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OT: Bose home entertainment system.......

GenesGrillGenesGrill Posts: 308
edited 12:33AM in EggHead Forum
I'm thinking of buying a Bose Lifestyle 35 or v30 system and matching it up with a 40" LCD HD TV. Any of you guys own one of these Bose units? Are they worth the big $$$$$??? Thanks for any input.....


  • Been there done that, look into the Yamaha system. Had the life style system and I did not feel it was worth the money. Also the performance out of it was not what I expected.
  • Mike...which Yamaha system would you recommend for a home theater system in my living room? Where can you buy them?
  • There many loudspeaker systems out there. They all are very good. Bose is one of them. To costly for me, but if I had the $$$$ I would purchase a Bose product. If you got the bucks go for it.
    Others will opine as soon as they awake and clear the fuzzeys out of the gray matter with the juice of the brown bean. what ever you end up with enjoy the sweet sounds of your system.
  • like milesofsmiles said, there are lots of great systems out there, all very good.. . .are you also going to use it for music? or just tv? ...

    one thing i've always done when buying speaker systems (and this is just for music), is to make sure i take some of my favorite music to the store with me (don't listen to the stores music because its specifically designed for their speaker systems). .. take 2 or 3 of your favorite cd's that you know like the back of your hand and listen to specific songs (or even parts of songs for specific instruments, highs/lows, guitars, horns, etc), over and over through different speakers, until you are really satisfied that you have the ones you want. .. like the others said, its a big investment. .you don't want to get home have heard their demo music or movie at the store, then stick your favorite cd on the sterio at home and go, "damn, that sure doesn't sound the way i wanted it to"
  • and don't just take my word for it---please do the research for yourself. Bose has suckered so many Americans over the years with their slick advertisements and marketing, along with their slick design of their products. Thus, most Americans assume that Bose makes great speakers, and are perhaps the best out there. But the fact is, Bose is horribly overpriced and, to be honest, all of their stuff is junk, especially considering the prices. Do a google search, something like, "Bose sucks," and read all about Bose and just how bad they are. Also, go to and go to the audio section to get some recommendations there.

    Lastly, true story---Consumer Reports did a speaker rating a few years ago, and completely ripped Bose. They commented on their cheap components and bad sound (all of which is true). To make things worse, they actually rated a pair of $100 Sony speakers better than the $800 Bose ones they tested. How did Bose respond? They sued Consumer Reports, saying they didn't test them right. Overall, most Americans don't know good sound quality when they hear it, thus when they hear Bose (a brand they assume is great)...they think they are hearing good stuff.

    I'll leave you with one recommendation: Paradigm. They give you the best bang for your buck, and I've never read a bad review for any of their speakers. And lets just say this, their lowest priced speaker will blow Bose' highest priced one out of the water.
  • I replace my Bose with:

    Yamaha HTR 5940 Natural Sound AV
    Dolby Digital Pro Logic

    I had this unit now for two years now and very please with it.

    Like Max said bring your favorate museic and movie in and test the system with what you like.
  • have you ever taken the time to research Bose before? I assume not, as you wouldn't ever consider buying any of their stuff. Anyone who knows anything about audio stays far away from Bose.
  • I just bought a Yamaha system. Waiting for it to be set up so I can't comment on how well it works. I did check the reviews on the Bose system because I have a wave radio and really like it. To my surprise, 9 out of 10 people say the Bose system fails either right out of the box or within the first several months.
  • Roanokesmoke I agree what your saying about the bose, I Owen them and was very disappointed in them. Max hit the nail on the head, they use there special disk of music and movies to demonstrate there product. The system I had could never get enough sound out of the back speakers. What I like about the Yamaha system I have I can dedicate the sound separately out of each speaker and sub woofer.
  • one last thought...don't EVER buy a packaged system (one that includes speakers, sub, surround, etc). There hasn't been one to date (that I'm aware of) that has been given anything but marginal reviews. Various companies have offered those to the typical American who doesn't know what they are doing. Like I said, go to guys are intense and really know their stuff. Go to the audio section and they will help you out.

    If you want to do it right, you want to "build" your system yourself. Stick with the same brand of course for your speakers, but at the least you'll want two fronts and perhaps a sub. You can then add a center and surrounds later. You'll also obviously want a receiver. Two in particular I recommend that aren't terribly expensive are Harmon Kardon and Yamaha (especially H/K). Onkyo makes a great receiver too...though they are a little more high end.
  • I know you will be very pleased with it. When you have a DVD movie in, it really does feel like your in the middle of it. Good luck hope you enjoy it.
  • Yea, that doesn't surprise me. Like I said, Bose uses really cheap components, spends a ton on slick marketing/packaging...then you pay the high price. Same goes for the wave radio (I hate to tell you). My mother got suckered by Bose a few years back, and bought one of those wave radios. She thought it was great for a while, until I showed her what good sound is supposed to sound like. Now she's not too happy.

