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First time Filets on the Green Egg

MazzdogMazzdog Posts: 44
edited 5:52PM in EggHead Forum
My wife and I love Filet Mignon. Used to cook them all the time on the *cough* Gas *cough* Grill... First time on the Egg. I got home from softball and she had the grill started and woken the filets up from their 24 hour marinade nap. Put them on at 650* for 2 min, flip, 2 min, cut vents to nothing for 5-6 (i admit i lifted to check quite often until i figure this grill out). came out a nice medium (I prefer med Rare but it was close enough and with the egg no taking a lot of moisture out of the meat they still were very juicy). Added a a sweet potato with brown sugar and I'm done.. I'm almost to Ruth's Chris quality steak.. give me 2 more tries and I'll have them beat.



  • NibbleMeThisNibbleMeThis Posts: 2,263
    Beef fillets are always great! Nice job.
    Knoxville, TN
  • Rolling EggRolling Egg Posts: 1,995
    Nice looking steaks my friend. I'm with you on the filets! They are hard to beat. I really like cooking mine on my cast iron grid. Get you one when you have the chance. They put very nice grill marks on them if you like that kinda thing. I go 1 minute at 650 and rotate 45 degrees for another minute and then flip and do the same on the other side. I then take mine off (rare). Throw the rased grid on and put the wifes and kids back on for a few minutes to get them to medium. You can cut them with a fork!
  • MazzdogMazzdog Posts: 44
    Hey RE,
    A Cast Iron grid is my next purchase.. I have a plate setter... I'm also contemplating the Adjustable Rig from ceramicgrillstore. sooner or later I'll need shed to hold all the Eggcesories!
  • FlyFishNCFlyFishNC Posts: 41
    Looks great, I can't wait to try steaks. I remember my egg looking that new... Now, after a month (to the day actually :) ) it's been broken pretty well.
  • MazzdogMazzdog Posts: 44
    Steaks are a staple in this house... we'll probably do a few rib eyes this weekend. Not sure... I'm dieing to just get out there now and throw a pizza on.. that is probably my next attempt.. though i don't have a pizza stone.. Can anyone say where to get a decent stone or should I just get the BGE brand stone. I'd like to get a thick 1/2" to 3/4" stone for my Large.
  • Rezen73Rezen73 Posts: 356
    They look outstanding!

    My mouth is watering already ;)

    Nicely done.
  • Rezen73Rezen73 Posts: 356
    I got a BGE pizza stone at the same time I bought my egg at, and have no complaints yet, other than maybe I wish it was a little larger. However the way we eat pizza in our household (personal pizzas) it's almost a good thing, so we don't over-prepare! :D

    Here's my most recent pizza a couple of weeks ago (sorry for lack of pics on the pizza stone ... inclimate weather outside!) Keep in mind that the size of this pizza is about 9-10 inches, so it's quite small, just enough for a single person to pig out on!

    Before cooking:


    After cooking, before slicing:


    Homemade 1/2 white 1/2 wheat pizza dough, homemade tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes, pepperoni, jalapenos, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, fennel seeds, caraway seeds, a wee bit of dried oregano, red pepper flakes, ground black peppercorns and grated paremesan cheese to garnish :D

    One of the best tasting pizzas I've ever had! Long live the BGE! :D
  • Rezen73Rezen73 Posts: 356
    lots of roasted garlic that you made last time you shut the egg down

    err, please eggsplain!

    My wife and I absolutely love roasted garlic, and never though to try and do it on the BGE!

    So, please explain what you mean by this?!?


  • Get yourself a good size bulb/head of garlic cloves. Cut the top of the bulb off so it exposes all cloves(~1/2 inch).

    Wrap the head in two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. Along with about a tablespoon of olive oil, maybe a little less. Throw this on the grill for about 20-30 minutes at about 400 F.

    I have often made this while TRexing a steak. Basically, after the sear, I throw the foil packet on the grill, and pull it when the steaks are done.

    You can spin this a little by adding salt and pepper at the end. It wouldn't surprise me if some add rub. I have also added balsamic (about 1 tablespoon) at the beginning along with the olive oil.
  • not sure you read this in your manual or saw anyone on the forum talk about it but when you peek in the egg at high heat, make sure you burp it, otherwise there could be a flashback.

    If you already knew this that is fine and I look like a clown :silly: that is fine because someone who didn't know may see this and I just saved some arm hair!
  • The pizzas are awesome, one of my main reasons for buying the egg. There are a few reports of problems with other brands of stone cracking, so I went with the BGE, it is great as far as I can tell.

    White pizza with the roasted garlic is outstanding. Get the fresh mozz like Rezen has.
  • TheDirtyBurger wrote:
    If you already knew this that is fine and I look like a clown :silly: that is fine because someone who didn't know may see this and I just saved some arm hair!

    Maybe arm hair, maybe some kid's cornea. Stuff that seems fundamental to the expert/gold/platinum guys is probably news to 25% of the newbies. Little things like this would be good to use in the right column if that is changed.
  • I have had my egg for a year and a half and cook steaks all the time. Well the other day I had a few and I was on the phone while the egg was getting up to temp. Instead of using my brain and putting the phone down, I was on the phone and opened the egg without burping it. I literally saw the flame gather, like in backdraft, and before it could come all the way out I let the lid down. Luckily my hinge was a little tight otherwise it would have slammed down and luckily had I some gasket left otherwise the damn thing could have cracked. I got lucky. Always burp her!
  • Next time after you sear/flip/sear, pull the filets to an unheated plate and cover with foil, rest for 5-7 minutes and you'll have your MR.
  • Rezen73 wrote:
    lots of roasted garlic that you made last time you shut the egg down
    err, please eggsplain!
    My wife and I absolutely love roasted garlic, and never though to try and do it on the BGE!
    So, please explain what you mean by this?!?

    I find the method suggested by boston_stoker a little messy. What I do, is when I'm done a cook, it always takes the egg over an hour to cool down so I put the egg to work for the next day's meal.

    I remove the wrapping from the garlic bulb(s) first, then I put a bit of olive oil with them, wrap in tin foil and throw on the egg while it is cooling down. After about an hour (usually conveniently when dinner is over and the kitchen is cleaned) the garlic will be done and be all set for pasta or anything else you decide to make in the next couple days.

    Good use of down time.
  • TweetyTweety Posts: 455
    Filets have become our favorite thing to cook on the egg. If you buy a whole filet, there is always the end which is a little thinner than the rest. We slice that part into strips and make fajitas out it! Oh my, you've never had a fajita until you've had a filet mignon fajita! :woohoo:
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