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Why no FAQ here?

edited 10:36AM in EggHead Forum
Seems to me there's a real need for an FAQ on this site. It's a great source of information but after about 6 months of peeping I keep seeing the same stuff come up ad nauseam.

The glossary is another story. Unless what you're looking for begins with the prefix egg.

Egging in the rain today.


  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,347
  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,347
    see, we're redundant too
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    ...please tell me you didn't think that was actually me.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,171
    I was convinced
  • Maybe it was Tina Fey?
  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,347
    oops, yep, I guess that raises the important question, who dun it?
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,171
    the dead giveaway was the capital S

    stike isn't fond of the shift key
  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,347
    damn you guys are observant, details, details... was it Pete?
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    stike is a re-incarnation of e.e. cummings.
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    Tis not me..

    The real stike would have said

    "Because we have Celtic Wolf"
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    that, plus no avatar, a post count of 1, black handle vs. green, and no signature line. other than that, i can see how someone could be easily duped.

    perhaps it's a sign i've worn out my welcome. happened a few days ago too.

    nothing but sh!t lately from folks i'm trying to help, and people trying to pick apart my answers. had three yesterday, each picking apart my answer without even trying to contribute to the original poster's question.

    all i will say is that if someone asks a question, and it can be answered, and no one has answered it, i will try to help.

    you folks decide among yourselves if that's a problem and let me know.

    i see a lot of established 'personalities' here who post only to their friends, and generally avoid newbies. would you (not you fidel... but the 'group' you) rather have me join that legion? ...or actually help?
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    even i wouldn't have said that
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,347
    i hope you have not lumped me into that group, I like your answers, they usually have useful information, & I also try to post to anything I can add something to regardless of who posts the question or picture, likewise I try and avoid adding my serious 2 cents when I can't add anything constructive, which is often as I don't know a lot about many of the foods & techniques I see here
  • DarnocDarnoc Posts: 2,661
    Hope the first name is not Barbie.
  • I like the help. Help one and you help many. Can't count the number of times someone has axxed a question and I was just as interested in the answer(s).
  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,670
    I'm with you Frank. With my limited knowledge I help when I can and with a quick search I usually can find an answer to most questions I might have. I do have to say I find most of the debates pretty dang funny :laugh:
  • There is... it's under the Help menu... you don't even have to be registered to use it. It is an FAQ for the forum.

    If you meant an FAQ for egging... I'm all for it, and I'm happy to add it, but I'd need contributions from the community for the actual FAQ's themselves.
  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,670
    DUHH,, never noticed that. Thanks
  • I thought that the Naked Whiz's site was the FAQ ;)
    Knoxville, TN
  • What's the difference between that and a "sticky" post?
  • ric3677ric3677 Posts: 278
    appreciate the help I recieve here. Been egging less than a year, but I really been trying to make up for lost time. :laugh:

    Rick in Mt.

    PS Thanks Stike....or is it thanks stike.....Happy Holidays to you and yours
  • Stickies appear at the top of the forum discussions/threads, and don't move down if no one responds or newer posts appear. I've seen 'em on here from time to time but after a few days, the mods remove the sticky flag and let 'em drift down with the rest.
  • TXTrikerTXTriker Posts: 1,177
    I'm appreciative of all the help I get here from everyone. I think of all of you as a great bunch of people.
  • WessBWessB Posts: 6,937
    This forum has always been, no where near as much today as in the past, more of a social gathering of eggers sharing "life" together....which mostly meant egging, but anything else "friends" would share or ask of each other...and over time time the format issue kept coming up and the antiquauted software..and the why is there not categories for posts....bottom line this is a social forum...NOT a resaearch tool...if you want to get the most out of this forum you need to read it regularly....your questions will get answered when asked and the fact that you asked for an FAQ tells me you would research on your own...which is the 9 years I have been involved with this is as you said...the same questions over and over...the torch just keeps getting passed down as to who answers them... :) ...But they always get answered...
  • WessBWessB Posts: 6,937
    In fact there is one one..on Big Green Egg .com...most forum users dont visit the actual Big Green Egg website before coming here to ask questions..there are many helpful tips and videos provided by the company..that would answer many newbie questions.....FWIW..
  • momcooksmomcooks Posts: 247

    I'm mostly a reader, throw my opinion out once in awhile, but it's easy to search this format. If people wanted pat answers to something they could read a book. This board like all I belong to are all about social interaction. As someone who doesn't really know anyone, I've never been ignored or treated badly because I wasn't 'in' ;)

    LOL, my whine is I'd like a reply to all. I have it in the format you can't really tell who's replying to who. Took me awhile to even realize it. :laugh:
  • WessBWessB Posts: 6,937
    I think I follow your response correctly and agree's all about sharing our experiences...but many if not most don't even know what the BGE site has available, as far as info..there is plenty of info provided on their homepage..this forum is NOT part of BGE's a users forum provided by the wonderful " Miller House"...many thanks to them...
  • Actually the forum is the "Official Online Community for the Big Green Egg"... in that respect we are "sanctioned".
  • WessBWessB Posts: 6,937
    I respect everyone I personally know at BGE and also Brenda and David...and in NO way meant any disrespect by my post.....BGE does not "officially" respond nor monitor requests posted on this forum...which was my sole intent in my response....People some times get confused in what they are looking to achieve or ressearch......I look forward to meeting you personally in the near future
  • Maybe because there are so many strong opinions here on the "right" way to do things that it would be difficult to determine what an official answer would be.

    Eggs are pretty forgiving cooking tools, and there are usually a bunch of ways to get from here to there. And based on my brief experience, a lot of Q-ers are, um, strongly opinionated personalities.

    A lot of the most interesting threads to me are the ones where somebody asks, "How do I..." and then a bunch of the gurus step in and state with authority eleventy-seven different ways to do it (and why all the other ways aren't as good as theirs).

    Example: "How do I calibrate my thermometer?" Seems like a simple question, right? I'm envisioning the thread sequence as it plays out...

    1) Put the tip in boiling water and confirm it reads 212.
    2) No, adjust the 212 figure for your altitude.
    3) No, you really want to adjust for local barometric pressure.
    4) No, you need a different thermometer. I recommend Model ThermoPro A75.
    5) What? The ThermoPro A75 is terrible, you have to have the TurboTherm X10, it's web-enabled and slices bread too.
    6) No, you're ugly and your mama dresses you funny.
    7) Well, maybe, but here's a picture of Famous Egger X doing something silly.
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