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off topic - - dish or direct

mr toadmr toad Posts: 666
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i am moving our tv service from "charter cable" to the dish network or to direct tv - any help or suggestions to help me make this choice - i would appreciate - thanks, mr toad
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  • Both are similar. With both you can own your equipment or rent it. Call them both and ask for what their promotional deal of the day is and compare. You can go online & get a copy of their channel lists to compare.
    I have had both, Dish now because of a failure to service situation with Direct. Also their satelites are in different areas of the sky. Depending on if you want HD, you might check to see if they can point at the satelite you need from a place where you are willing to have the dish set.
    Hope this helps a little.
  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    It is my understanding that Direct has more hd content than Dish, but they don't promote that anymore so it might not be true. I have Direct and am very happy with it. I spend about $135 a month with them and get most of what they have. -RP
  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    i have direct and love it

    happy eggin


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  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,768
    I was with Primestar when it was bought out by Hughes. Hughes owns DirecTV.

    My father-in-law has Dish. Were both happy with what we got.

    No help i know, but knowing what I know about both I'd go with the best price for the services I wanted.
  • BoxerpapaBoxerpapa Posts: 989
    I have Dish Network. Both are good, but Dish offered the College Football Season Ticket in which Direct doesn't. However, Direct offers the NFL package in which Dish doesn't. I'm happy with mine, but the customer service is somewhat bad on Dish Network. Can't speak for Direct TV.

    Another thing about Dish and maybe this is true for Direct. There is about a five second delay compared to cable, so if you have a neighbor who lives close to you it can be a little annoying if you watch the same sporting programs.

    Last year I was watching a football game as well as my next door neighbor who has cable, so I knew what the outcome would be before it was shown on my TV because he was either yelling or cheering.
  • I went with Dish, because they offered local channels in my area. DirecTv did not. I started with Directv years ago and prefer Direct, I also worked for DTv in customer service back in 2002, which I believe both are about the same in CS. I have heard Direct has more HD to offer, and if they ever get my local channels, I will switch to Direct. Just my .02 worth.
  • Happy Direct TV customer. The only draw back I ever have is when we have storms the signal will go out for a short time. But beyond that I love not having cable.
  • I have Direct TV. The main reason was for the NFL Package. My cost is $73/month (about 200 channels - no premium channels) plus some extra items, such as an extra receiver. I have 2 receivers both provide HD, but only one has the ability to record 2 shows at the same time. Check out the promo's you can get some decent deals. I have more problems with my local channel screwing me by blocking the Steeler games. If a local channel shows any programming you may be blocked on direct TV. This is only an issue for me due to the NFL Package. Some weather related issues, but found if I do the reboot myself save a lot of time instead of calling the Service Center.
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,168
    You can get the ESPN College football package on DirecTV. I have had it and the NFL Sunday Ticket for years. You can also get packages for NHL, MLB, MLS, NBA, and NCAA Basketball.

    DirecTV gets my vote for service, quality, channel selection, and price.
  • BoxerpapaBoxerpapa Posts: 989
    Didn't know Direct offered CF channel. Do they offer the Catholic channel too?
  • Bobby-QBobby-Q Posts: 1,993
    I had DirecTV for 13 years and had to switch to cable because of my neighbor's tree. Well the tree finally died (I had nothing to do with it). The only reason I haven't switched back is because the Tivo deal won't go back into effect until later this year. As soon as they announce that they have the HD Tivo units in stock I'll be making a happy phone call.

    Comcast cable is miserable on their best days and I have heard that Dish is right with Comcast on their service.
  • We have both: Direct TV with some add-on channels, and basic cable. I know, I know... "What the heck for???"

    Back when getting high speed internet service was a major problem, RoadRunner Cable was the only way to get it and they required at least basic cable TV in order to get internet service. I think it's about $12 a month for the TV part. We kept it because we liked having a backup should we lose the signal on Direct TV. Rarely happens these days and even then only for a few seconds or minutes.

