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New Egger, Hello all!

gladisgladis Posts: 25
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Hi all, been lurking around for a few months and finally got tired of reading about the BGE and bought one this Friday.


Im hoping the pics I posted will come out ok (doubt it as I didnt read any directions.)


I built my table for around 85 bucks and its based off of the Naked Whiz's plans (I used pine 1x4's instead of more expensive wood.)

My first two cooks were not good as I didnt realize the egg heats up so fast (this is not a bad thing just a learning curve on my part.)

Ive only cooked twice on the egg and here are a few newbie observations:

1. It heats up real real fast, about 10-15mins and its hitting 500f

2. It take a long long time to cool down if you overshoot your temp, so undershoot your target temp then raise it slowly (I guess.)

3. Waiting for the white smoke to clear is fast (only took one beer) I would guess from the initial light to cooking it was 20 minutes till I had my hot dogs grillin (I overcooked them btw..)

3. Used the two paper towel + cooking oil method to light, wow that is extremely easy.

4. Should have bought the platesetter when I bought the egg, Id say this is a must have buy as Id like to use it tonight.

5. Wife is really happy with the Egg and Im sure it will get better once we stop overcooking our food.

Thanks to all on the forum for your posts, the information and pictures are really helpful in planning future cooks.



  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,665
    Dave, welcome to the eggworld. One piece of advice, I would put the feet between the egg and the paver stone. The heat will transfer through the stone to the wood without the air gap and you probably won't see it until it's too late.
  • JPFJPF Posts: 591
    Hello and welcome aboard Dave. Table looks very nice. Sounds like you are well on your way to cooking up some great food and memories! I agree that a plate setter or some type of heat barrier is needed. Half of my cooks are indirect and also in time some type or raised grid system. Good luck and once again welcome to the cult Dave.
  • lowercasebilllowercasebill Posts: 5,218
    welcome gladis
    take poolmans advice use the feet.
    i wished i had bought this
    rather than the platesetter,, and eventually i will.
    the most necessary eggcessory is a thermopen... cook to temp and not by time it should be the first thing on your list and it will make you a better cook egg or not.
    happy eggin
  • Misippi EggerMisippi Egger Posts: 5,095
    Welcome to the cult, Dave.

    1) The little green feet that should have come with you egg should go between the egg and the stone.
    2) Do a search on "Grandpas Grub" and save the post - it has all the newbie links in one convenient place.
    3) Get yourself a wireless remote (Maverick ET-73 is inexpensive and reliable) so you can monitor internal temps from inside, while you are doing other things. I use this on almost every cook!
    4) When you recover from the egg purchase, order a "Thermapen" instant-read thermometer. It is incredibly fast and only makes a tiny hole in the meat, not allowing juices to leak out. They cost $70-90).
    5) Post any questions here. Someone is always on-line and can usually give you some help.

    ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  • bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
    Welcome Dave to the "Egg Cult". Until you attend the Eggtoberfest at the Mothership, you will not be taught the secret handshake... :whistle: :whistle: In regards to Flpoolman's cooking tips, he is old and forgets from time to time. However, he is correct about the feet under you egg. That is a must! Again welcome aboard, have fun and learn lots. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
    SEE YOU IN FLORIDA, March 14th and 15th 2014 You must master temp, smoke, and time to achive moisture, taste, and texture! Visit for BRISKET HELP
  • FiretruckFiretruck Posts: 2,676
    Welcome to the group.
  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    Hi Dave and welcome!! here is the link to grampas tips and links. save it it is priceless :) looks like you have a good handle on things and as has been said feet under the base :) and I have an extra set for raising things in the egg too :) Julie
  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,665
    Go back to reading your AARP mail :P
  • WingRiderWingRider Posts: 326
    Welcome to the forum. If you have questions, don't be bashful speak right up,as mentioned above someone will come up with an answer for you. Nice looking table!
  • bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
    If I could see, I
    SEE YOU IN FLORIDA, March 14th and 15th 2014 You must master temp, smoke, and time to achive moisture, taste, and texture! Visit for BRISKET HELP
  • loco_engrloco_engr Posts: 3,673
    Welcome to the world of "Why didn't I get one of these 10 years ago!" :laugh:

    Gotta ask: :whistle:

    What state? (Optional)
    And your nic . . . gladis=Dave :huh:
  • cookn bikercookn biker Posts: 13,272
    Welcome!! Stick around and you'll empty you bank account :laugh:
  • gladisgladis Posts: 25
    Thanks for the warm welcomes and advice. :) I just put the feet back on the egg, and now have a air gap.

