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10 Common Turkey-Making Pitfalls



  • don't get your skirtsteak in a ruffle stripsteak

    I bet you are a real joy to be around IRL..... no offense, just saying

    Seems you are an expert at trolling - but hey... guess you gotta be good at something!
  • Thanks for the heads up - seems like a few of these ppl might be sitting in the same room sending all these mis-directed beautiful - helpful - thoughtful posts....

    people tend to act like that on the internet though.... mainly because they are weak individuals IRL - it happens!! oh well
  • i'll back up, so that you understand my point,because you seem to be missing it.

    you posted as "MrGobbler101", implying you are an expert. your opening line tells us you cook 50 turkeys a year....

    don't jump on my case because you implied you are something you aren't. how are we to know you copied/pasted?

    i know i'm an ass. you don't need to tell me that. but i think you DO need to be told to try not to tell us how to cook a turkey when you are merely copying crap off the 'net.

    your post was well intended, but misleading. that's all i said.

    you're the one trying to act put-upon. i wasn't attacking or being hostile. i was asking you to clarify, because you implied that you have everything to teach us about turkey, mr gobbler101, but your story didn't add up

    we don't expect footnotes and quotation marks. but don't feel accosted when someone asks if your first post is something copied from someone else's work, or if it is yours.
  • RVHRVH Posts: 523
    He wasn't talking about me? Damn, I guess I AM egotistical....

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving, Jeff.
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,773
    I used to be all that!!

    It would be real easy for me to be all that again..
  • mkc wrote:
    RiverRat wrote:

    LittleChef and MKC, how long would you brine a bird - so many hours or days per pound?

    Hi Leslie,

    I used the one of the older Cook's Illustrated proportions of 2 cups Morton Kosher Salt to 2 gallons water for a 12-14 hour (overnight) brine. Cook's also had a few other versions over the years that use higher salt concentrations for shorter brine times or lower concentrations for longer times (especially helpful if you have a mega-turkey, I usually do 12-18 pound birds).

    If you use Diamond Kosher or table salt you need to adjust the amount of salt since the crystal sizes are different.

    What about coarse sea salt? I'll probably get Morton's, though, because it's a lot cheaper. I do use grey sea salt for cooking. I normally get 21-lbers but the kosher turkey is 18, and of course doesn't need extra brining.

    I'm thinking I could use your brining method in an orange cooler for the stewing hens that we have to butcher soon. Would you do them overnight or longer?
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,773
    We thank you for posting Rick Roger's opinions on turkey roasting...

    Pretty gutsy for a first post, but you should know that when you post something like this you run a foul of other peoples opinions. People by nature will defend their opinions, unless actually proven wrong.

    While I agree with some of Rick Roger's opinions I disagree with others. The biggest thing I disagree with is his claim "I roast 50 turkeys a year" - So.. If cooking quantities of anything makes you the all telling expert then I am the Universal Pork Butt Master. My opinions carry some weight, but that doesn't mean people won't disagree. They have that God given right.

    Welcome to the forum. We value all opinions, but stand ready to have your opinions challenged. It is the nature of man and the internet..

    You have a Bless Day!!
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,773
    I brined a poultry twice. The first was chicken thighs. It was OK, but I tasted the brine. I want to taste the chicken. The second was a duck. Again it was OK, but I'd still prefer to taste the meat,
  • Just for the record, I took no offense to your post but you really are being inflammatory right now. Good time to sit back, re-read and think before submitting another.



    Caledon, ON


  • just want to stat a few facts here - as not to be "inflammatory" to those who think I have "offended" them or "implied" something

    Fact 1: Opening line in my origional post is not " I cook 50 turkeys a year" it is:
    Rick Rodgers ON Nov 17, 2009 at 11:27AM

    Fact 2:Rick Rodgers is an author of over thirty cookbooks, Thanksgiving 101 (first published on January 1st, 1998 by Broadway Books & revised October 2, 2007 published by William Morrow Cookbooks) Has no one here heard of him..... really?

