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Nervous About Acetone or Solvents For Cleaning?

CraigCraig Posts: 69
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Back when I installed a new gasket, I used acetone to clean off the old gasket. Quite a bit of acetone absorbed into the egg rim. That's always in the back of my mind. Anyone else bothered by that, or nervous about that?


  • i wouldn't be. for one thing, it's volatile stuff, it isn't going to hang out a while. it's long gone.

    if you want to worry about vapors in a grill, forget acetone, formaldehyde, glue, galvanized steel, copper, or aluminum (all of which have received histrionic warnings here :whistle: ). the carbon monoxide is what is dangerous. it is also proof that (even with actually fer-real no-kidding no-hype deadly vapors) the grill is safe when properly used and ventilated.
  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,356
    Acetone vaporizes pretty easily, I'd suppose it would evaporate out of the ceramic pretty quickly. If you can smell any with your nose right down near the rim, there might be some danger of it burning, and the Egg should sit some more. Otherwise I'd suppose its gone.
  • you go girl :laugh: zippy-the-lip
  • belle's dadbelle's dad Posts: 146
    I've used it twice cleaning the rim to install a new gaskets. Never a problem - it evaporates very quickly and letting the new gasket set and cure for 24 hours should get rid of any that might have soaked in the pores of the ceramic.

    My prayers and thoughts have been with Spawn the last 24 hours. Glad to hear she is doing well.

    Vero Beach, FL
  • it's true, man. craig wasn't silly for asking. i just mean that at one time or another people have warned of using galvanized bolts in the egg, copper elbows, aluminum foil, etc. etc.


    let's ignore the REAL threat and worry about impossible stuff. hahaha
  • Cpt'n CookCpt'n Cook Posts: 1,917
    And what about a steak :laugh:
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    no kidding....

    human beings are incredibly bad at risk assessment.

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • AzScottAzScott Posts: 309
    Eh, I don't worry about it since I don't think it would pose much if any of a risk. I worry more about running along the street and breathing in all those wonderful fumes and the asbestos from car brakes.
  • HaggisHaggis Posts: 998
    As others have noted, acetone quickly evaporates. But think of it this way: acetone is basically the same as nail polish remover - think about what it would have done to millions of women if it were a real problem. Its also used as a cleaner on pvc and similar plastic pipes before gluing joints - whoops - maybe we are all drinking it . . . ! I recall using it in chemistry labs when washing out test tubes with water - the acetone dissolves the remaining water and then evaporates. But yes, it'll probably give you cancer if you breathe or eat enough of it - but so will most other things.
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