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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • He is our very own Hester Prynne. Ah, an educated man. That, of course, rules out the possibility of you being a field agent.
  • I have been battling that disease for years - although I don't have a Stoker.  Maybe that is why my case isn't as advanced.  Your case may be terminal... if your wife kills you.
  • Happy birthday.  Keep the posts and insight coming.
  • Yep.  I've done multiple overnight cooks without a temp controller and have not had a problem.
  • In Memphis go to Cozy Corner.
    in BBQ Joint Help Comment by Foghorn July 6
  • I'm hoping to get to Plano and Salado and maybe Texas fests over the next 10 months.  Will depend on my son's schedule and desires.  It is his senior year of high school so I'm going to try to fit in as much father-son time as he can stand, but he'l…
  • Without @henapple and Russ, you just lost 5% of your workforce, but 90% of the work output.  Good luck with this one.  You better start moving eggs now.
  • That is a great wine.  Oh yeah ribs look great, too.Have you tried a pinotage with BBQ? 
  • If it wasn't for Brazil's 12th man(the goalpost) tthey'd be out. Too bad. Yep. And that was a bummer for El Tri. There were pictures of St. Memo going around before the Netherlands finally scored. When you are relying on your keeper that much, …
  • I was waiting to see what some of our local experts might suggest.  I've cooked it once with moderate success, but I am no expert.  I did it next to some actual beef ribs (with bone) and cooked it just the same.  It was good, but I can't give you an…
  • I'm not convinced that Jozy makes us better.  He has his moments and he did really well in the Netherlands, so I know he is capable of making a great contribution.  I think maybe his skillset doesn't exactly fit with the way the rest of the team pla…
  • Great food, great pics, great thread title.  The triple crown!
  • No blacklisting from me. I have several friends with Akorns who love them - and I have cooked on them with excellent results as well. That seems like a great "winter/vacation house" grill. And the results you show justify it. Well done.
  • I give us a 30% chance of advancing.  We don't have anyone who plays at the level of Hazard, De Bruyne, Mirallas, Januzaj - but with that being said, anything can happen with a good team effort in a single game format.  
  • nolaegghead said: Foghorn said: Lose and advance, the Blanche DuBois approach to advancing in the World Cup... relying on the kindness of strangers. Brilliant! For some reason, I figured that would speak to you.
  • Lose and advance, the Blanche DuBois approach to advancing in the World Cup... relying on the kindness of strangers.
  • Saw Darius Rucker (Hootie) few weeks ago- great. Tony Bennett last year- awesome . And for @foghorn and other Boss fans, here's some pics I shot in '81 in Columbia, SC. And a pizza I made Saturday- kinda OT-OT Nice pics. Clarence was da man.
  • Will there be kilts? If the answer to that question is "no", I don't know whether I should be reassured - or very afraid.
  • I just realized that my best recent concert was Willie Nelson at Floore's Country Store on an outdoor stage in pouring rain. It was a great show.
  • Best concert ever was Springsteen in 1981. Most recent was Journey and Steve Miller Band. I haven't been to a recent concert that compares to Springsteen or Rolling Stones or The Who from the early 1980s.... Not even the Jonas Brothers...
  • So, should Suarez be banned for life? Or should he be banned for life? :-SS
  • While these words may come back to haunt me, I don't think Bradley has been as bad as you suggest and I'd be surprised if Klinsmann has lost confidence in him.  He has covered more ground than any other US player.  He worked harder to get himself in…
  • Well, the France-Switzerland match turned out the be the greatest goalfest of them all.  Wow.  We went to 3 games and saw 17 goals.  Today we were between the 18 and midfield in the 6th row on the end where France scored in the 2nd half.  Here is an…
  • CTMike said: I don't think that anyone could've predicted that the defending World Cup (2010), and Euro Cup (2012) champions would be knocked out with 2 straight losses in the first round. I know my Portuguese friend at work will be ecstatic …
  • Today in the stands at the Germany-Portugal game my son and I were thinking that the Portugal coach's halftime speech went something like this:  "Pepe, you're an idiot.  Nobody else be an idiot.  Now that we have that out of the way let's talk strat…
  • To put our seats in perspective, this is an iphone pic.Tomorrow for Germany-Portugal we are in the same section, 6 rows higher and 20 seats further from midfield toward the endline.  We got our tickets in the first lottery before we even knew which …
  • The Dutch were definitely at the top of their game - unlike Euro 2012.  I loved Robben's second goal.  The way he twisted the defense and had Casillas flopping around like a fish was brilliant.  He showed incredible speed - especially for a guy who …
  • My wife took this. This is the low res version so don't be too critical if it is somewhat grainy.  Our internet access is limited.  It turns out that the first row - "A" - is blocked off as it was covered with tarp. We were in row "B" - the first ro…
  • NDG said: WOW @foghorn  . . . are you being serial?   If so, you are living my dream.  I understand many think soccer is boring, but nothing can match the passion of the World Cup.  Taking place in Brazil (home of the beautiful game) makes it…
  • I'm in Brazil - Salvador to be specific.  Just got back from 4 nights in the Amazon and arrived in Salvador this morning.  About to head out to a beach bar in my Brazil jersey to watch the opening ceremonies and match with the locals.  Then tomorrow…