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Temp diff inside Large BGE

Dave.A.QueDave.A.Que Posts: 10
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Hey Y'all,

Has anyone tested if there is much of a temp difference between the standard dome thermometer location and the center of the egg at the felt line during an indirect cook?



  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,091
    Typically between 20 & 30 degrees between dome & gasket line...
  • I see that figure thrown around quite a bit but where did it come from?
  • Years of observation.
  • PhilsGrillPhilsGrill Posts: 2,256
    And thousands of tests...
  • I did my 1st cook yesterday on my Lge (15 lbs Boston Butt & 15 lbs Babybacks) and set my BBQ Guru to 250 and clipped the thermo lead to the grate which was about 1" above the felt line. When the Guru settled in at 250, the dome thermo was around 280. Next time I fire her up, I'm going to clip the guru lead to the dome thermo to make sure they read the same. (I did calibrate the dome thermo using the boiling water method). BGE Rocks!! ... sorry my WSM, you have to go find another place to live.
  • dave, I run a WSM rescue at my house. I would be happy to take it from you.

    John - SLC, UT

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  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 18,468
    just so you know most all recipes you find here are for dome temps, if its a grate level temp its usually spelled out that way
  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,091
    Umm no it isn't difficult to measure and it has been done and proven many times...put a clip on the dome thermometer & a clip on at the get 2 different numbers...subtract the larger number from the smaller number and you have the difference...see wasn't that easy.. B) ;) :)
  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,939

    I might have misunderstood what you said, but as I read your reply...that is exactly what you don't want to do!

    Cliping the Guru probe to the grid as close to the meat as possible gives you an accurate read on what temp your meat is "seeing"!

    As said above...(typically you'll see 20-40 degrees differential) want that Guru to regulate the pit,(at the grid) for whatever temp you're trying to acheive...
    regardless what the BGE thermo reads, (since during an typical indirect cood..the dome thermo will always be "off").

    I spent most of my money on good bourbon, and bad women...the rest, I just wasted!!
  • THATHA Posts: 185
    and two thermometer readings each time
    Yup, like everyone else I see the same 20º to 30º difference in my medium egg. I only think about it on a low and slow where that much can make a difference.


  • BacchusBacchus Posts: 6,019
    I have experienced a 100deg(calibrated/accurate) temperature difference between grid and dome.
  • :laugh: Actually, I gave it to my future son-in-law, he's interested in learning how to BBQ; I'm glad to have kept it in the family.
  • ... I wouldn't leave the guru temp probe clipped to the dome thermo during a cook unless I was smoking a meatball skewered thru the dome thermo probe ;)

    I'm just curious if I set my guru to 250 and clipped it to the dome probe, would the temps be (hopefully) the same.
  • Thanks, I was not aware of that.
  • Were you set up for a direct cook? That seems like a big difference if it was set up for indirect.
  • BacchusBacchus Posts: 6,019
  • Kim, Easy?...that depends, are we allowed to use calculators?



    Caledon, ON


  • crmiltcrmilt Posts: 108
    Dave. You are correect in your logic. If the recipes call for a constant Dome temperature, the temperature of the grid is irrelevant. This is especially true since many have agreed that the grid temperature varies and is not consistent in how much it varies from the dome temperature.

    It seems your guru should be clipped as clsoe as possible to the dome probe and that temperature regulated.

    I have the same problem with my Maverick 73 probe. I clipped it to the grid and it was impossible to keep a constant temperature at the grid. This weekend I am going to clip it by the dome probe.
    __________ Chris
  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,091
    Huh??? Explain please...
  • PhilsGrillPhilsGrill Posts: 2,256
    Too much beer... :whistle:
  • I don't know why you wouldn't clip the Guru pit probe to the dome thermometer. I do it all the time. It'
    s a cheap and easy way to tell if your BGE thermo or Tel-Tru is off.

    If all is working as designed then they should both read the same. Give or take .00000000000001 Deg F :woohoo:
  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,939

    I don't know what some of these guys are!!!

    Yes...if you clip the probe to the dome thermo...with in a small tollerance, (and accepting that your dome thermo is callibrated).."they" will be the same.
    Your Guru will make sure they are... since it's "it's job" do just that..,lol!!!

    But that won't be the same as the temp over where your meat is!

    So....all things considered...let's say you wann'a do Brisket...and you want your cooking temp to be...250?

    Chances are you're gonn'a have to run your pit to 275-285 to accomplish a constant 250 at the grid...(where you meat is)!!'re not cooking your're cooking the meat!!

    It's really that simple.

    I spent most of my money on good bourbon, and bad women...the rest, I just wasted!!
  • crmiltcrmilt Posts: 108
    If we are concerned about the temperature "where the meat is" why are all the recipes quoting "dome" temperature?

    How do I know what a "dome" temperature of 250 translates to with regard to where the meat is?
    __________ Chris
  • Thanks for all your replies! This was a good learning experience. So far I've learned:
    1. If the cooking directions calls out for Dome temp, clip the Guru temp lead to Dome thermo.

    2. If the cooking directions make no mention of Dome temp, clip the Guru lead at the same level as the meat, and the temp diff at the Dome will be around +30 ( or as high as 100 temp diff depending on beer consumption rate).

    3. If you don't have a Guru or similar temp control device, drink about 4000 beers and cash in on the empties to buy one :laugh:
  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,939
    Call me...!!

    I'm running out...but I'm glad to chat a minute!

    Check your email for my #!

    I spent most of my money on good bourbon, and bad women...the rest, I just wasted!!
  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,939

    Oh well!!!!!


    Glad to have you on board, and Congrats on the new Egg!

    I spent most of my money on good bourbon, and bad women...the rest, I just wasted!!
  • Actually #2 is slightly misleading. All temps referred to in most posts will be the dome temp. (Not everyone has a Guru or any other thermo other than the dome thermo).

    Unless specifically stated as grid temp assume all temps are dome.
  • KBKB Posts: 144
    I always clip my Guru probe to the dome. I had problems at the grid level. The probe temp was affected by the location of the meat (if the probe touched it) or it could read high if the probe was close to the edge and exposed more to the direct fire of the coals. The probe got in the way when I moved stuff around.

    I like the stability of the dome temp and I use the dome thermometer as a check of my guru (it's like a back up when they both read the same temp).

    You can fasten the guru probe to the the dome thermometer and have that security of more stability and do the math and set your temp to take the expected 30 deg difference into account when setting your Guru thermostat.
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