    I think it's time we completely re-think our phone, TV and ISP setup. It's getting expensive.

    But we enjoy having Direct TV and haven't had any problems with them. Well, except during the election my TV seemed to be lying a lot.

    Seems that my neighbor with cable was always complaining about his cable but I think they may have fixed it. He's been quiet lately.

    I would follow the advice already given. Or you could always shuck it all and read some good books.

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  • That's exactly what we did, except with Dish, lol!
    The Naked Whiz
  • Big'unBig'un Posts: 5,909
    I've had direct tv for 13yrs and I really like it. We had cable in our other house(while we were renovating the first house) and it wasn't worth watching. The only trbl I've ever had with direct was when my identity got stolen and I wanted to switch the credit card I was using. It turned into a fiasco with alot of phone work involved. Direct also "bundles" their service with telephone and internet for discounts. I've learned the hard way, that when I call for help or adjustments to my service to insist on talking to "tier 2" people only, they can authorize deals that the other folks can't even think about. HTH.
  • I have direct and it is awesome. NFL ticket made it a no brainer for me.
  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,358
    I just have basic cable service and have thought about upgrading. My viewing is basically The Food Channel, Fox News (although it may soon be replaced by Talk Radio), Animal Planet, local news, a few sporting events and an occasional movie. With this in mind, I'm wondering if there might be something on Direct TV that doesn't feed the mindless, boob-tube audience (with malice toward none). Guess I'm asking if there's anything there to satisfy a hungry mind... Wadda you think? TIA!!
  • When I first bought this place in 2000, the only choice I had was satellite. I chose Dish and waited and waited for the local channels to show up. After a two years Direct called and said that I would get locals, I said "Sure when are you geting the autorization from the local affiliates, next year". They said they arlready had them. I finally convinced myself that they had them and I switched. Best decision I ever made, great customer service and a fair value IMO.

    Go with either and you'll be okay, just make sure they have local channels in your area.
  • 2EggTim2EggTim Posts: 170
    I believe Direct TV is the way for you to go. Only because that's what I have, and if you use me as a referral, we both get $50 off our bill.
  • tach18ktach18k Posts: 1,607
    I have had Directv for 14 years or so, always happy, and I get want I want when I call. They also carry all my soccer channels that Dish does not.
  • tach18ktach18k Posts: 1,607
    I have TM RoadRunner here in SoCal and I just use the internet side only, no requirement for cable, even though it does come on the same cable into the house. I used to have the digital phone with them also, but they kept changing their billing address every 6 months, then the phone would go down, went back to Verizon.
  • DarnocDarnoc Posts: 2,661
    I say get the best deal on what you want to watch.I chose Dish because if you have a vacation home they will install a second dish for $80.00 and you will only get one bill for the two locations.When you go to the vacation spot just take your receiver with you.
  • You cant go wrong, they are both better
    than cable. Both have more HD than you
    will ever watch. Direct has NFL package,
    I had very good luck with dish customer
    I have fiber optic now, One wire to the
    house has telephone,high speed internet,
    TV with all the HD and recorders, Love it

  • Smut-buttSmut-butt Posts: 142
    If you live in a big city; I suggest before you make any decision, that you hook up an antenna and have your tv scan the digital channels.

    I did and discovered, that I receive more channels than I thought that I would. All channels received were crystal clear; the networks abc, cbs and nbc all had separate weather stations; and the public education channels were many.

    I then purchased a radio tower and will erect a tv antenna 50 feet into the sky to maybe receive more channels. Since digital signals must be strong for your tv set to receive, the antennae must be pointed in the direction of the transmitting tower.

    This is FREE; no $100 plus bills; FREE TV. Then check out NETFLIX on the internet for movies. Why waste your money in these tough economic times. This
    leaves more money to buy pork tenderloins and turkeys to smoke.

    I'd rather eat than pay my money to a DISH network or to Direct TV or to Verizon!!!!!

    Fire up the egg and watch TV for FREE!!
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