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Wife not sure about BGE

GatorGator Posts: 27
edited 6:39PM in EggHead Forum
I've been trying not to harp on my desire for a new Large BGE, but I'm failing miserably. Considering I'm spending around $1000, I want the wife's buy-in, and I thought I had it, but she threw me a curve ball today.

She's worried she won't be able to operate the BGE. I do 99% of the outdoor cooking around here, but occasionally I'm late from work or whatever and she needs to cook (or wants to).

Have any of you run into trouble getting a wife into the egg? Do any of you have wives who once held my wife's opinion and are now happy fans? Any advice is appreciated. I was planning on picking it up before father's day and cooking this Sunday.

P.S. I did a search and all the wife topics are from guys exceedingly happy their wife got them a BGE. Unfortunately not very helpful.


  • Hey Gator.

    I own my own large egg and have for 13 years. I do all the cleaning of it, prep work, egging, cleanup, etc., and have been doing it all along. The only thing I can't do is lift it or move it myself- I don't know too many men that can either.
    If you bring your wife to an eggfest, she will meet alot of women from this forum that are egging right along side of their men and enjoying it. Show her the forum and she will see that many of the frequent posters are women.
    Good luck with Father's Day.

    Tampa, FL
  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    LOL Hi Gator,I am coming in from the other side. I am a wife that hounded for one LOL we now own 7, they are between our two houses, Maine and Florida and that is not a family count, but an "our" count, with all our family we have about 6 more and I won't even go into friends that have eggs now from eating here :) We cook on ours 6-7 nights a week, I bake, roast, wok, low and slow and high temp pizzas. breads, cakes, anything you can cook in the oven you can egg. At Christmas we smoke cheese for gift baskets and every year people ask if we are doing it again. Hubby was not to impressed when I got it, like you said $$ but that is just a small fee for all you get. this forum is the best thing going :) it is a family thing, a social thing and it almost becomes a life style. (some say cult but we try to stay away from that word) LOL there are fests you can go to and I would check at the top of the page and see if there is one near you. take her to it and she can see for herself. You can also buy a demo egg with some extras, used just that one day for a discount. I have only seen one person unhappy with their egg and it was a lady that I bought hers. she just did not want to learn it. sad cause she missed out. there are lots of us "girls" on here and I am sure a couple will pipe up. for now I will leave you with this:
  • RVHRVH Posts: 523
    My wife learned to fire up the egg so it would be ready to go when I get home. It isn't hard for her: pull off the top cap and open the lower vent, stir the lump around with a rod (we use a Blly Bar) a bit, MAYBE add a little lump, poke the electric loop heater-upper into the lump. Wait eight minutes and remove said heater-upper, close the dome and slide the lower vent to about 5/8" wide opening. After she sees you do it a couple of times she will be good to go.
  • My wife wouldn't touch my egg but she sure is fine with me doing all the outdoor cooking on it.

    Ok... after seeing Mainegg's post I'm going to teach my wife. Wow!!!!!
  • That says it all :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

  • SLOandSteadySLOandSteady Posts: 181
    I would emphasize the versatility (pizza and wok appealed to my wife), the durability and lifetime warranty, the lack of heat being generated in the house, and finally, the cost savings over time. Hope you can swing her back around.
  • skihornskihorn Posts: 600
    It is very easy to use. Start up can be taught by just watching you do it one time.

    My wife LOVES ours, even though she does not really use it. We used to split the cooking chores. Now I do all of the Egg cooking, including planning, purchasing, and clean up. She really likes that she just comes home and I already have the meals planned and purchased.

