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  • Bought my XL at Ferguson on 2920, north of Houston. If he's not in a rush have him give them a call around easter time, they usually have great deals around then. Easter... eggs... get it? They had a Large on sale then with a platesetter, nest, mate…
  • Man, that show is 40 years old, almost impossible for me to pick ONE... Original cast- Belushi, easily. He was a Tasmanian Devil of comedy. The non-Lorne Michaels years, Eddie Murphy, although Piscopo's Sinatra was pretty on point. After that, P…
  • Want to be able to move around the house with it and I don't want to have to carry something else to just watch the temp. (Because you know... laziness)  Phone goes everywhere with me anyway because of work. 
  • Thanks guys. I was leaning towards an iGrill 2 anyway, or possibly just a mini since I really only watch the grid temp. 
  • Congratulations SN Parallel! Thanks for serving.
  • He posted a prime rib on the rotisserie over the weekend, said he'd do a chicken next. Curious to see if his legs and wings get charred.  From what it looks like, it won't fit on my XL. Oh well... guess I need to look into getting a large as well. …
    in Rotisserie Comment by lewisj82 August 17
  • Jeremiah said: Are those regular zinc coated bolts?? Yes Yeah, you're going to want to get some stainless ones. That zinc can make you pretty sick when it burns off. 
  • Man, I knew he'd dropped a bunch of weight, but after digging and finding one of his older videos I didn't realize how much. Glad he did it. I had forgotten about Man Cave Meals, I used to watch that!
    in Rotisserie Comment by lewisj82 August 14
  • Wonder if it will take D batteries like the CB and Auspit.   Looks like it just plugs into the wall. Haven't seen anything on price, not on Amazon yet and didn't come up on google shopping. Must have been a thing for him to promote on his …
    in Rotisserie Comment by lewisj82 August 14
  • My XL holds well. I've done several overnights with it at 225-ish. I don't let it go unsupervised, though. I'll check it every hour or hour and a half. Usually I don't have to do much adjusting if any at all. It depends on how much of a breeze I hav…
  • Am I the only one that was repulsed by the "sausages" in pictures 5 ad 23? Those looked the worst out of anything there. 
  • I took our old baking sheets out of the kitchen when we got new ones and just use those covered in foil with some wadded up foil underneath for spacers. Works good enough and they were just going to get thrown away anyway. 
  • Sriracha BBQ Sauce. 
  • My wife and I will eat, or at least try, pretty much anything. In fact, she's the one that's gotten ME to give things a try that I hated growing up (squash, asparagus, brussels sprouts... mostly veggies. Still hate olives though...) Even our three y…
  • Did this a while back. Pretty simple and came out great.
  • Hey Harvard, could I use this for anything else? Chickens, pork shoulders perhaps?  NO. JUST BRISKET. 
  • Legume said: lewisj82 said: Their Sriracha BBQ Sauce is pretty phenomenal. I have a bottle of that but haven't opened it.  What do you use it on?  I was thinking might be a great base for bbq chicken pizza. It'd be great on that.…
  • Their Sriracha BBQ Sauce is pretty phenomenal.
  • Here's my ham from a while back, was in the brine less than a week and you could taste the brine right down to the bone. Doing another one for easter that's going in the brine this weekend. Kosher salt though, not pink salt.…
  • As a kid my dad had some form of Weber bullet smoker and did a turkey at Christmas. Got the bird off of the smoker and left the charcoal tray out overnight to let it all burn out. The next day, he dumped the ash into a trash bag with all of our wrap…
  • Worked with a guy at a restaurant who had something similar happen once. Was cutting habaneros... yadda yadda yadda, had to go to the ER. The DR said that the best thing to do in this situation, and to avoid costly hospital bills, is to take your ju…
  • I soak up bacon grease with a paper towel and use that to light my egg. Works great, plus... bacon!
  • I tied the ones I did about a month ago. They had pieces hanging at the end, and contrary to when I cook a brisket, I didn't want the burnt pieces. I tied them up and they did fine. I would say if there is nothing really loose hanging on the end the…
  • I'm right handed and my egg is on the right. It felt more natural because I always seem to use the counter on the left of my stove when prepping food. I decided to make that transition outside when I put my table together. 
  • I still watch through The Sopranos occasionally. Great show. I also loved James Gandolfini in Get Shorty and True Romance. Great actor, great loss. From what I understand he was a great guy to have on your side.
  • Just got my first egg a few months ago at 30. Been cooking on a pit with more leaks than a Soviet submarine and got tired of inconsistent cooks. Decided I was going to save up all year to buy one, but when we got our taxes done earlier this year and…
  • Luckkyyyyy! I am going to camp out there at some point this summer to get some of his bbq.  As always, remember... Pics or it didn't happen!
  • That looks RIDICULOUS! I might have to try it...
  • It shouldn't make much of a difference unless you REALLY want that fat cap on top. Some people do, some don't.  Then again I could be wrong, I'm not a pork butt expert.
    in Butt's Comment by lewisj82 June 2013
  • Couldn't open the mobile link on my computer, here's the regular youtube link: 1- Why do I care about the color of my grill?2- It may come pre-assembled, what kind of quality is the ceramic, I'm more worrie…