    Those who know audio have their own tag line for Bose:

    Bose: better profits through marketing
  • Man what Bose, haters we have. Most sales people will try to move you to the loudspeaker systems that the HIGHEST SPIFF. Thats what we did at Circuit City when I was there, also we had a saying about Bose, " no high no lowes thats Boes." They are still cool. Diff. speakers will do / make diff. sound quality. So like Max said. take your fav. music etc. with you and try it. The salesperson will hate you for that, it's a time thing. How long will they be tied up with you B-4 you deside to purchase and they can snag another cust. Remember most are on comm. Sorry about the long post, but you need to be armed b-4 shopping. Miles out.I R A salesdude, not a liar.
  • they don't use any special disks at all. What they do is (in their store) they have a perfectly configured audio area, down to the type of carpet and walls they have in place. In that setting, almost any speaker will sound decent, and most consumers are sucked by the slick salesman and listening area. They "think" they are hearing great sound when they aren't. Its a shame because people are wasting good money on a product that isn't worth 1/5 the cost of it. And at Best Buy and other'll notice that they purposely have them place their systems in a separate area, away from the others.

    You can figure out for yourself why they demand that from their retailers.
  • I own Bose 301's from 1993 that sound great. I have the cube speakers and passive sub woffer in the closet. I like Onkyo for my reciever and I too would look beyond the Bose Lifestyle system. Think about what you want in the system. My concern when I purchased the cube speakers was the space I was allowed by the wife for the setup. You have more choices now for a smaller speaker than just Bose. (I didn't at the time of my purchase.)
    It's a personal choice.
  • though Yamaha are a lot more respectable than Bose. Read my post above regarding packaged "systems." Just curious, how much did it cost you?
  • Craptastic. Don't drink the Bose Kool-Ade. Overpriced, overmarketed crap.

    Pioneer, Yamaha, Boston Acoustics, Paradigm...not Bose.
  • I purchased a surround sound 2 years ago to go with my new 50" Panasonic plasma TV. After searching and visiting 2 audio stores, I decided on Denom for the reciever and sub woofer, and 5 recessed speakers for front and back. I looked at Panasonic, and Paradigm, both were excellent systems. I paid around $1200 for the sound system, not including the TV.

    Also, was advised at every turn to stay away from Bose. My sound preference is mostly TV viewing, DVD movies, not too much CD's.
  • its not that I'm a Bose "hater," I just don't like their philosophy or practices of making people think they are getting a good product when they are being ripped off (as you're aware). There are other companies out there that do the same, like Monster (and all their high-priced cables) that aren't any better than something that costs 1/5 the price.
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,171
    I won't bash Bose as others have taken care of that aspect.

    Denon receivers are great for the money, but are not as user friendly as some of the others.

    I have a set of Mirage speakers that are absolutely incredible, especially for the size.

    If you search around you can find a much better set of components and cut the price in half compared to the list price of that Bose setup.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 1,788
    Charleston Dave wrote:
    Craptastic. Don't drink the Bose Kool-Ade. Overpriced, overmarketed crap.

    Pioneer, Yamaha, Boston Acoustics, Paradigm...not Bose.

    this is true. the reason they cost so much is not because they put the money into the product, they put it into advertising.

    check out Energy speakers.

    also worth checking out are the axiom audio (these are the ones i have.) they are customizable (you can pick the wood grain and grill cover color.)
  • SmokeySmokey Posts: 2,468
    I have 2 of the Wave Radios (one is attached to a old school TV).

    I really like it. While is not a surround sound system, the sound is very good for what it is (far better the the TV's sound).
  • but it is an accoustimass 5 system for my stereo and i only use it for listening to music. ...i listened to a lot of speaker systems in the 4 - 500 buck range before choosing it and frankly, i like it a lot (and i wasn't sucked in by slick advertising etc.). . .it replaced a pair of advent legacy speakers that i had for 20 years that i dearly loved but had finely given up the ghost (woofers had dried out and cracked). . .and like i said earlier, i spent many hours listening to speakers in the price range with a couple of my favorite cd's back and forth till i heard what i liked. ..

    couple of things though about bose. ... you have to place that bass unit in just the right spot in your room to get the sound you want. ...too close to a wall and you get WAY too much bass. . . it took me many hours to find the right spot and get the right balance. . .aiming the cubes the right way is also key to getting optimal sound quality (at least with a stereo set up . . .don't know how it is with a surround sound). ...