    Fact 3:I will not "assume" anything based on anyones forum name/ handle b/c we all know what happens when you "ass"ume something

    I want to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving & hope everyone's birds turn out perfect in look, temperature, taste, & full of flavor!

  • is #10 yours because it is not on the linked page. why would you add that? i'm just sayin
  • Not for nothing man but I am really starting to like you being around.



    Caledon, ON


  • Max, there's always the frozen lemon halves packed with herbed butter tucked under the skin. I've done it that way the past two years with great success. Of course, it does look a might X-rated.
  • Thanks for the pointers, Mr. G, but I'm going to stick with the iced breast for now. I've been doing Mad Max's turkey for a few years now, and have always gotten rave reviews. Max calls for icing the breast, and I'm too much of a fraidy cat and the process is so quick and easy that I'm not inclined to run the risk of not doing it.

    Sorry about getting it with both barrels on your first post. I didn't see it as offensive or out of line, myself. I've been on the receiving end of a couple of these aggressive refutations here and I'm mystified as to what motivated them (particularly when I was right).
  • I’ve been following this thread with great interest…Wanting to see where it goes next!
    Sometimes with laughter, insight, lessons and then other times scratching my head in wonderment :huh: ??!!
    I have been reading this forum for about three or four years and have been a member / contributor for just over a year now. That really does make me a newbie to this community of Eggheads, but I enjoy it, I share here and I learn here! It has been a great source of information and even camaraderie (is that spelled right?).
    However, it is true (as stated by some already) that some contributors seem to have an extra large ego (or what ever), sometimes to the point of embarrassment for me. I actually feel sorry for the person who gets blasted by these folk! Most often for something seemingly straight forward and honest.
    I may be the next to get blasted for this post, but oh well… :ohmy: I know for a fact that I am on more then one “****” list for speaking my mind. I most often say what I mean, on the other hand, desperately trying not to be mean when saying it.
    With all of that said, I stand down from my soap box with a quote (don’t know who said it); “The key is to be civil. Peace is not the absence of conflict. It is the embracing of conflict as a challenge and an opportunity to grow”
  • I love your quote, Spuds, and it's a fitting end-cap to this confused and confusing thread. I was amazed at the responses, having gotten nothing but helpful replies to all of my posts so far. Obviously some nerve was hit but I can't figure out which one it was. Maybe if I'd been here longer, but as even more of a newbie than you are I figure there's some history here that I'm unfamiliar with. Of course, the original poster wasn't familiar with it either, poor soul! Anyhow, welcome to the forum, MrGobbler! Talk about a trial by fire, and I don't mean a charcoal one!
  • i won't speak for NB, who as far as I know doesn't have an ego. He's as level-headed a dude as ever there was.

    and max wasn't threatening either.

    Maybe you are referring to my post, which staarted with a welcome and simply asked a legit question: was he "rick rodgers" (i have no idea who that is, if i'm supposed to know, sorry), and is this his method?

    that's all. i asked him to clarify, because he said (well, the post said, and i thought he was referring to himself) that he did 50 turkeys a year. then it said he has done six. his handle implied he is the go-to dude on turkey, so, yeah, it would be helpful to understand. i have no problem with a dude offering help or tips, and if he took it as an attack, perhaps he was aware it came off like he was a self-proclaimed authority.

    i can count on one hand the number of times a post has asserted that the person is "an expert". both were this week.

    perhaps the tone of my reply was brusque. tone (or lack of it) is a common problem on a forum. all i know he reacted as though i'd attacked him, which is patently incorrect. i gave him the "welcome" everyone deserves, and just asked him to clarify, because it turned out the whole post had been clipped. no, it's not a frikkin crime to cut and paste. it just muddied the whole thing. couple with it being his first post, as "Mr.Gobbler101" no less, implies he's all about turkey, and here to educate everyone.

    simply asked if he was the fabled "rick" himself, or just a fan posting his method.

    it's only when he got p!ssy that it escalated (on my end).

    i don't give a rat's ass if folks here use max's method, i don't get a dividend. i just thought it odd that a dude's first post was all about his expertise, and when asked to expand on it a bit, he took it as an attack.