    I bookmarked the url's for future reference, and Im going to convince my wife we "need" some of the suggested items for the egg. ;)

    (she is reading this thread)

    One of the reasons we got the BGE is I like to make pizza's and Stromboli, for pizza I like to use the highest heat possible and will keep you guys informed of any progress made. In the meantime here is what my Stromboli look like, think I can replicate this on the egg?


    As for pizza Im a extreme newbie but I do know what kind of pie's I like and one day my goal would be to make pies similar to this website (lots of pizza pics so becareful if you are hungry)

    Again thanks for the welcomes and Im sure Ill be asking silly questions in the near future. :P
  • EggtuckyEggtucky Posts: 2,746
    Looks like an outstanding start to me gladis! Very nice job on the table and the pix. WELCOME to the forum!
  • RipnemRipnem Posts: 5,511
    I'm still trying to figure out what you CAN'T make on the Egg. When you venture into pizza temps, use caution. Burp, welding gloves, ball cap on backwards, vasaline on your eyebrows, safety glasses...No I'm just kidding, but I'm not.

    It won't be long until you too will be making better in your backyard than you ever thought possible. Problem then comes when you have to eat food you didn't Egg. :laugh:

    Enjoy and Welcome
  • Grand Oeuf VertGrand Oeuf Vert Posts: 1,628
    Welcome to the club Dave! Just think of all the great food you can look forward to! You made the right choice in buying the BGE! Nice job on the table too!
  • jake42jake42 Posts: 930
    Welcome aboard!!!!!
    Your cooking experience will never be the same.
    Great job on the table!!!
  • BordelloBordello Posts: 5,926
    Welcome to Egg-land Dave & Wife,
    You already are off to a good start and have gotten good advice from other Egger's here.

    Lots of fine people here to help if needed so feel free ask away.

    Post more pictures of your cooks and good luck with the pizza making.

  • KS CherylKS Cheryl Posts: 55
    Welcome to the cult. Definitely get the plate setter, and you might as well get the pizza stone. You'll want it also for baking. KS Cheryl
  • Panhandle SmokerPanhandle Smoker Posts: 3,018
    Welcome to the crowd! Nice looking rig, Pine is fine and under rated in my opinion. Sounds like you are off to a good start. I have found a good cure to overcooking is a good thermometer. The Egg will kinda fool you. We are used to cooking with other devices and it is hard to trust the Egg at first. Trust the Egg.
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    Congratulations and a warm welcome.

    Pictures and very nice looking table.

    When you get time I sure would like more information on the Stromboli - that too us beautiful.

  • HossHoss Posts: 14,587
    Welcome.Great lookin rig! ;)
  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    welcome dave it looks like you have plenty of good suggestions to help you out the most important thing i can offer is keep comming back here for any more questions ;)

    again welcome to the forum

    happy eggin


    Anderson S.C.

    "Life is too short to be diplomatic. A man's friends shouldn't mind what he does or says- and those who are not his friends, well, the hell with them. They don't count."

    Tyrus Raymond Cobb

  • AnnaGAnnaG Posts: 1,104
    Welcome!!! That is a fine looking table you built. You will enjoy it... I am betting the third time cooking will be the charm... Let us now how it goes...
  • pattikakepattikake Posts: 1,175
    Welcome Dave,

    Good luck on your new egg, the plate setter is a must have. Many happy days cookin on the egg. Your table looks great.

    Wichita, KS
  • gladisgladis Posts: 25
    Wow again thanks for all the welcomes, here is my third cook! So much better than the first two, but again we overcooked the chicken a little. It could have been a bit more moist.

    Got the egg to 350:

    Wife brined a cheapo 5 pound chicken for a few hours from a recipe she got here:

    To achieve 350 I left the top open this much:

    Bottom (note the feet are now in play :P ):

    End result after two hours:

    I posted all the pics to garner some suggestions for my next chicken, again it was good but not that moist. Im guessing just knock the time down from 2 hours to 1 1/2 hours?
  • Big'unBig'un Posts: 5,909
    WELCOME GLADIS!! We are glad to have you cooking with us! ASk any questions you have, and we'll help.
  • cookn bikercookn biker Posts: 13,272
    Did you go by time or temp. You should go by temp, always. Looks good. I that your indirect setup until you get the platesetter? Every cook is a learnign lesson.
  • AnnaGAnnaG Posts: 1,104
    I bet that chicken was still good!!! Keep cooking on the egg and posting pics... Looking forward to them... You will get better each time, as you get to know your egg... :)
  • gladisgladis Posts: 25
    cookn biker wrote:
    Did you go by time or temp. You should go by temp, always. Looks good. I that your indirect setup until you get the platesetter? Every cook is a learnign lesson.

    Ya we went by time, not temp.. Next cook will be by temp. :)
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