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so there are many options to light the egg what is

chefreyguy12chefreyguy12 Posts: 64
edited 5:09AM in EggHead Forum
I use the bge starter cubes but in my area hard to get. I am curious about mapp gas but seems expensive and dangerous. what do you guys use?? thanks.


  • A cylinder of Mapp gas used to light the egg lasts over a year. As for danger, just wear goggles so any sparking will not land in your eye. I have tried virtually every way to light the egg, and Mapp is all I use now.
  • BurntRawBurntRaw Posts: 565
    Weed Burner is the only way to go for me...


    Very quick and very easy. Some will say there is an issue with sparking and such, but the only time I experienced that was with the bad lump (Kings something or other).
  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    A roll of paper towels and cheep vegi oil from the dollar store. Just twist the paper towels into a rope and stack in the bag. then pour in the oil to soak, I do a large zip lock bag full at a time and just keep with my egg gear. when I need to light it two go in the egg with some small pieces of lump on top. light the 4 ends and you are going in just a few minutes. Julie
  • StanleyStanley Posts: 623
    I'm a new convert to 91% isopropyl alcohol. 2 oz. in an 8" circle, wait 15 sec. and light. Cheap. Works like a charm. No smoke, odors or residues.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 1,788
    Stanley wrote:
    I'm a new convert to 91% isopropyl alcohol. 2 oz. in an 8" circle, wait 15 sec. and light. Cheap. Works like a charm. No smoke, odors or residues.

    is that your standard fare "rubbing alcohol"?
  • probe1957probe1957 Posts: 215
    I guess expensive and dangerous is relative. Maybe I just live on the edge. I dunno. I use a MAPP torch.
  • JeffersonianJeffersonian Posts: 4,244
    I use an electric muss, no fuss.
  • A single rolled up paper towel with a small amount (just drizzled) of cooking oil on it works every time for me. Place in the center of your lump and leave the egg wide open for about 5 min. for a perfect fire everytime.
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 17,510
    all the methods work, but you really cant beat the weedburner. after a quick light i put the grill on and hit it again to burn off anything from the last cook. after having two mapp torches actually catch on fire, i nolonger tell anyone to buy the small torch.
  • which kind do you have , brand, plus its propane? 20 pound tankor small tank ? how much ? thanks again.
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 17,510
    ive had this one for about 6 years plus or minus. i use it on a 40 pound tank but any 20 pound standard tank will last years. i like this setup best because i also use a big burner outside for seafood boils.
    mine probably should be replaced because its been outside for all that time thru newengland winters etc, the hose is starting to show signs of cracking and the nozzle is getting rusted pretty good but for 20 bucks you cant go wrong. no need to pull the trigger for full btu's, it idles hot enough to light lump
  • FrankCFrankC Posts: 414
    I'm with Fishlessman and BurntRaw...the weedburner's my tool of choice. Not to mention the drama of lighting up when someone new's around. Plus, if it's after dusk, you can put on quite a show...I always wear eye protection.

  • thanks i give it a try
  • I used the cubes for years but can't find them anymore. I've switched to a chimney lighter. A sheet of newspaper, a match and I'm in business.
  • I use plain old newspaper - have for ten years and never had a problem lighting my egg!
  • BuxwheatBuxwheat Posts: 727
    MAPP gas is my choice, too. May have to switch to propane if I can't find refills. I have the hand held torch, but the weed burner is awesome! If I had not bought the hand held, I would get the weed burner. I have seen some that will fit on a small cylinder, like those that go with the hand held torches. Another gadget is the "Golf Club" from the BBQ Guru people: LINKY I tried the alcohol technique, and though it works, I don't like the immediate flash. "Back in the day", as a young pyromaniac, I would love to set off a pile of charcoal with lot's of gasoline. But now I have a keener appreciation for fireballs. Even waiting a while before lighting it, there is a big flash that could singe your knuckle hair, not to mention your gaskets. The 91% isopropyl costs about a buck for a pint (about 8 starts) so about $.13 per use. MAPP or propane way cheaper. I have also used a chimney plus newspaper and it works well, but if you have your egg on a wooden deck and don't have a stone surface, like on a table, you have a problem of where to put that screaming hot chimney after dumping the coals. If you're on concrete, this is a moot point.
  • StanleyStanley Posts: 623
    No - that's 70%. Look in the pharmacy section for the good stuff. I like it. In my situation I don't want gas cylinders around. Don't like the smell or smoke of burning paper or most commercial starters. Isopropyl is just right for me.
  • tach18ktach18k Posts: 1,607
    MAPP Gas is cheap, one tank may least 3 years or more.
  • BuxwheatBuxwheat Posts: 727
    Ditto on that. My first tank lasted almost 3 years. Bought a refill about a year after getting my torch thinking I was just about empty and didn't want to run out. Sure enough, 2 years later I ran out, but had the refill ready to go.
  • BacchusBacchus Posts: 6,019
    Weed burner is the best way to get up to temp fast. They are cheap and use very little propane. Also fun to use to freak out the neighbors cat.
    As far as conveninece, cubes are hard to beat. Light it and toss on the lump, walk away. They need not be BGE brand. Ace hardware carries the Rutland brand which appear to be identical to BGE's.
  • the weed burner wont fit a mapp torch will it?
  • BuxwheatBuxwheat Posts: 727
    I found a weed burner at Lowe's that could use the small cylinders of Propane or MAPP. Could also fit the big refillable tanks of propane. Hard to carry around that 40# tank just to burn a couple of weeds.
  • EggtuckyEggtucky Posts: 2,746
  • I've used MAPP, starter cubes, 91% isopropyl and the paper towel/cooking oil method. All work fine. My favorite is MAPP - about 35-45 seconds and things are well on their way. I light in three spots, 10 or 15 seconds per spot.
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