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OT-Coffee Makers

EggtuckyEggtucky Posts: 2,746
edited 5:04PM in EggHead Forum
Woke up this morning to a dead Cuisinart coffee maker :angry: ..had to get in the attic and dig out an old one and use TP for a filter :angry: ..I know there are some serious 'bean heads' on this forum and just wondering about opinions of best new one to get..any input would be appreciated :)


  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,368
    Eggtucky, this is a mighty fine machine:



  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,172
    I'm a Jura-Capresso fan. I have the MT.500 drip brewer in the office and an E8 coffee center at home.

    Well worth the money if you are a serious coffee fan.
  • I just keep a basic one around the house as my wife and I are expresso drinkers. what we have is a LaSpaziale S1 Rossin expresso machine and a MACAP M7 grinder. Had both for a few years and love them both.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    we had a bunn for years. 15 years, to be exact, and really liked it. it keeps water hot all the time, and pouring in a fresh btach of water forced the water that was in it to come out. pot of hot fresh coffee in literally about 3 minutes.

    it leaks now, can't complain because it IS pretty old. so i asked your same question here about 3 months ago. i ended up trying out a french press. it makes great coffee once you figure out the grind and water/coffee ratio that you (scratch that) that your WIFE likes.

    we got a 12 cup one, and i'd recommend getting a thermal carafe.

    only issues, which are minor, is that it takes a little longer than we are used to (coffee is a necessity around here, not a luxury!), and i wish it took less water to rinse and clean. seems a little wasteful to use almost half a pot of water to rinse it out. but it makes great coffee.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • A good source of information is Chris' coffe house. They are in upstate New York. they provide a complete line of machines for the home and commercial.
  • BuxwheatBuxwheat Posts: 727
    Not exactly an answer to your question, but once you get your new pot, try some of this coffee with it: Baby's. I received a pound as a Christmas present this year. Good stuff, we got the Columbian Supremo. Another favorite coffee roaster of mine is Freed's in San Francisco. Had their Columbian at a small hotel we stay in when we visit and got hooked on it.
  • slide show of my coffee stuff


    like zippy i have the rancillio miss sylvia and the rocky grinder [with out the doser]

    like stike i have a bunn
    because i am too impatient to wait, get up, pour water into bunn run to biofluid recycling facilty ala spring chicken and coffee is ready when i get back to the kitchen and i have a french press as well

