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  • Definitely keep the pics coming.
  • Sea2Ski said: I am rounding the southern tip of New Zealand, offshore about 15 miles from land.  Bastage.
  • YukonRon said: Just to show you how miserable my sports life is; I like UK football better than UK basketball. Just never got into like most of the crazy Kentucky Basketball fans do. There has go to be more wrong in my head than the obvious, …
  • YukonRon said: Recliner in position. Firewood in the pit. Lump in both eggs, ready for cooking, 2011 Sequoia Grove in the decanter, watching for the tracers in this live fire exercise. That's a good position on mid-day on a Friday.  I woul…
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Foghorn November 20
  • nolaegghead said: I'll be sure to spend as much time sitting, while I'm there, as fend off any ass-rapists and tattoo artists.  UK fans. FTFY.  You're welcome.
  • Next time she'll get parchment paper...
  • Great job and great pics of the crust.  These pics demonstrate why I don't reverse sear my prime ribs any more.  A prime rib makes a great crust if you just let the temp get up over 300 or so for a while. 
  • Lit said: texaswig said: I'll be really glad when they start doing yetifests.  I'd even go to a rtic fest if we got to walk around and get samples from people's coolers. Even if the drinks are room temperature?
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Foghorn November 20
  • YukonRon said: Will the T Shirts for us from Kentucky, 8 time NCAA champions, most wins ever, be written in crayon? No generators? This crowd, not drinking will make more noise than a couple of generators! I was thinking that the UK fans' …
  • The Gumbo Shop.  Dollar for dollar it is the best food I've ever had.
  • Draping it over a rib rack or a brick (that is wrapped in foil) would work if you really want to the whole thing. 
  • Looks great to me.  But all that really matters is "Did SWMBO like it?"
  • bgebrent said: I have no chance of keeping up.  Nor does my liver. Your liver got rotted by Kentucky shine.
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Foghorn November 20
  • So, Yeti only invented boat coolers?
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Foghorn November 20
  • NPHuskerFL said: Wanted a cooler....walked into Sam's Club...grabbed a Pelican 45....paid...walked out.  What is this magic?
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Foghorn November 20
  • @Grillmagic and @Budgeezer are spot on.  Some here have done their briskets at 280-290 so they don't have to do an overnight cook and by report that works well - so that is your other option. If you get pressed for time toward then end you can alway…
  • johnnyp said: There is a relatively cheap product called an akorn.  It's a double walled metal komado style cooker made by char griller.  My BIL has one and the product is just fine.  It's just a cheap version of the egg. Because it's metal…
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: I use a multi-tier saucer and hoop arraingment.  My setup ensures no meat is subject to raident heat.  I use a combination of platforms raised with kiln stilts, aluminum foil, steel cable, and forks.  I have never had burned…
  • Jeepster47 said: 1) as per @nolaegghead dripping fat will burn at 400 to 500 degrees F ... imparting a bad smoke 2) on a wing cook at 340 degrees, the upper surface of the plate setter measured 540 degrees F It seems obvious that protection …
  • Yeah. I've got an XL egg and a Klose stick burner. I do 80% of my briskets on my egg just because of how easy it is. After visiting Franklin's and talking to the general manager for a while about fire management I realized that to optimally manage t…
  • A hot plate setter (ConvEGGtor) can radiate a lot of heat to the bottom of the ribs even when cooking indirect.  Putting a foil pan on top of the plate setter or some other device to block the heat a second time can solve the problem.
  • That's a thing of beauty. 
  • I'm not a spatchcock guru my any means but I don't think it will be a problem.  I've done 6 pounders without an issue.  I think people just tend to like smaller birds for their tenderness.  The breast meat on large birds tends to dry out no matter h…
  • Yes.  It's unlikely, but I will do what I can to get there.
  • That looks perfect for me.  Invite me over any time.  Strong work.
  • bgebrent said: Cmon brother Double!  It's the student not the school.  Got me into Vande for doctoral work so not too shabby. @Foghorn, you opened that door wide open my friend.  I couldn't resist. I too worked with punch cards, albeit in hig…
  • bgebrent said: @Foghorn, point taken. At UK they educated us on how to make our computers put emojis where we choose.  @bgebrent, touché.  Of course when I took computer science as a freshman we had to program with punch cards.  Then I …
  • Nice post.  It is definitely worth experiencing at least once.  My visit there inspired me to raise my game.  We actually found that the chopped beef sandwich was our favorite.  It's the best bite of food I've ever eaten.
  • cazzy said: Foghorn said: @SGH will tell you that whether or not you wrap a brisket is a matter of preference.  Some would wrap in butcher paper at this point and some would wrap with foil and many would leave it naked.  I don't know a…
  • bgebrent said: @Foghorn, I sure hope you can make it!  I'm sorry you had to attend Duke. Not everyone has the privilege of going to UK.  Great you invoke UCLA since Duke isn't good enough!  Seriously, this is shaping up to be a great event.…