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Gasket Replacement

rst5rst5 Posts: 12
edited 7:51PM in EggHead Forum
Does anyone have step by step instructions on how to replace the gasket? I have the replacement from BGE in hand.
Do I need to take the lid off, or can I leave it attached?

Thanks in advance.


  • egretegret Posts: 4,037
    Not knowing what size BGE you have, here are the instructions for the small, medium or large :
    Loosen the band on the top and remove the dome. Let the band open up, as in the lid open position, so you can have better access to the bottom gasket. Scrape the bottom gasket off with a putty knife or wood chisel. Clean as well as you can with alcohol (denatured, or rubbing) and remove as much as the old adhesive as you can by scraping and rubbing with the chisel and paper towels. Place the lid on the base in the inverted position and repeat the above instructions for removing the base gasket. Cut the new (replacement) gasket in two equal halves and apply one half to the lid, remove the lid and set aside. Apply the other half of the gasket to the base. Put the top band in the closed position at this point being very careful to apply the pressure on the hinge only and NOT on the band itself else it may bend. Put the lid in place, adjust the bands as you did in the original assembly, and tighten the band bolts and you're good to go......

  • How much is a Nomex gasket for a large? and is it easier to apply than the Rutland? I have had my Rutland on for about a year and the front of it is loose and I have to tuck it inline everytime I have been cooking , just time to bite the bullet and get a nomex , but when you use the spray adhesive does it get sprayed on the gasket first or the rim? Thanks David
  • I got my Nomex from HQ and the instructions I received was to apply the 3M on the egg itself. I covered all the inside so I didn't spray in there and just hit the edge. Then apply the gasket and let sit closed for 24 hours before using. I have done mostly low and slow for about 8 times and once got it up to 450. I have noticed that the gasket has moved around, slid in on one side and out on the other and it looks like it has shrunk because the seam has opened a little.
  • BiscuitBiscuit Posts: 208
    1. Only replace gasket on a completely cooled BGE.
    [We recommend removing the Dome from the Base as it allows for easier access to the rim]*
    2. Remove the old gasket with a flat-edged scraper. Clean the rim of the Base and the Dome with acetone.
    [Do not use any other residue remover as it may cause irreversible damage.]*
    3. Let dry for at least 30 minutes; the surface must be totally clean for the new gasket to adhere.
    4. The new gasket is self-adhesive, but a spray adhesive can be used to ensure a good seal. If using the spray adhesive, spray a small amount around the rim of the Base and Dome. Allow this to set for about 2 minutes to become tacky.
    [We recommend using ONLY 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive]*
    5. Remove backing from gasket and press firmly down onto the rim. Bend the gasket around the rim while pressing down, being careful not to let the gasket material hang over the inside edge of the rim. Do not stretch the gasket; there is ample material for the Base and the Dome of the EGG. Allow gasket to cure for 24 hours with the lid closed before using the EGG. If the gasket should loosen, it can be glued back on with Elmer’s glue.
    [If the Dome was removed, once the new gaskets have been applied, replace the Dome back on the Base. We strongly recommend waiting a minimum of 3 days until using the EGG, allowing the materials to properly cure. We also recommend doing at least 5 low-and-slow cooks (less than 500 degrees) to allow the new gasket to season]*
    6. To improve longevity, keep gasket clean of any food or sauce drippings.
  • are you serious Elmers glue man that there freaks me out! Did Elmer come up with a high temp glue? Hmmm
  • Elmer's is stated by BGE, you know the folks in who make the Eggs.

    Page 11 of your owners manual and on each of the gasket kits.

    Surprised me to. BTW Biscuit is a dealer.

  • I will probably get drawn and quartered over this, but the subject has been bugging me for a while now.

    Before I continue I want to clearly state that TNW site if a fantastic site. I am extremely grateful for the huge amount of work that has been put into the site for our benefit. Further I realize that my experience and or expertise with this subject is somewhat limited.

    With that said, I see TNW's gasket replacement steps, specifically gasket removal with regards to power tools, sanding wheels etc.

    There is conflicting information and it would be interesting to figure out what is what on the subject.

    Early this year I talked with John Creel from BGE. I was specifically told by John not to use any power tools, sharp scrapers, sanding wheels, grinders to remove the old gasket. Using such items will/may damage the surface and will "void the warranty".

    For ease of removal the use of these items are most likely very effective.

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