    the other thing is a behmor coffee roaster also zassenhouse hand cranked grinder in case the power goes out
  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,398
    Can't help ya there. Coffee went the way of the cigs 4 years ago!
  • TennisbumTennisbum Posts: 228
    My two cents worth... since Iam the only one that drinks coffee here I got a Keurig about a year ago. I really like it since it does one cup at a time. They also have this filter thing that lets you use your own coffee and not have to purchase the KCups. The water is always warm so if you want to brew tea you can. There is an extensive line of KCups. Check them out at
  • EggtuckyEggtucky Posts: 2,746
    Zippy, that is an awesome looking machine, but probably too much for me..I just like an aromatic good tasting cup of java...probably blasphemy, but I'm a drip coffee maker kinda guy :blink:
  • We too had a Bunn for many years. I have to say it didn’t make a “bad” cup of coffee, but it wasn't the greatest, and it also died a while back.
    Since then we have tried another Bunn and a couple of others, but just no longer satisfied with the flavor. Can’t say why….Just something lacking.
    I find that I’m once again in stike’s camp again, this time in regard to the use of the press.
    My sister-in-law turned us on to it two years ago and we finely got one this Christmas.
    Man, oh man, it makes a REALLY fine coffee!
  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,368
    thats cool, the siliva may be a bit overkill, but I tried it in a store one day & was immediately addicted; it is an espresso machine & I don't even drink espresso, I make cafe lungos (americanos) with it, I run 6oz of water through a double shot of coffee which yields a cross between espresso & good strong coffee, with a great crema on top, great for submerging a biscotto in
  • bobbybbobbyb Posts: 1,349
    I use a simple french press and grind my beans. Makes good coffee.
  • BuxwheatBuxwheat Posts: 727
    I thought Americano was made w/ a single (or doppio) shot of espresso, diluted w/ hot water. Running more water through the coffee would over extract.
  • mr toadmr toad Posts: 666
    santa brought this to my house in late novermber - very happy with the coffee and variety of k-cups that are available - mr toad
    In dog Beers - I have had only one !
  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    For a simple coffee machine. I got for Christmas several years ago a Hamilton Beach Brewmaster. We like it a lot. It keeps me from pouring coffee all over the counter/floor which makes the wife happy too :woohoo:
  • tach18ktach18k Posts: 1,607
    I have a Techivorm coffee brewer, I also roast my own beans. is a great starting place for information on all coffee equipment and processes. My brewer is about $250 and makes perfect coffee, everytime. I perfect cup is about time, temp and grind.
  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,368
    yes, you are correct, however I am lazy & impatient & to make it correctly takes too many steps, so I morph them into one, tastes the same. The Siliva is a single boiler machine which means to switch from espresso brewing temp (around 190) to steam/boiling water temp (212), takes some time & I can never wait
  • JalopyBobJalopyBob Posts: 171
    I am not much of a fan of the "foo foo" coffees. But I do enjoy a good cup of Kona coffee. I use a Mr. Coffee that I have had for 30 years. It refuses to die, and makes a good cup of simple coffee, without chrome levers and dials and gadgets. It works for me.
  • BuxwheatBuxwheat Posts: 727
    As long as it tastes good, that's the important thing. And if you can save time, that's a bonus. Coffee is just like beer and wine: all a matter of personal taste. Ale/lager, Barolo/chablis, Columbian/Kenyan, etc.
  • PdubPdub Posts: 234
    What ever you do for a coffee maker I suggest getting a burr grinder and getting the water to the coffee as quickly as you can after you have ground it. Made a huge difference for me.
  • Clay QClay Q Posts: 4,429
    I use a French press, electric coffee grinder and electric water kettle to heat the water.
    I guess that makes 'me' the coffee maker.
  • BoogieBoogie Posts: 137
    I have a Cuisinart automatic grind and brew. I love it because I can put the beans and water in at night and have it go just before my alarm and its ready when I wake up. I love waking to that smell.
  • I have a Flavia Fusion drinks station. I saw it at a Bed and Breakfast I stayed at and I ordered one when I got home. Everyone just loves it.

    It's made by the M&M's, and Mars co. It makes lattes and hot chocolate and teas and coffees in just 30 seconds. It has it's own water filter, so you just use tap water. It costs $99, which is about $50 less than a keurig.

    Let me know it you have any questions.



    Tampa, FL
  • Egg And IEgg And I Posts: 110
    Used to use a french press, then a friend introduced us to this. Similar, but better (IMHO). And affordable at less than thirty bucks from Amazon.

    Easier cleanup, better coffee, good crema. Fresh ground beans with a burr grinder and attention to water temp really help the quality. No high-priced cartridges needed. Makes anything from espresso to good old java.

  • For Christmas, I received a Mukka Express single serving cappuccino maker.... Not too expensive and makes one amazing cappuccino and an excellent latte:
  • 2EggTim2EggTim Posts: 170
    I have a Keurig. It makes, what I think, is a perfect cup of coffee everytime. At 6:00 a.m. I want a cup of coffee, not a process.
  • Eggtucky,

    I received a Technivorm KBT 741 for Christmas this year and really like it. I think it is a great drip machine and it makes good coffee. Haven't got into roasting, yet....

    Here is a link with a lot of info.
  • tach18ktach18k Posts: 1,607
    yes it is a great brewer, had them for 4 years now. Yes you need to start roasting your own!!
  • tach18k

    I have been thinking about a Genecafe or a Behmor. For now, I have found a good local supply of fresh roasted beans and am trying to deal with this new fascination I have developed for knife sharpening and Japanese knives :lol: :silly: :lol:
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