    League City, TX
  • PancakesPancakes Posts: 45

    I was in the exact same boat, I finally got her to cave after about a month of prying and it has been an exciting ride so far. She absolutely loves the twice egged potatoes that I made for her the first meal. She said she is more than happy to talk to the wife for you. Although, she might tell her how much time I spend cooking and all of the late night pork butt starts. You won't regret it, and if she loves great meals, she will not be disappointed either. "ITS WORTH IT !!!"
  • Desert FillyDesert Filly Posts: 1,042
    Hey Gator,
    You don't say where you are from...but is there any way you could get to one of the upcoming Eggfests and get the reduced rate on the Large? That might make her happier...knowing you saved couple of hundred $$ or more. Randy does most (99.9%) of our cooks. I do know how to start the egg, and cook should I need to. There was one time...he asked me to start the BGE as he was flying home that day. I was thrilled...knowing I knew how. Some just wasnt getting up to temp....duh...I forgot to open the draft door. She'll be just fine..after watching you for awhile...then you can always introduce her to the forum. We're all here to help you and her.
    Good luck.

    The Filly
  • RipnemRipnem Posts: 5,511
    Get the Egg and make her some proverbial pudding.

    It'll be game-set-match....Happy Momma ;)
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    I tried like heck to get my wife into my egg, but alas she wouldn't fit... :ohmy:

    If I was late getting home my wife would just have a sandwich..
  • GatorGator Posts: 27
    Thanks for the replies. I've been trolling around for a while now and have been able to find an answer to just about every other question aside from this one.

    Mainegg, the pics really helped. She saw your post and said she wants one.

    I think we're a go now. She was just worried about the convenience of a gasser, but after seeing a bit of what you can do on the egg she's opening up.
  • GatorGator Posts: 27
    double post - deleted
  • Same deal in my house but that's OK, the foods better when I cook ;) :evil: :ermm: (unless it's baking) :blush:.

  • You go, Julie. Great pics.

    Gator, same kind of pics from my house:

    salmon on the cedar plank


    Every kind of chicken under the sun


    potstickers in a cast iron pan - yes I said potstickers


    mac and cheese




    mini pesto pizzas


    If she likes to cook and enjoys good food, she will love cooking on it.

    Tampa, FL
  • eenie meenieeenie meenie Posts: 4,392
    I am a lady egger with two eggs and can manage them without problems. They truly are a lot of fun.
    Just tell your wife, she can do it! :)
  • Ex-GasmanEx-Gasman Posts: 287
    My wife thought I should get another Weber, bu tI have always wanted a egg. Dont know why, never tasted nothing on one, never seen one work, I guess it just looked cool!! After buying one and cooking on it , she has no regrets. But now I am buying all the cool stuff for it. Its addictive !!
  • Hey ex-gasman, I never tasted anything cooked on the egg either, bought it from a home show in the Convention Center.... it did what they said it would...
    Now here I am 13 years later...

    Tampa, FL
  • GatorGator Posts: 27
    My wife got a kick out of Rosy the Riveter. The food pics have also gone a long way.

    Thanks to everyone for your responses. We're getting an egg. Too bad they aren't open tonight!

    Now I'll post the 1,000th XL vs Large post (jk).
  • eenie meenieeenie meenie Posts: 4,392
    That's great will both really enjoy the egg. :)
  • HossHoss Posts: 14,587
    Forgiveness is easier to obtain than permission! B)
  • Formula1Formula1 Posts: 9
    Well, this is my first post after becoming an Egger three weeks ago or so. I was in the same situation as you. Wife just wanted to get a small gas grill which was around $250 to replace the broken one we had. Long story short, I sold a couple paintings which made up for the price difference for a Large egg and haven't looked back. My wife LOVES the way meats come out of the egg much more compared to the old gas grill. I think her favorite thing about the egg is being able to make smores after dinner while the egg is still cooling down. :P We hope you enjoy your new egg and happy cooking!!
  • pattikakepattikake Posts: 1,175
    I do all the outdoor cooking, It is not that hard to light my large BGE, I just read everything on it and ask questions on the forum they are a big help. I haven't messed anything up yet. I love my egg.

    Wichita, KS
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    if i did 99% of the driving, and my wife drove only 1% of the time, her opinion wouldn't even enter into the discussion.


    tell her that when you get the egg, it's likely you'll pick up her 1% anyway, since you'll be having so much fun.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
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