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Another Medium Egg Question

Steelers252006Steelers252006 Posts: 115
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
I have a recently purchased Medium Egg, used maybe five times, complete with a custom table, grill grip, ash tool, and plate setter. I paid $300 for this, great deal! However, I always wanted the Large Egg as it seems more versatile, so I may sell my recently purchased prize and upgrade. However, I need some different opinions on why I should keep my Medium Egg, as most of my cooking will only be done for my wife and I, and how I can best set it up for simultaneous searing and then indirect cooking, if the half moon grid plus drip pan would be a worthwhile investment for my cause, and if possibly the Woo 2 is my answer as I could sear at the regular level, insert a stone, and finish over the woo at a higher indirect heat.

Also, why is the Egg better than say the Primo, which offers the firebox divider and solves this problem of mine immediately? Is the egg thicker and a better cooker while offering better durability? Would a Big Steel Keg be the better investment possibly for the money? I just want all the objective and subjective opinions possible in making my decision. I love how this Egg cooks, though. Amazing!! I am selling my Weber Genesis immediately!!


  • popagar0popagar0 Posts: 136
    if you feel the egg is not for you let me know where you and that are. would like to buy it from you
  • From what I've seen, the Egg has the better customer service, warranty, and of course "community" of users than say, the Primo and/or the Big Steel Keg (they even have to use a name which sounds incredibly close to "Big Green Egg" because of the name recognition the Egg has).

    Are other units out there cheaper? You bet. Are other units out there better at certain things than the Egg? I'm sure.

    But, as I said - I think when you factor in how long the Egg has been in business (compared to say, the "Big Steel Keg"), when you factor in its unparalleled customer service, when you factor in its incredible warranty (LIFETIME), and when you factor in the knowledge & experience of those on this forum - that, to me, makes the Egg a better "value" than just saving some $$$$.

    I'd rather pay a bit more for something & know I'll be taken care of, no matter what - than get something at a "cheaper" price point, but have no customer service when the time comes.
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  • civil eggineercivil eggineer Posts: 1,547
    The medium egg is a fantastic cooker capable of cooking 20 lbs of butt, 12 lb beef brisket, etc. It can do almost the same thing as a large all the while using less lump. I love my medium and wouldn't trade it for the world. I have cooked for groups of 150+ (multiple cooks) and make pizza and ribs to die for. You have a fantastic tool which can produce the best eats you have ever experienced. The medium is a perfect size for cooking for 2 or a party of 10 without a problem. Stop second guessing your decision and get cooking! Six months from now you will wonder how you ever got along without it!!!
  • I appreciate the input. Tell me how, though, you configure yours to sear and then finish over indrect heat simultaneously? I talked to the guy that makes the spider and other gadgest at the Ceramic Grill Store, and he told me the large is the better buy as its more versatile. I'm quite happy with the Medium, but I just want to be able to do direct and indirect cooking on it at the same time. How do you configure yours?
  • Oh, I feel a ceramic cooker is for me and most probably the egg, just not sure if it's the medium yet. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC. How about you?
  • Thanks for your insight, and I agree with your points. Tell me then, please, how you configure a medium egg to effectively cook direct and indirect simultaneously. It's not about the money; it's about meeting all my cooking needs. I want to be able to sear a steak real hot and then somehow finish over indirect heat quickly, and I want to be able to sear in the most effective way I can. The spider for the Large Egg, for example, seems like it seers great with a cast iron pan over it, and the pan would act as the heat barrier to finish indirectly on a top rack. How would you configure the Medium Egg for such a cook in your opinion? I'm very happy with how this thing cooks, enough so that I'm going to list my not even a year old and great grill in and of itself, Weber Genesis, on Craigslist probably this week. I will never use it again after tasting the difference of the foods cooked on both. Thanks.
  • civil eggineercivil eggineer Posts: 1,547
    Really, I don't know when you would want to cook direct and indirect at the same time. When I cook chicken or prime rib, I cook indirect then do a reverse sear at the end by pulling my platesetter out with an $8 pair of welders gloves. I can't think of any other situation where cooking both styles would be needed. Could you explain what scenario you are thinking about?
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