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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I soak up bacon grease with a paper towel and use that to light my egg. Works great, plus... bacon!
  • I tied the ones I did about a month ago. They had pieces hanging at the end, and contrary to when I cook a brisket, I didn't want the burnt pieces. I tied them up and they did fine. I would say if there is nothing really loose hanging on the end the…
  • Wow. Got back on to see what was new today...
  • I'm right handed and my egg is on the right. It felt more natural because I always seem to use the counter on the left of my stove when prepping food. I decided to make that transition outside when I put my table together. 
  • I was raised here near Houston and here's how crazy I am... I lived in beautiful, sunny, hardly any rain, NO humidity San Diego for about five years while I was in the Navy and I moved BACK to hotter than hell, random rainstorms, humid like you woul…
  • I still watch through The Sopranos occasionally. Great show. I also loved James Gandolfini in Get Shorty and True Romance. Great actor, great loss. From what I understand he was a great guy to have on your side.
  • Just got my first egg a few months ago at 30. Been cooking on a pit with more leaks than a Soviet submarine and got tired of inconsistent cooks. Decided I was going to save up all year to buy one, but when we got our taxes done earlier this year and…
  • Luckkyyyyy! I am going to camp out there at some point this summer to get some of his bbq.  As always, remember... Pics or it didn't happen!
  • That looks RIDICULOUS! I might have to try it...
  • It shouldn't make much of a difference unless you REALLY want that fat cap on top. Some people do, some don't.  Then again I could be wrong, I'm not a pork butt expert.
    in Butt's Comment by lewisj82 June 2013
  • Couldn't open the mobile link on my computer, here's the regular youtube link: 1- Why do I care about the color of my grill?2- It may come pre-assembled, what kind of quality is the ceramic, I'm more worrie…
  • Baby wipes, and strength. These are things you will need.
  • I'm a purist on this one. Just pull the pork, maybe a sprinkle of rub and brown sugar, but that's about it. Put your own sauce how you like it!
  • YEMTrey said: Just the basics.  Load the lump and mix in your wood chips/chunks. You can search these forums for the "Stike Method". Plate setter is a must for indirect low and slows.  Drip pan with an air gap on the platesetter, then grid. I…
  • The entire door of my pantry is one big rack with seasonings, spices, rubs, etc.  My wife enables me because I make delicious food which directly benefits her. I think she and I both have a problem...
  • Built my table by using a modified version of this plan not too long ago. Should have what you're looking for:
  • @TexanOfTheNorth - Was about to say that... Great minds think alike.
  • Update from the wife: She said it was still moist, delicious pulled pork. I had her put in in the crock pot this morning and give it a toss every now and again. She put in just the pork, no sauce. Although, I guess if you are worried about that, you…
  • The one I did it was just the pork.  I like to leave the sauceing up the person eating it. I don't like a lot of sauce, others might.  This round, I left that up to my wife. I'll find out what she does after they eat. 
  • You were a busy man Saturday! Everything looks great. How did the S&P ribs turn out vs the Dizzy Pig?
  • @Plano_JJ - I did this once before for my daughter's christening. (Pre-egg) the butts came out great, and I shredded and put them into big ziplok bags before the service the following afternon. Before we left, I dumped it all into the crock pot and …
  • I know I did good when my wife takes a bite and says "Holy God" as her eyes roll back into her head. This pulled pork was light years ahead of what I was doing on my old bbq.  Here's a pic of thing one, one of thing two, and one of my lunch. 
  • Oh, almost forgot- @P_Hop: The pan was about half way full of water when I started, collected the vast majority of the drippings. A little bit of each shoulder was hanging over where the pan was, and whatever dripped over was evaporated on the plat…
  • Glad I checked temps before I started my yard, they were done! Brown sugar turned into a nice glaze, which is quite nice once it's mixed up into the meat after shredding. Got 'em wrapped up in the ice chest and will pull them as soon as I take a sho…
  • Yup. Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper.  My wife gets mad that while I trim, I usually eat up most of the burnt ends. Cooks privilege...
  • @henapple - I don't quite remember. It was somewhere over $1/lb. I can get RO or Central Market for much less and I am happy with those. 
  • @caliking - Yeah, that's the one I'm talking about. I saw OzOak there one day and kept walking once I saw the price. 
  • If your neighbors are anything like mine, they smell something cooking and text you to ask what you are doing. It's getting hard coming up with excuses as to what I'm doing INSTEAD of cooking.
  • cazzy said: Why the heck are y'all taking it so personal? Come on fellas, don't be so freaking sensitive. At least this troll is remotely funny. Remotely.