    i hear this complaint often. "i'm attacked" , "there's a clique". wah wah wah.don't assert you are an expert and then fold like a lawn chair when someone asks a question. maybe it's that folks don't take a direct question very well. this place has a healthy history of people (excepting a small minority)respectfully disagreeing.

    i know one guy here who is still licking wounds over some apparent snub re: thermometer manufacturers. puh-leeze. people like to imagine slights and attacks where there aren't any. get over it.

    i maintain i attacked no one, and nature boy didn't either (he just called it as he saw it: viz, a copy-paste job)

    and max is the nicest guy in the world. no crap from him either. it follows then that the "attack" is an imagined one.
  • BacchusBacchus Posts: 6,019
    I agree Strip. I didnt't think your reply was impolite at all. I did think Gobbler's reaction to you was a little overboard. I have followed this thread and agree with everything you have said.

    IMO,(this is for everyone)the most important thing to remember is to take everything on the forum with a grain of salt, whether it is advice, criticism, or plain old whining. So what if there is a clique here and there, get in one or get over it.
  • I can see how MrGobbler would take your initial reply as a gauntlet tossed to the ground as it had a distinct challenging, in-your-face tone to it. Speaking for myself, I try to not let my ego and opinions here outrun my knowledge on a given topic, and I'd be the last to act as the keeper of the forum's official received wisdom. I'd hate to be in the position of having to change my username every few weeks because I've ruined my rep.
  • i didn't change my user name out of any fear of ruining a rep.

    what color is the sky in your world?

    you are p!ssed at me because i "challenegd" your expertise on thermometers, as far as i can tell. pretty feeble, and an awful big chip to carry around. if it was something else, feel free to email me and talk about it. for some reason you have a beef, and seem to read all my posts, yet only respond with pouty little comments. man up.

    let me know what i did so i can apologise, or shut up about it.
    i don't play guessing games.
  • Good heavens, I'd completely forgotten about that thermometer discussion. No, it's been a series of things not unlike the post that vexed MrGobbler, a tendency to high-handedness that has made me decide to avoid interaction with you, Jeff. No apologies requested, necessary or, given this latest snarl, even legitimate or manly. Things are what they are.

    For the record, I think you do great work on the Egg and I've learned a great deal from reading your posts (the ones on aging and food safety are treasures of knowledge). I'll keep reading and learning.
  • I REALLY hate to do this! But I feel I have to................. :ohmy:
    I am still in wonderment.... And reading even more of the churning world of this thread...I wonder even more!
    Seeing how I'm at the top of this last entanglement, I feel the need to get back on the soap box :whistle: .
    In regard to my comment about "embracement" and if a question were directed to me. My comment was directed at no one individual.
    I just feel at times that people come off wrong! Too strong, egotistical or sometimes overly defensive... That can be the result of the writing and how I / we read it. No matter, it can be hard and perhaps even cruel.
    I realize, as I am sure many of us do, that the written word is a hard thing to master, read, and so on....I am still struggling!
    I know that I can write something knowing all full well the meaning I've intended, but without the inflection of my voice it can be very hard to really understand the emotions I may be trying to convey.
    BUT...In continuing to read this thread (maybe jabs at me too) I feel the need to ask:
    Sooooo....stripsteak, who the hell were you before you were stripsteak?
    To quote Andy Rooney, "I don't think changing names is fair". After all, I've been Mr. Potatohead since a life long friend's daughter named me that in about 1976 or so!!!!!! I won't go there now, for the "what and why", but an other time perhaps!
    As for me: I'm not always paying attention and knowing "who's who" here on the forum and so I am lost!
    Looking at your profile, you have been a member here on the Egghead Forum for all of about a month! Just questioning the written word here at "Egghead Forum", as it is in black & white in the forum profiles. Please enlighten me?
    OTOH, I single you out at this point because in re-reading this thread, and only this thread...!!!! Sorry, but you come across (in written word) as a student I would stand in the corner of the classroom until he could become a participant and not an agitator with a chip on his shoulder.
    Again, I stress, that it is in how we can read something!
    Maybe "Subjective Writing 101" could help us all.....
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