizza pan in my case. 
  • All these verbose answers.No.
  • BigGreenGator said: @KennyLee‌ thanks for the reply no I didn't stir the left over coals & ash :/ and I knew to do that to dang it and I have not cleaned out ash at the bottom yet, I've looked in there and it didn't seem like a lot accum…
  • Sounds like airflow issues.  Are you cleaning out your ash or at least stirring your leftover lump prior to loading and lighting again?  If not, the holes in the grate will get a bit clogged and restrict airflow making temp inconsistent.  And with t…
  • Mine is just on a 2" concrete paver and I'm very comfortable with it.  One thing I did though is make the opening around the Egg closer to 23" than the required 21" to give a little more space between the cedar top and the Egg. That said, mine sits …
  • Mattman3969 said: I've found that it gets to temp faster but I don't think hotter. My findings exactly. 
  • Occasionally after a low and slow or some other cook when I'm using it, after I'm done, I will open everything up and go nuclear for a little while and it burns everything off.  Some cover theirs with foil, but I never have. 
  • I would go with something at least 2" thick under your Egg or adding pavers/feet/table nest over your tile.  That seems too thin to me.As far as your depth, from what I know, you can do the 12.5" gap plus whatever you have under your Egg to give you…
  • Used to be much better before it became a chain, which is to be expected.  I ate a few times at the one in Dallas off Central just north of downtown (maybe the original?) when I worked near there many years ago and it was well above average.I have a…
    in Dickey's BBQ Comment by KennyLee July 11
  • Welcome.....looks great!  Love the contrast in colors.  Nice job.
    in New Table Comment by KennyLee July 11
  • Welcome.......I also think they were undercooked.  My best results are using a similar method that you used, but two hours unwrapped, one hour wrapped, then two hours unwrapped for a total of five hours, maybe adding some sauce the last hour or so i…
    in Ribs Too Dry Comment by KennyLee July 9
  • If you get through Fort Worth maybe on your way to Abilene, the original Railhead Smokehouse at Montgomery and I-30 just west of downtown is really good.  Great ribs and brisket and REALLY cold schooners of beer.A couple more possibilities are Angel…
  • johnkitchens said: I must be in the minority here, but we love Dizzy Pig's Red Eye Express on steaks.  If my kids are acting up all I have to do is threaten them with NOT putting red eye on their steak and the foolishness comes to a screechi…
  • Record fuel prices which only appear to be headed upward are a also killer to most goods, especially nondurables. 
    in Meat prices Comment by KennyLee June 28
  • Robert Earl Keen, Jr. at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth in March of this year. 
  • I've seen one of those tables nests under someone's Egg and noticed the same thing.....the Egg actually rocked backward slightly when you opened the lid.  I prefer a paver (much more stable) and add feet or something similar if you feel you need an …
  • Much of it depends on locale, but I'd say $500-$600.
  • Posted in agreement with @The Naked Whiz about the wood table, but for some reason had to be "approved."  Maybe because I quoted him?  Not sure....Anyway, I have a wood table and you will be fine with a paver AND a table nest should you decide to go…
  • Guess it depends on what device you are posting from, but I just hit enter when starting a new paragraph from my desktop or laptop.
  • "Pitmasters......START YOUR FIRES!!!"Always laugh when Myron Mixon yells that on BBQ Pitmasters and all the cooks go running toward their cookers with meat in hand.Best of luck and have fun.....sounds like a blast.  Take pics and keep us posted.
  • Feel that granite when you're cooking to see if it's heating up.  I've found the concrete pavers you find at HD or Lowe's work great which is what I use, but not sure about the granite. 
  • Big fan of most Dizzy Pig rubs....just seem to be really high quality ingredients to me.  Favorites are:Dizzy Dust on anythingSwamp Venom on pork or chickenJamaican Firewalk on pork or chickenCow Lick on steaks, brisket or burgersRaging River on chi…
  • We had a bad armadillo problem in our neighborhood about 10 years ago......tore up everything, yards, flowerbeds, dug holes under fences, etc.  We formed a few "neighborhood militias" and hunted a few of them down usually on a weekend night while we…
  • TUTTLE871 said: Being from Dallas I'm going with Jordan. Watched him play when he Was 15 and it was incredible to see. He played in a AJGA tournament at my club when he was 14 and instead of playing in his age group (13-14 I think), he p…
  • I found the prices did vary quite a bit between dealers, but I have quite a few dealers within 40-50 miles or so of me too.  I also saved quite a bit by "unbundling," so to speak, and not getting the nest (built my own table), electric starter, ash …
  • Household tile is a definite no-no.  Concrete pavers or fire bricks work great.  However I do like having an extra inch to two inches around the diameter of the Egg than what is required. 
  • When I bought mine, I can't remember how long it took to get it, but it was timely, probably within a week.  Website is still up and active which is a good sign.  I know the owner is a member here and will hopefully see this and get it resolved.