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Please restrict donation solicitation to OT forum

Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,947
edited November -1 in Forum Feedback
I have received a harassing email from Celtic Wolf after politely posting that I would not contribute to his crusade to feed the troops.


I am a decorated Army veteran from the Viet Nam War era, and am as patriotic as the next guy. But, I do not appreciate ugly, unsolicited, and unprovoked emails because I do not choose his charity to be my charity. I also take offense to being told not to post in HIS thread unless I give him money.

Personally, I don't think he should be allowed to beg for money on the forum at all, no matter how good the cause. It has nothing to do with BGE cooking, and just because he uses an Egg is irrelevant. I might start a campaign to donate to the Lakota Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation, one of my favorite charities.

If anything, it should be moved to the OT forum.

Thank you.

Dripping Springs, Texas.
Gateway to the Hill Country


  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,790
    While I definately believe in supporting out Military...(and their familys), I tend to agree with your premise here Gary!!

    We are long time supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project, The Semper Fi Fund and The Paralyzed Vets Assn. Our experience with them...(plus a good look at their "fundys")
    show they are all very well run Organizations...(and sadly) are sorely needed, now more than ever!

    I think Pete is doing good work, and it's a great way to show some appreciation for the sacrifices these soldiers and their familys make, on a daily basis!!

    That said...on the "letter from Pete thing"...if it's as you say...that's not right! Not at all!!

    Seems like the OT would be a good fit, as by now most everybody knows he's doing periodic cooks. If they knew he'd be posting there on the cooks...seems like it would be good for all.

  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,168
    What I don't understand is why certain members of this forum are allowed to blatantly violate one or more rules of the forum, even acknowledging that they are doing so in their post, and nothing is said or done, yet other new forum rules are imposed with threats of bannination for anyone that breaks them.

    Double standards and unequal application of rules certainly harbors ill feelings among the populace.

    And yea, I'm a war time vet too, a highly decorated NCO, and I've donated a chunk of change to Pete's mission. I admire and respect what he does, and would help more financially and with my time if I could, but I don't find this forum to be the proper channel for him to push for donations and solicit sales of merchandise. In short, I agree with your opinion Gary.
  • Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,947
    May we have some feedback on this, or is this forum only useful for password help?

    If not restricted in the main forum, I have a charity that I'd really like to start pushing for donations. I'll start posting tomorrow, unless otherwise indicated

    Dripping Springs, Texas.
    Gateway to the Hill Country

  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,790 I said I agree with ther meat of your origonal post.

    If I might though...?

    One of the things that bothered me about the folks (me included) who were pushing for the Anon posting to be stopped...was when a few didn't feel they were being heeded...they started threatening the Mods basically saying "either do what we ask/tell you..,or well make this place unlivable for you guys by loading up the place with ANON posts...just cause we can, and you can't stop us!

    Which is pretty much what happened!

    I can't say that "that" way of dealing with the W's is very respectful!! Even though I agreed with the premise...(if in their shoes)...I don't think making my life miserable to get my way would win you any friends with me!

    At least for me...I've voiced my opinion...and when they have time I'm sure they will let us know theirs! All things considered...I've got bigger fish to fry!

    In the mean time... I think they, "WMK/WPB" deserve our respect and patience,since it's in "their house" we play!

    Just my thoughts.

  • Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,947
    You're right, Chubby. Thanks.

    I suppose that could be taken as a threat. It's just that I have never known them to be responsive at all to any post that I've asked for help.

    And, I do have a charity that I am very involved in and think it is a very worthy cause. I have never considered asking for donations here because I think it is the wrong platform for solicitations of any kind.

    Dripping Springs, Texas.
    Gateway to the Hill Country

  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,790
    1) I will deal with them on your behalf, since...(as you may not know), I was secretly elected "Mayor" of this here Board...lmao!! :woohoo:

    2) I sure don't see anything wrong with you mentioning the good work they do..,(over on the OT as we're suggesting)!
    I believe there's a big difference between informing and beating about the head and shoulders that all donations to be sent directly thru me...(see #1)!!


    Have a good weekend G!!

    Looks like we've almost got a cold front...ey?

    Mayor Chubby
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,768

    I did not threaten you for not donating. You made a smartass comment to someone in the thread and I responded in kind. You took my post to you as offensive. When I asked the difference you responded As you put it She is your friend and I am not.

    Ohh my so called threat to you.. I said, "If you make a smartass comment in ANY thread don't expect someone not to respond in kind.." If you are that sensitive that you perceived that as a threat and not sound advice I feel for you.

    You asked me to stop the email back and forth and I did. Apparently you once again do not practice what you preach..

    I am not sure what I did to you in the first place, but I assure you from this point on I will NOT post anything regarding American Spirit BBQ to the forum again..

    Problem solved
  • Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,947

    I have not put private emails on the forum, and if you notice, I am not responding to his inaccurate dribble here. I made a joking comment to Molly (not him), and since it was HIS thread, he made a derogatory comment to me. I responded nicely, and said I admired him for what he's doing.

    Then, I get an ugly email from him to which there were several exchanges. I asked him to quit his childish behavior.

    I find it comical that he doesn't know what he did. My post here (which was directed to the mods, not him) was to ask them to restrict his request for donations to the OT forum, not to disallow them. I feel that when a member is jumped on because they post in HIS thread without giving money, it's time to move it off the main forum. I also find it amusing that he has commented on MY thread, and not in the spirit of my message.

    'Nuff said.

    Dripping Springs, Texas.
    Gateway to the Hill Country

  • CBBQCBBQ Posts: 610
    I have no qualms with your feelings on this issue.
    As someone who is on the board of American Spirit along with another prominant member here, I'd like to clarify a couple of things.
    American Spirit is not tied to any religion. At all! The fact that Pete has chosen to make his faith a priority in his life is seperate in the "business" of American Spirit BBQ.
    The other thing is the background of these cooks. This was pretty much started, and continues to be manned by eggers with support from BGE, eggers, BGE dealers and businesses like Dizzy Pig. Not all that much different than an eggfest which some of these turn into. This organization has total and definate ties to the BGE community. But I respect where your coming from.
  • CBBQCBBQ Posts: 610
    I just wanted to clarify the "Although I disagree with a few things about your operation (the religious part)" that you posted. I can see where there may be some confusion on the issue. There's no problem here.
  • Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,947

    Thanks for your civil note and your perspectives. This whole mess would never have occurred if the zealot had not gotten ugly in the first place. Please reread the original thread. After being called a smartass (even though I had not even addressed him), I responded very nicely and told him I admired him for his work.

    That didn't help and he initiated personal emails to me that were even uglier. At that point, I suggested that his threads wanting money or selling t-shirts be moved to the OT forum.

    In itself, I have no problem with asking for donation, but I don't want to be badgered into it or called non-Christian (implied in one of his emails) if I don't choose to participate.


    Dripping Springs, Texas.
    Gateway to the Hill Country

  • CBBQCBBQ Posts: 610
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