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Supplemental Egg (Small or Medium?)

BlakeBlake Posts: 10
edited 2:56PM in EggHead Forum
I have read on this Forum that some people like to pair a small BGE with a large BGE. I have a situation where I want to sumplement a Primo Oval XL ceramic with a smaller ceramic grill. The main reason for this is for quick every day type cooks. My Weber Genesis which I usually use for quick every day cooks is dying after 9 years (holes rusting in the frame) and I do not plan to get another gasser. I could just use the Primo XL for this. But, if I only need to cook a couple of filets or chicken breasts, why fire up such a large grill that takes more fuel?

For these reasons I think a small BGE would fit the bill. However I can't help but ask this forum, is the Medium BGE a better compliment?

Thanks ... Blake


  • Bulldog MomBulldog Mom Posts: 242
    After much debate we got a medium to supplement our large. There are 2 of us and the medium seemed better for everyday cooking. Small is a nice size, but for the occasional grillers/smokers.

    Hope this helps.
  • Rolling EggRolling Egg Posts: 1,995
    Your gonna hear small on this question by 90 percent of the replies. They gang up on us Medium owners :woohoo: :woohoo: But seriously, you said two key things that makes me think a small is for you. You basically want a smaller lump consumer that will cook a couple breast or filets. That has small wrote all over it. I have the Medium but I got one hell of a deal on it new, so i couldn't pass on it.
  • BlakeBlake Posts: 10
    Both of your replies are helpful. An important clarification on what we need for "everyday" type cooking. We often roast a single whole chicken (4-5 lbs) for our family. My kids love it. I understand that the Small BGE will roast a whole chicken vertically which sounds great. However does it do it as well in terms of hassle and taste as the Medium BGE with less lump?

    Thanks ... Blake
  • Rolling EggRolling Egg Posts: 1,995
    Heres a thread I found with a small cooking a whole bird. It will handle it fine. As far as taste, there will be no difference.
  • field handfield hand Posts: 420
    I have an XL BGE and will be picking up a new small tomorrow morning to supplement it. We chose the small for many of the reasons already stated, but also for traveling. We take a couple trips a year, one is usually a month or more and we felt the small would be a great addition. The small weighs about 65 lbs, the medium about 95 lbs. Being retired, I don't like handling things that weigh almost 100 lbs.

    Marthasville, MO
  • Rezen73Rezen73 Posts: 356
    Hi Blake,

    At least you are doing research to base your decision on which one to purchase based on utility, and not "omg it's so CUTE!" (which is the situation that I'm in!) hahaha. :)
  • get both!

    John - SLC, UT

     Webers, Eggs, Bubba Keg, Smokin-It #3

  • mijoeymijoey Posts: 58
    I have had a XL BGE for several years It is great for large cooks and I'm glad I have it. Most of the time I am just cooking for myself and my wife, so a year ago I purchased a small for the very reasons you stated. It has been wonderful to cook on and it is much easier to transport if that is something you will be doing. I highly recommend a combo of an XL and a small.

    Melbourne, Fl.
  • Blake I just got my small, used it once and love it. I think the portability issue is big. I never imagined I would cart my small around, but the first time I used it I was at a friends house. Took a few hours to cool down, but I was watching the Hawks decimate the Flyers, so it was cool.

    I am pretty weak and I had never little trouble lifting the egg and moving it around. So if you think you will use it anywhere besides your house go for the small.
  • WooDoggiesWooDoggies Posts: 2,390
    From what you described, a small egg would work perfectly for quick every day cooks.
    We use our small egg for the same reasons... why crank up the large for a few steaks or burgers?

    If it's only 2 steaks or 2 breasts or 2 burgers or 2 tunas etc, consider the Mini. It heats up fast to turbo temps, uses very little lump, the grid is inches away from the lump for excellent searing and it's portable. We use the Mini quite often for 2 portion cooks and love it.

    Good Luck!

  • BordelloBordello Posts: 5,926
    Hi Barry,
    I'm retired also but if it around 95 to 100 lbs, soft,warm and with a big smile, and of course female,I do my best. :woohoo:

    Old Bordello couldn't resist.
  • RipnemRipnem Posts: 5,511

    In the future, to speed up the cool down process. Empty out the hot coals and the guts of the egg and let cool separately. ;) My sm and mini travel a bunch.
  • RRPRRP Posts: 17,387

    If you think that you may be packing that puppy around more and more you might want to pop for a PotLifter. Using it I can easily carry my small by myself like a piece of luggage. Here's one source for them:

    Tried the Pearls or LaBomba yet?
    Dunlap, IL
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 1,788
    i just picked up a used small to supplement my large. i've had it about six days and cooked on it four times. that said, i still want a medium.
  • ibandaibanda Posts: 464
    For 1 to 2 people a small is an excellent grill and smoker. I cook on mine a couple of times per week and a bag of quality lump can last 2+ months. It will easily grill a chicken spatchcock style, and I think it will work upright/beercan style although it's been a while since I have cooked that way. If you want to do indirect smoking get a platesetter and it will smoke an 8# butt for 12 hours. There is a significant lump savings in using the small compared to my large IMHO.
    "Bacon tastes gooood, pork chops taste gooood." - Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction
    Small and Large BGE in Oklahoma City.
  • I have a pot lifter, I got it when I bought my large. My dumb butt just forgot to bring it.

    As for the cooling down - fully story!-I was stirring up the coals in the small, and I guess I thought I was still using my large and I stirred them up too much. I ended up lifting up the charcoal grate so all of the burning, hot, coals fell into the bottom! So yeah that was fun.

    As for the crack you sold me rrp-tasted the bomba on a cracker and liked it. I am waiting for my next italian beef fix to bust it out again. the pearls I will be doing soon. thanks again!
  • BlakeBlake Posts: 10
    I sincerely appreciate helpful feedback from each of you. I am now trying to decide between the small and the mini. Not that I don't like the medium. I saw a youtube video of a roast chicken being cooked on a Mini. It seemed to work but did not like how he had to remove the charcoal grate among other things. I was going to put a mini in the middle of our strong patio table but my wife does not like that idea.

    So I am going to go look at the small tomorrow after work at a place that has it in stock. I may just stick it in my car and take it home if I like what I see.

    By the are the following third party accessories a good addition to the small egg?:

    And by the way I like that pot lifter idea. I would want one for a small egg.

    Thanks ... Blake
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