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Pics of recently failed gasket

Beanie-BeanBeanie-Bean Posts: 3,092
edited 1:34AM in EggHead Forum
I'll have updates later this week if I get the replacement gaskets for this one:

Lower gasket"

Upper gasket:

It looks like a piece of cellophane tape that was holding this gasket in place.


  • Gaskets is overrated.
  • Make sure you get one made of the new material. I replaced mine a few months ago and it seals much better.
  • Mike, thanks for taking the pictures. I have never seen the 'celo' looking adhesive in any of my adhesive failures.

    The closest I ever gotten was a 'stringy gooey' looking adhesive.

    These don't show it very well...




  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,317
    what is the deal with all these gaskets going bad? I saw a couple of them fall off at the pa fest, strange they can't seem to get this right. I asked my local dealer if he had any of the new type the other day & he looked at me like I had 3 heads :ermm: - for now I'm stick'n with the charred remains of my original, got about 1000 cooks out of it already, figure I can get another 1000 :)
  • When mine failed recently it also looked like cellophane tape on the back of the gasket.
  • Is this a problem with only newer eggs ? Or has it been a problem over the years?
  • UGAVETUGAVET Posts: 577
    does the nomex gasket have adhesive on the back of it?
  • mike i replied to your post of the other day but probably too late for you to see. there has been a lot of this on the forum and i saw some at pa fest... looks like the celophane was not removed to expose teh adhesive???? can you try to peel off the backing and expose the adhesive ,, ,or see if it melts... or maybe send me some to experiment with ,,, i suspect bge has a problem way too much of this going on
  • TomM24TomM24 Posts: 1,364
    I've only been on the forum for about a year but this early adhesion problem is new to me. Fried gaskets seem to have always been around. My gasket is fried but at least whats left is still in place. Elder eggers is the a new problem?
  • So far as we know, yes.

    Mike will be getting a new Nomex, he said he will let us know.

  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,317
    by the way bill my wife blames (in the 'thanks' you sense) for my latest acquisition - now we gotta work on the coffee bean roaster
  • that's ok i can take the heat.. will e-mail you tomorrow re: her preferences then i can roast some for her... this should not be to difficult :evil:
  • I blew a gasket on a brand new Egg at the MW Eggfest. I was cooking pizzas at 650 degrees. I thought I was being gentle and was trying to be careful to NOT melt a gasket.
    The local distributor was there cooking and when I showed the failed gasket to him he said there was a break-in period and that the gasket wont take high heat on it’s first cooks.
    I was using an inverted platesetter with a pizza stone on Eggfeet.
    The failure was about four inches of the gasket just slide off.
  • I'm at that point, too. My original gasket is all but gone, and while I've bought new material I haven't installed it out of fear that it will start behaving like this.

    Honestly, other than providing a slight cushion to closing the dome, I don't see much utility in having the damned thing.
  • I am in the boat of there isn't a break in/cure time.

    However, It is always wise not to stress the gasket.

    A few weeks ago there was talk of a bad gasket material.

    There is a lot of new folk that have eggs. It is possible it is just a matter of more numbers. Folks with problems or wanting more information, recipes and such will have more tendency to come to the forum.

    I think it was mid to late last year when the very high temp pizza cooks were going on and very high searin of meat and there was a slew of burnt gasket material.

    There is some failure due to improper aligned domes also.

  • glad i saw this. i posted earlier ***disappointed w my xl bge*** 1st gasket went on the first cook. Tried trexing ribeyes. 2nd one failed 2 months later cooking chickens indirect at 400. both had the cellophane look. now i see everyone commenting, so glad it's not me. spent a ton of dough on an xl and didn't expect quality control issues.
  • My large is the same way, it has worn out. I have nomex here but I had not wanted to go through a double install.

    If it comes out that Mike gets no adhesive Nomex I am going to get on the phone and order some. If not I will probably replace the worn gasket with what I have now.