    and here's another thing. .. .when i first set it up and played music through my i-pod through my stereo the sound was all out of whack, way too much bass compared to when i was playing cd's in my cd player (and i have good onkyo stereo). .. what i discovered was that the I-pod has automatic settings that really enhance the bass for those little ear buds you typically play it through and when you plug it into a stereo, it gets the bass way out of balance, so you have to go into your ipod settings and adjust the bass accordingly. ...once i did that, and along with finding the optimal spot in my living room for that bass unit, i've been extremely happy with my bose purchase for over a year now. ...

    so i too have a read a lot of complaints about bose systems, and i know a lot of it has to do with set up and such. i don't know about the lifestyle and surround systemsn with tv's but i do know that the basic stereo systems (the 301s and 901s which have always been highly rated - and the acoutimass 3s and 5s will give good sound, but they take some work to get the right set-up. ..
  • Not a Bose-hater, but not a fan either. They are overpriced for what you get. Most of the cost of their speakers comes from marketing costs and their "innovation". For the same money, there is much better sound reproduction available. That being said, the home theater I built a few years ago has an incredible sound system that was not too expensive, until I tweaked it with a few additional amps that put out 250 watts per channel each :blink: . It consists of a Harman Kardon AVR247 receiver that I got direct from HK for under $300. To that I added Paradigm speakers - Mini-Monitors for the fronts & rears (around $250/pair) and a CC290 center channel (around $250). To that I added a Velodyne sub woofer for another $500, so total package was around $1,500 for an incredible sounding system. I am somewhat of an audiophile, so the sound is important to me. Some people put more emphasis on aesthetics and size, and only you can decide which you are. The Home Theater In a Box (HTIB ) are on ok way to venture in, but the included speakers are marginal at best. They will satisfy you, if you've never heard a good system, or they will leave you with a funny look, saying "what the he!! am I listening to?" It's a slippery slope once you get started and can get very expensive. In my bedroom, I have a Samsung 32" LCD, HD Cable box, a pair of old (early '90's) Paradigm Micro speakers with an equally old Paradigm center channel, a sub from a HTIB and no rears. It sounds incredible for bedroom duty, although it would fail miserably in the Theater Room. Do some research, there are some great audio/video forums. It's not cheap, so it's worth the effort so you love what you buy! Good Luck.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 1,788
    paradigm's are also very worth checking out. i concur.
  • Almost bought a Bose sound system but decided on a Denon AVR 2720 Surround Receiver backed up by five B&W DM 601 speakers and a Miller & Kreisel powered subwoofer. It will rattle the walls and bar-glasses when turned up a notch or two, and it has a lot more notches to go. Very expensive when we got it to go with our 50" Mitsubishi projection TV over ten years ago. Still works well. Probably way more than we needed but considering the fact that we watch a lot of TV it has more than paid for itself.

    Bought a Bose Wave Radio for the side of my bed and only used it a few times over the same period and it sounded good. One day it just stopped working for no reason. Repairs were way too expensive for me.

    Bose, in my opinion, no longer lives up to its reputation and is most certainly overpriced for what you get.

    Spring "Musically Inclined On The Remote Control" Chicken
    Spring Texas USA
  • RRPRRP Posts: 16,778
    hehehe - being totally deaf in one ear and only 80% good in the other I can't tell the difference between a tiny radio and my friend's several thousand dollar advanced sound system. Granted I can feel the bass in my body, but forget the stereo or surround sound aspect! I can't sense direction. Guess fate saved me some dollars that way! :laugh:
    Dunlap, IL
  • ewjdewjd Posts: 21
    I own a Bose Lifestyle 4300 which I use on my 60" sony and listen to mainly jazz. IMHO nothing can match the sound of high quality floor or even cabinet speakers. I own Bose 501 speakers as well and think the sound is slightly better than the cubes. However,the convenience
    of storing my CDs into the system and the automatic updating of library is a great feature. Their Intelligent playback feature works surprisingly well. Cube front speakers hidden behind the floor plants really pleases my wife as well.
    I'm pleased with it.
  • tach18ktach18k Posts: 1,607
    A $100 system can sound great in the correct situation.
    Big money doesnt mean big sound. I got about $1200 in to a Polk Speaker and HarmanKardon system, beats the pant of most systems in the 2-3k range. But it work in my room just the way I like it. You cant beat Bose for a 2 speaker system, period. Multi speaker systems, I would go to full size speakers and not the small dinky ones. If it is sound quality you want to hear thats the way to go, if it is just to make the movie seem neat, then anything will work.
  • Wrong spot...
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