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new gasket break in period

giantwinggiantwing Posts: 189
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Well its been about 3 weeks and I have done numerous cooks. I have not had it above 500 yet and have only gotten close to that when I have not paid close enough attention when starting the egg. Most of my cooks have been in the 350 ish zone
I have been craving a good steak but I dont want to burn the gasket.
When should I be good to go?


  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,351
    As someone who had 2 burnt gaskets from high temp burns right away, but no problems after with replacements that had a few weeks to settle in, I'd say yes.

    But, have you done the "dollar bill" test. Place a dollar bill, or whatever on the rim, and then see if it slips out anyplace after the dome is down. If the dome isn't quite level, wear on the gasket can be noticable after a high temp burn.

    However, don't sweat it too much. On one of my Eggs, the gasket is 3/4 gone, still works well enough that I don't want to bother spending the 20 minutes it would take to replace it.
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 26,904

    Don't forget you are talking to a Canuck. We don't have dollar bills anymore and if you try and do it with a loonie you get smoke billowing out everywhere. :blink:



    Caledon, ON


  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    I am not so convinced about a 'break in period'.

    In the past there was a run of gaskets where the adhesive failed.

    If an egg has a bad gasket it is going to fail. From the posts, for the most part, it seems we have past that adhesive phase.

    Load your lump to about 1.5 to 2 inches below the top of the fire box. Take out the fire ring and put the grid on the fire box. Lump, when it has the orange lava look, is about 1,900°. More than enough heat to get as good a sear as you want.

    If you have thick steaks, 1.5" or thicker, it will take about 90 seconds per side.

    If you have a normal cut steak 3/4 to 1 inch the 90 second sear will take the steak to probably a medium rear stage. You migh want to go only 60 seconds per side.

    Sear the steaks, pull, insert the fire ring then the grid and roast the steaks to perfection.

    I didn't like removing the fire ring and purchased a Spider and adjustable rig. I sear on the spider and finish the cook on the grid. The dome is not much hotter than 450° other than when I do pizza.

  • egretegret Posts: 4,018
    I would have put that steak on there about 3 weeks ago! :side:
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    Now that's the correct answer!!

  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 26,904

    If the gasket is destined to fail it will. It seems that there is a bigger run of bad gaskets or adhesives than we know. I dropped the one on my mini on the first cook and I replaced it with the old BGE gasket material and it is fine.



    Caledon, ON


  • PancakesPancakes Posts: 45
    I burned my felt gasket off on the first day and then replaced and waited the 24 hrs. I did a T rex london broil and two pizza events with temps hitting 650 for about a half hour or so. I would say you are plenty good and have quite enough cure time in there during those three weeks.

    Go For It !!!!
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