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Has anyone had any luck connecting their Stoker to the network? I have an iMac, Airport extreme and airport express. I cannot see the stoker on my network and it does not seem to get an IP address. It also cannot autoupdate when connected to my router via ethernet cable.



  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    I assume that you have DHCP setup on that router and that it passes the Stoker a gateway address?

    If it can't get an IP there is no way for it to reach out on the network to update
  • I am set up in DHCP and I can't get it to give me an IP address. It just says I haven't seen anything about a gateway address either. I am not completely technically illiterate(close though), but I am not an expert on networks by any means

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    Sounds like you have a straight through cable connecting the stoker to the router. If you aren't going through a switch you need a crossover cable.
  • EGGARYEGGARY Posts: 1,222
    What is a STOKER and what/how is it used ?



    from SANTA CLARA, CA

  • I did hook it straight to the router, but I have also tried it attached to a wireless bridge (Airport express) with the same results.
    A couple of questions-

    -Do you have a blower and sensors plugged in?

    -Whenever I get a reading I simply shut off the Stoker and reboot. This should get an IP to pull up.

    Rock is around most weekdays for help.



    from SANTA CLARA, CA

  • UnConundrumUnConundrum Posts: 536
    I assume you're connecting your iMac wirelessly to the AirPort Extreme and the Stoker via cable to the same AirPort Extreme? If not, please tell us exactly what equipment you're using.

    If that is how you are connected, are you using dhcp on your iMac? Assuming you are and that is working, have you tried power cycling the Stoker as Smitty suggested?
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    Wireless bridge still needs a crossover cable.

    You would need a switch or a hub in-between the router and stoker to use a normal cable. Router has to be the DHCP device. The crossover cable is the cheapest route here.
  • Thanks for everyone's help!

    Here is the set up:

    Airport extreme(router) is connected to cable modem via ether cable. It does use DHCP. iMac is connected wirelessly. My egg is way too far away to connect the stoker to the router with wires, so I bought an Airport express to function as a bridge. I have a regular ethernet cable to connect the stoker to the express. The express is able to see the network fine, but the stoker is not seen on the network.

    I should not need a switch between the stoker and the Airport express, right? I will buy a crossover cable and see if that helps...
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    When a Computer is connect to a router, bridge or another computer it needs a crossover cable. When a computer is connected to a switch or hub it does not need a crossover cable.

    The stoker is a computer.

    However, from your description the crossover is not the only issue you have

    Wireless routers are not setup as bridges because they usually connect directly to end devices like computers. If you set it up as a wireless bridge so it will connect to the remote bridge you will most likely lose the connection from your computer.

    To do this right you need to leave the router as is and get a second bridge to plug into the router.

    Welcome to the world of Networking 101
  • rlslaterrlslater Posts: 1
    With these Apple parts there is no issue with crossover vs normal ethernet cable. The electronics configure themselves appropriately automatically.

    You have alot of moving parts and any one could be broke. Need to simplify the problem and break it in pieces.

    ==> means ethernet, ~~> means WiFi

    You have working:
    Cable ==> Cable Modem ==> Airport Extreme ~~> iMac

    You don't have working:
    Airport Extreme ~~> Airport Express ==> Stoker

    Since your iMac is known working, I would try this first
    Airport Extreme ~~> Airport Express ==> iMac

    and focus on why you don't appear to have a viable wireless bridge. You can simply bring the Express to your iMac but you must disable AirPort on the iMac or you will not know what path you are testing.

    I suspect it could be as simple as your WAP keys (you do have security enabled, right?) are not entered correctly in the Extreme or you may find your iMac is no longer getting a proper address assigned through the Extreme. Whatever the cause, I'm certain you would have an easier time talking to an Apple person (if it comes to that) about this if you never had to mention the Stoker.

    Once you have the path working, you should be able to move the Extreme back to your Stoker location. Power up Extreme first to get that path stable, plug the Stoker into the Extreme, THEN power up the Stoker which would then request an address through the Extreme to the DHCP service on the Express.
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