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dizzy pig rubs

TnVolKenTnVolKen Posts: 198
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What Dizzy pigs rubs do you use and what do you use them on? I have a friend that says these are great.


  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    All of them and on everything..

    Raising the Steaks: on well steaks, sometimes burgers
    Cowlick: burgers and Brisket
    Shaking the Trees: Chicken
    Raging River: Salmon , Turkey, Pork
    Red Eye Express: Ribeyes, burgers and Lamb
    Tsunami Spin: Stuffed Chicken and Stir Fry
    Dizzy Dust: Pork Butt
    Jamaican Firewalk: Chicken, Pork Loin
    Swamp Vemon: Ground Pork
    Pineapple Head: Squash, Sweet Taters, and fruit.
  • RRPRRP Posts: 16,436
    not a smart aleck answer, but ALL of them. They are great, fresh and versatile. Right now for instance I've got some ABTs going on with Swamp Venom. You won't go wrong with DP products!
    Dunlap, IL
  • These are my favorites, that I use the most.

    Tsunami Spin - Lamb/chicken anytime I want a middle eastern type of flavor.
    Raging River Rub - Salmon
    Raising The Steaks - Steaks
    Dizzy Pig Coarse and Regular - butts, ribs and briskets
    Pineapple Head - fruit, but it's a bit hot, so watch out.
    The Naked Whiz
  • Your friend is right. They're great.
    I bought one bottle of each. I've found I definitely use some more than others. By far, the most I use is Dizzy Dust, both regular and coarse grind. It's an all-purpose BBQ rub, and is great on just about anything. I also use Raging River a lot...the Maple Salmon recipe with Raging River is our go-to salmon cook. Raising the Steaks gets my vote for the better of the two steak seasonings, and I use it on burgers all the time, too. I use Tsunami Spin quite a bit, and Shaking the Tree too. Pineapplehead is great on fruit, and (thanks to Mainegg) popcorn. We have a toddler who doesn't like stuff too spicy, so Jamaican Firewalk and Swamp Venom get limited use, but I do like them. I don't use Cowlick or Redeye very much (but tonight I'm roasting a hunk o' beef round for roast beef sandwiches during the week, and I'm using Cowlick), but a lot of people swear by's all about personal preference. I'd say buy the whole line and see what you use the most.
  • PH on squash? I'll definitely need to give this a try...I'm guessing you mean winter squash (Butternut, Acorn, etc.)?
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    Of Course..
  • JeffersonianJeffersonian Posts: 4,244
    Thanks for reminding me I need to reorder...I use all of them except for Pineapple Head (I'll order some this round) on:

    Dizzy Dust: ribs and butt
    Cowlick: burgers and steak
    Raisin' the Steaks: steak (duh)
    Shakin' the Tree: chicken
    Redeye Express: pork tenderloin
    Swamp Venom: wings and fried eggs
    Jamaican Firewalk: shrimp
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,171
    One use I haven't seen mentioned yet is Raging River on vegetables. Goes very well on corn, broccoli, yellow squash, onions, okra, peas, etc.
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    I only ordered a few on my first order. I received some samples with that order and then ordered the rest except for Pineapple Head.

    I will pick up the PH on the next order.

    Now I don't restrict any of the rubs to a particular food. It is fun to test the different flavors. I think Dizzy Dust is the most versatile.

    If you don't order all then order some samples.

  • Bama ChadBama Chad Posts: 153
    PH has quicky become my favorite, and I've been using these rubs since they came out (well, almost). Don't limit it to fruit or's a very good change up for ribeyes & burgers.

    If you've ever had the ribeye @ Houston's you'll see what I mean once you try it.
  • ranger rayranger ray Posts: 812
    i concur with everyone.... you have to try 'em all an find your favorites.... once you use em.... you 'll throw out the rest of your rubs...ray
  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,367
    Thanks for the kind words yall! Hard to put in words how much we here at Dizzy appreciate your support.

    Happy cookin!
    Twitter: @dizzypigbbq
    Facebook: Dizzy Pig Seasonings
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 1,788
    call me crazy, but i like to mix it up a bit, usually using more than one type of dizzy pig in conjunction with another that's not necessarily "recommended" for a particular product....

    firewire skewers made with steak, chicken, pineapple & mushrooms..... dizzy pig dizzy dust, pineapple head and red eye express on everything.
  • I agree. I haven't found much use for pineapple head. I've put it on Beets a few times and that's pretty good but it's not a rub I use often.

    I'm still trying to find a good use for swamp venom (I never make wings) - so far I add a little to burgers and I hear it's very good in a Caesar.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 1,788
    Tweev-tip wrote:
    I agree. I haven't found much use for pineapple head. I've put it on Beets a few times and that's pretty good but it's not a rub I use often.

    I'm still trying to find a good use for swamp venom (I never make wings) - so far I add a little to burgers and I hear it's very good in a Caesar.

    swamp venom....blood mary's.
  • chrisnjennchrisnjenn Posts: 534
    My favorites so far have been all of the ones I have used, the original Dizzy Dust, Raising the Steaks, and Raging River. I'm going to order some of the others and if they are half as good as those 3 then I will be a happy camper.
  • Bloody Mary? Who are you my grandmother? :lol:

    I kid. A ceasar is the Canuckistonian version of a bloody mary. Just add clam juice (and other stuff). They removed the maple syrup from the recipe in 1984.

    * 6 oz. Clamato Juice
    * 1½ oz. Vodka
    * 2 Dashes Hot Sauce
    * 2 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce
    * Celery salt
    * Freshly Ground Pepper
    * Lime/Lemon wedge
    * 1 Crisp Celery Stalk

    Bloody Mary
    * 4.5 cl (3 parts) Vodka
    * 9.0 cl (6 parts) Tomato juice
    * 1.5 cl (1 part) Lemon juice
  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,367
    It's fun isn't it? But not sure I've mixed 3 together yet ;-)

    Thanks, and cheers
    Twitter: @dizzypigbbq
    Facebook: Dizzy Pig Seasonings
  • JeffersonianJeffersonian Posts: 4,244
    It's not that I don't like PH (I got some as a sample with my last order), but I usually fill out my orders with other rubs. I'm going to take inventory tonight and try to shoehorn in some PH.

    Try the Swamp Venom on fried eggs (if you like fried eggs). Nice bolt of heat.
  • JeffersonianJeffersonian Posts: 4,244
    That's one of those where ya just slap your forehead for not thinking of it yourself.
  • StuworldStuworld Posts: 57
    There is a great general use PDF that I store in iBooks on my iPhone so I have it handy when I go to pick some up from the store. It has a matrix that maps rubs to compatible food types. Well designed and easy to read.
  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,670
    Redeye express and swamp venom on a bone in porkloin thats on the egg now. Swamp venom and shakin the tree go on almost all my poultry cooks.
  • SundazesSundazes Posts: 274
    We mix DP's all the time.

    DD and PH or RR and PH on spatchcock chickens.
    Raising the steak with a touch of Cow lick on steaks.
    DD and CL on butts

    and so on.....
  • dtcdtc Posts: 24
    Agree with other posters. One addition - Swamp Venom in potato salad - gives it a nice kick. I also want to try it in various soups.

    Raising the Steak - steak of course

    Pineapple Head - grilled pineapple and other fruits, although be careful of the heat

    Dizzy Dust - anything pork

    Swamp Venom - chicken and potato salad!

    Raging River -salmon
  • crghc98crghc98 Posts: 1,006
    to add to the above...

    I like cowlick on a nice big thick pork chop

    PH on corn on the cob and summer squash on Zucchini
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