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  • jake42jake42 Posts: 931
    Last name Jacobs.
    Old jersey number 42.
  • EgginDawgEgginDawg Posts: 747
    I love egging and I love them Ga. Dawgs...pretty simple.
  • AlwaysGolfAlwaysGolf Posts: 704
    Started using it when we started building our home on some home forums, now use it for almost any site I join. Wife and daughter say I am alwaysgolfing (I wish). Should have added the ing to it but didn't. Maybe I will go play today after work! But envious of the guy who posted while playing Augusta National.
  • Lived in Texas for 32 years before crossing the country for work. Been in Idaho for the past 13 years and I, well......

    Good eggin'
  • I have always liked the Beatles song "I Am The Walrus" that has the line "I am the eggman." Semolina Pilchard is a character in the song. Just out of curiousity, how many knew that? I know a few did because in responses to me a few have made reference to the Eiffel Tower.
  • brookafbrookaf Posts: 34
    The university assign a user name to us and now I use it for everything.
  • BordelloBordello Posts: 5,926
    I came on board as Bob and was very politely let know that there was another Bob that had been here for sometime. So, I became "New Bob" then sometime down the road I decided to become "Bordello" I don't think I need to say anymore. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    This is always a fun thread, thanks AZRP.

    Cheers to all,
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    Easy.. I am of Celtic decent and the Wolf is a spirit guide.
  • Desert FillyDesert Filly Posts: 1,042
    When Randy and I went to our first eggfest, I was a tagalong. So, I was MrsAZRP. By the next year, we went to 6 fests. Madd Max decided it was time I get my own, he had a contest last summer....I posted all the particulars about my interests/hobbies/home etc. I have horses, live in the desert, So...Desert Filly I became.

  • CecilCecil Posts: 771
    Great trivia.

  • Old SaltOld Salt Posts: 357
    Old Salt is a Navy term and since I'm retired Navy I chose it for most forums.
  • Desert FillyDesert Filly Posts: 1,042
    ever heard of PSE bows? He's our neighbor...
  • SlotmercenarySlotmercenary Posts: 1,071
    I worked for an International Casino Company out of Vienna Austria that specialized in opening and operating casino properties around the world. I have been militarily extracted from several areas in the world due to civil unrest, hence the handle.....
  • Cpt'n CookCpt'n Cook Posts: 1,917
    The real Captain Cook was probably the greatest navigator that ever lived his voyage of discovery around the world with his Botonist Alfred Bank was an epic adventure. One of his ships was named "Endeavour"

    I thought it was a natural for me as I endeavour to navigate the egg shaped world.

    I used to be Duckegg.
  • Cpt'n CookCpt'n Cook Posts: 1,917
    Talk about navigation. I put that in the wrong place!
  • I'm Frank and I live in Houma - I know - it's boring.

    My name on a fishing forum is Tagman because I tag fish for the Coast Conservation Association.
  • As a former firefighter for 30+ years, when a department had a working fire (A Big one) we would give a radio call that it was a "Signal 99". Thus when I work the's a signal 99 ....Big stuff is happening.
    ~HOPE~ is wishing something would happen. ~FAITH~ is believing something will happen. ~COURAGE~ is making something happen......
  • Pete Shepley owns PSE, I have met him (I shoot a different brand though :whistle: )

  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    Dennis Huff Jr.

    I've been dhuffjr with every email I've had as well as my user name I'm not hard to find on the net LOL
  • EggscaperEggscaper Posts: 213
    I love to cook on the EGG and as a profession I own a landscaping company. Eggscaper

  • Spring HenSpring Hen Posts: 1,494
    Mine is so easy I hate to reply....I live in Spring, Texas and the HEN that is the mate to the SPRING CHICKEN. Of course I didn't realize I could be the boss of the Chicken until Max brought it to my attention.....thanks, Max...
  • I used to be a male exotic dancer, but now I own a couple Quizno's franchises.
  • I'm an Irish dentist.
  • StanleyStanley Posts: 623
    goo goo g'joob
  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    I cook pulled pork for his sales meetings he has at his house a couple times a year. -RP
  • milesofsmilesmilesofsmiles Posts: 1,345
    The longest word in the Funk and Wag. dic. is smiles, cuz it has a mile b-tween the esses. Thus milesofsmiles. Miles out.
  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,383
    Kinda, around or about the same as last year... I'm a prankster, punster, name it ("With malice toward none"). 8 - )
  • BoatmanBoatman Posts: 854
    My love of boats and being a weekend liveaboard. Here is my license plate B)

  • BluesnBBQBluesnBBQ Posts: 615
    I love playing (and listening to) the blues and cooking and eating barbecue.
  • Randy,
    Mine was easy I live in Ventura.
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