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Duke - part II

ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,277
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It happened again. This time, I had taken him out on the leash to do his business, when done, back inside to change dogs & take Daisy out. I was sure the screen door was shut. I made it about ½ way down my driveway with Daisy when I saw what appeared to be a flash of light outa the corner of my eye. By the time I could focus on it, what I saw was Duke’s approximately 3.5 inch wide ass now about the size of a tic tac and getting smaller, seemingly going about 70mph across the street , up the neighbor’s driveway & out of sight.

I heard a woman scream (yea it was me), dropped the leash with Daisy & ran like a nut yelling for the dog. When I got into the back yard, I found him there running around in circles, tried as I might, I couldn’t grab him, & I didn’t have the bag of pupperoni to entice him.. after about a two minute chase, he bolted back down the driveway, across the street, took a sharp left & disappeared behind another neighbor’s house, I ran back there as fast as I could but he was gone (all one acre heavily wooded lots). Thinking right about now I’m screwed (losing someone else's $1,500 family member & all) & standing there trying to catch my breath, I see a pack of deer spring up from the brush & start galloping off all in one direction, then Duke appears in hot pursuit. Now I’m thinking holy Shizzle, these frigg’n deer can run God knows how many miles (more than my sorry ass) till they think they’re safe, from a dog the size of a grapefruit with legs no less, I am utterly screwed.

I chased. A couple yards away the deer for some reason split up (is that normal??? , I’m not a hunter), & Duke was running around in circles almost corkscrewing himself into the ground, he was so excited he didn’t know which one to chase. I collapsed, tired as hell by now but I also thought that he would think I was hurt & come to my aid – :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I’m apparently no smarter than the Duke.

Seeing him take off again I got up & chased him into another yard where he finally made his first critical error. Fortunately, they have a pool, & left their fence gate open. He ran in, I followed, shut the gate, then chased him around the pool 9 times till he ran into the corner & I trapped him, grabbed him, & laid there awaiting the heart attack. Thankfully, it didn’t cross Duke’s mind that he coulda slipped easily through the wrought iron fence leaving me trapped inside, his second mistake.

Injury report: Duke, none. Me, I ran through several sticker bushes, that hurts, what I believe was a vibrant patch of poison ivy, and although I cannot confirm this, I am relatively certain a deer tick is burrowing into my body somewhere.

The condemned:


here’s some fish



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