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Retired dude from Illinois. Been egging since 2000 with 4 eggs...L,M,S & Mini. Also been teaching BGE cooking classes since 2006.


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  • hondabbq

    Great. Ill go and find the Permatex first then ill contact you about when to ship.


    I want to do a clean burn and have all the requirements on hand to change it after. If I want to do another clean burn down the road will I have to replace the gasket again, or will it withstand the temps.


    What do you recommend for preparation and what do you use to clean the edges?

    June 2014
  • hondabbq

    Hey RRP,


    I understand you are the Rutland guy. Do you ship to Canada? My postal code is R1A 3E5. Costs?

    June 2014
  • eddyg
    Hi Ron, I was told you were the man to see. I burnt up my gasket today doing a pizza. I have a large BGE. Can you hook me up with a Rutland? I have a paypal account I can pay you through or I could send you a check. Does it come with instructions? Thanks very much.
    June 2014
  • aljoseph
    Hey Ron; How are you doing? I miss Peoria (in the summertime). We're in Florida now and enjoying life. I sold my BGE when we arrived here as I had a custom made s.s. table and the whole contraption was way too big for our downsized place. Guess what? I"m picking up a new LBGE tomorrow (I found a place for it). Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" - Al Joseph
    May 2014
  • clcummings
    Hi There Ron,

    My gasket is throwing smoke and it is time for a new. As a newbie, I was lighting my grill with the lid open, and needless to say it torched my gasket all on the front top side. Also, Ohio winters get cold, and I've froze the 2 sides together before and have a section that isn't fully secured to the egg. I have a large BGE.

    If you're still in the Rutland gasket replacement biz, what's my process?

    Thanks in advance,

    May 2014
  • b0atnutz
    can you please e-mail cost for a large and how to pay?
    May 2014
  • tksmoke

    Ron -

    The original gasket on my XL is looking sorta tired.  How do purchase a Rutland XL replacement from you?


    May 2014
  • rsterman
    Thanks for your comment....Actually, my egg is new and having to do a real hot burn to get rid of accumulated gunk, just like i needed to do with my wood stove never occurred to me.....thank goodness I will have the opportunity to rectify that situation next time......boy I love to cook on this thing....I had no idea what I have been missing all these years as I hated the struggle with charcoal and starter and the propane trail.....this may be barbecuing nirvana!
    May 2014
  • RICHIED777
    Hey RRP, I saw your pizza crust recipe. What if I don't have a mixer...
    May 2014
  • Cymbaline65

    Hi RPP-

    I ordered the 50/50/50 bag pack from SweetAttack yesterday. They took my money and said the order was processed but no confirmation that anything was/will be shipped. How quickly do they normally turn things around for you? Left a voice mail too. So far, crickets.


    May 2014
  • phoenix007
    Hi RRP,

    How can I purchase a Rutland kit from you?


    Ben Norrie
    May 2014
  • cbelliott
    From what I've seen on the forum, you're the guy to talk to about new gaskets.  I was doing pizza a week or two ago and while I was inside prepping, I let the temp get away from me and was surprised that my gasket had melted and pulled apart when I opened the lid.  I've used it to cook since then and it did fine.  I've seen a lot of people talk about Rutland gaskets and that you're the guy to talk to for them.  What are your thoughts on the gasket issues and the best way to prevent it from happening again?  I'd like to order a medium gasket from you.  Email me at whenever you get a chance.  Thanks so much!
    April 2014
  • Dubya
    Hello, I'd like to purchase a rutland kit from you for my XL egg. thanks!
    April 2014
  • fadax
    Hi, I need one Rutland gasket for my XL , can you help me ? Thanks Fausto
    March 2014
  • Biggreeneggy
    I need some advise on the Rutland gasket, can you send me the instructions. Thanks.
    March 2014
    • RRP
      If you are asking if I sell them then yes I have sold 1,058 to date, but if you bought one elsewhere what product number did you buy, what size egg etc? Thing is I sell what size is needed for whatever size egg.
  • SGH
    Sir your payment went out at 9:00am this morning. Again thanks.
    February 2014
  • maxPowers
    Thanks for the advice! I feel a little intimidated with trying to create something myself, but will look into converting something made for a different purpose.  I think I am going to try to build my table first and look for a hot rack once it starts to come together.
    February 2014
  • setdahook
    Good afternoon, hoping to order a replacement gasket for xl egg. Also would be great if you carry the adhesive. My phone is 605 579 6534 or I can call you if that's better.
    January 2014
    • RRP
      I thought I sent you a reply - did you get it? Please email me directly at
  • cul-de-sac-er
    Merry Christmas and thanks for your time You were going to share the Rutland app process with me? Thanks Shane
    December 2013
  • eggersmate
    November 2013
  • Alexkin
    Also from Illinois, the west central part.
    I found the 1/2 fire ring in the 3.13 complimentary "BGE Life Styles" and have also seen them in the "Pinch a Penny" stores here in central Florida.

    November 2013
  • dscheepers
    Good Morning Ron, from all the posts I see you are the go to guy regarding the rutland gasket, if you can give me any information that would be great. My biggest drawback is I am living in Canada so buying from a US business like is a real hassle, if you know of a Canadian outlet that would really simplify things.
    Darrell Scheepers
    October 2013
  • LakeSeminoleEgger
    I would like to order a Rutland gasket for my LBGE, are you the go-to guy?
    September 2013
  • weekendchef
    I was inquiring about replacement gaskets for LBGE and was directed to you . Rutland seems to be the way to go . Is that something you can help me with ?
    August 2013
  • Retired dude from Illinois. Been egging since 2000 with 4 eggs...L,M,S & Mini. Also been teaching BGE cooking classes since 2006.
    July 2013
    • JNJGoeders
      I would like to "friend" you...I am Brand New to Egging...setting my XLBGE up today! I could use a mentor, if you're inclined?