    I have tried to freeze the nomex I have, tried to peal off the adhesive. The adhesive won't even lift enough to give me an edge no matter what I try.

  • WhackJob,

    Most likely BGE does not make the adhesive or gasket material, felt or Nomex.

    If they get a failing adhesive there isn't much they can do but address the individual problems.

    From personal experience, with more than just a gasket, BGE has gone above and beyond their stated warranty policy.

    I also know/think they are working hard on coming up with a solution. This isn't something they want, I would think this is a bigger headache for them than it is for us.

    I don't have an XL, but I have talked with the dealer about the XL and gasket problems. He told me he has one customer in Park City, who is was loosing a lot of gaskets.

    Further discussion it turned out that person 3 and 4 times a week was high temp searing a lot of steaks. The dealer ended up getting some kind of high temp auto tape or gasket material and installed it on that XL.

    I was also told that closing the XL, he found, that the dome had to be 'pulled' a little to get a good seal. I have absolutely no idea if this is valid or not.

  • From what Bruce at BGE told me on Friday, I'll be getting some material with no adhesive or tape.
  • The first LBGE I bought in Oct 2007, and the SBGE I bought in Jan 2008 both had felt gaskets, and both still are holding strong. Both have battle scars on them, but there is no smoke leaking out of either cooker, and I've done quite a few high-temp and low-and-slow cooks on both of them.

    This second LBGE has been a bit of a challenge to get going (dome replaced under warranty, now this gasket adhesive thing, not to mention the smaller 2008 fire ring) but I am thankful that I still have something to cook with at home.

    I appreciate everyone's feedback so far, and I'm looking forward to sharing the results of the update with everyone here on the forum. This place has been great for sharing ideas and tips, and I hope that I can offer up some help to someone who may have been experiencing the same problems I have with this particular egg.
  • I got a nomex gasket from the Motherhip after my original gasket melted off after about 10 cooks and I was doing pizza. The nomex has an adhesive on the back with a celophane strip you have to pull off just like the original gray stuff. Iused the 3M adhesive as instructed by the Mothership and so far it is hilding, although I have only had it up to 450 degrees. I did notice that it shunk and slid inwards in some spots.

  • StanleyStanley Posts: 623

    Are you getting Nomex without adhesive? That's what I want. Please keep us posted.
  • I had the same failure last night. The gasket material is the same and has held up ok (2 months now) But adhesive slides around when hot. Though I am using a BGE Brand gasket on an older kamodo here-
  • Mike,

    I asked for Nomex w/o adhesive about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but never got an answer back from HQ. I heard 'some' might be available.

    It will be interesting to learn the answer.

  • bill, you've made the comment before about removing the celophane backing to expose the adhesive. The celophane is the adhesive carrier, not a backing. I'ts like double sided scotch tape. Mark
  • Woody69Woody69 Posts: 360
    That's how mine looks..... :(
  • this is probably the most accurate post regarding the gasket issue yet.
  • BiscuitBiscuit Posts: 208
    As a dealer,we have been proactive to this problem by replacing all gaskets on large and XL eggs and allow them to cure before getting them to customers.This has proved effective. We also replaced gaskets on Eggs at the customers residence at no charge to them if it got out before we noticed the problem.
  • NilsNils Posts: 82
    Just in case anyone is keeping statistics on this...

    Those pictures could have come from my new LBGE, too. The adhesive simply gave up.

    I lost about a third of my gasket after the forth cook. I replaced the failed sections only - rest seemed to be pretty well stuck on.

    Now two more weeks have gone by and about 10 more cooks - and now another third of the original gasket has failed in the same manner.

    Alignment of top/bottom is good, and I have a nice and even seal all the way around (no smoke/heat leaks). Bolts are all nice and snug.

    Guess I'm off to see what my dealer says, too.
  • So do we have feedback on how the NOMEX is doing? Anyone used it for high temp cooks? My felt is ffried and BGE sent me a NOMEX. Not sure I want to go through the hassel to install if it fries also.
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