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New Egg owner, what's going on here?

LABdawgLABdawg Posts: 25
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I;ve been smoking a 4.5 lb. Butt since 11:45. Out it on at 45 F with about 6lbs. of lump coal. The first hour it hit 90 F, the second 145 F. I was actually worried it was cooking too fast at that point. I have a BBQ Guru hooked up and had it set for 210 Temp and 190 food.
It hit 159 F 4 hours ago and hasn't moved past 161 since. I have raised the lid about 4 times and still have alot of unburned lump chacoal and smoking chips along with a 210 internal temp. I calibrated my BGE termitor in boiling water (I'm near sea level) and it shows the same temp as the BBQ guru. I have checked the meat temp with a reliable meat thermator and it says 160 F. So does anyone have any advise?
I'm smoking at 210 F and have been stuck at meat temp 160 F for 3 hours.


  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,665
    210 if in the dome is too low,,, bump it up to 250
  • texasAUtigertexasAUtiger Posts: 154
    As the Poolman says, bump that dome temp to 250 or better yet 275 this long into the cook (i.e. grid temps of 225 or 250).

    Another approach: take that sucker off the egg, double wrap it in foil, put it back on the egg and ramp the egg up to 350 or so. You will be done in short order, so keep an eye on your internal temp (go for 195 or until it passes the feel test). When it does, take it off the egg, wrap in another layer of foil, out in a cooler wrapped in 2 or 3 towels for 2 hrs.

    I bet you will be pleased and it will bring your cook to a close rather quickly.
  • Carolina QCarolina Q Posts: 6,853
    You are trying to get your butt to 195°. It will take forever with a dome temp of 210°... if you EVER get there. 250° please. :)
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  • Rolling EggRolling Egg Posts: 1,983
    As already stated, always cook your butts at 250 dome. 210 is way to low. It would take 20+ hours to get that but to 190 internal with a 210 dome. Also it's almost certain your butt is in the plateau stage of the cook. All butts usually stall somewhere in the 150 to 170 range and could possibly stay there for a couple hours. Also you fanning the lid isn't helping. Bump it to 250 and finish it. If you are running close on time, double wrap it in foil and finish it in a 300 to 350 degree oven.
  • NC-CDNNC-CDN Posts: 703
    Carolina Q wrote:
    You are trying to get your butt to 195°. It will take forever with a dome temp of 210°... if you EVER get there. 250° please. :)

    His dome temp is likely higher than 210. He had his GURU at 210, which is next to the butt. I agree with the 250. He's likely hit his wall. It'll get there.
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