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SkidsSkids Posts: 32
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Greetings one and all. I've used propane most of my adult life. About four years ago I was stationed at McChord AFB in Washington State when I was invited over to a friend's house. He had four different smokers; one was the Big Green Egg. He was a fan of all of his smokers but the Egg was the one that facinated me the most. The pulled-pork was without question the best I ever had. He pretty much sold me on the Egg, but being a poor government employee, the price kept me from buying one. Well, it's four years later, and I'm still a poor government employee, but I'm itching to get a smoker. We just moved to Virginia (I work at the Pentagon) and our propane grill took a few hits during the move. Rather than buy new innards and such, I revisited the idea of a smoker...I have a very small kettle Weber for those fast items (it's just the wife and me). I was advised to look at the Weber Smokey Mountain but after reading some of the "downsides" and seeing the price, I came back to the Egg. Much to my surprise, my wife was looking at the Egg via the web when I was at work. So there we were, sitting on our deck overlooking our wooded backyard when my wife says, "sure would be nice to have that Egg." I reminder her of the price and she reminded me that it will outlive us (I'm hoping we still have another 25-30 years in us). So here's the reason I'm writing, being a military member who tends to move from time to time (about every 2-3 years), would you advise holding off making the purchase because the Egg may not survive a move (like my propane gas grill...bruised, but not broken)? BTW, we are considering the Large (most popular size). Also, for those who support the purchase now, do they ever go down in price, like during the winter months? There are several dealers in our area (True Value, B-B-Q Galore) so I feel pretty comfortable with respect to available service (if the Egg even ever requires "service") and equipment/supplies. Please advise and thanks.


  • The best time to purchase a BGE will be at one of the eggfests. The Eggtoberfest in Atlanta will be posted in a few days for the 3rd weekend in October, with demo pricing in effect for this event. I would drive down for this and pick a Large and a SBGE.
  • ric3677ric3677 Posts: 278
    You are wasting valuble time that you could be cooking on that egg. I had a multitude of different BBQ's also and wasn't happy with any until I got my egg.

  • HitchHitch Posts: 402
    Please define the nature of your job...are you a military guy, or a government guy. This question actually does have a purpose.

  • aaindaaind Posts: 235
    Just dont wait ,you wont be sorry ,
    My son is in the AF,the worst you have to do is sell before you move get a new one at next stop ,or buy a small not so bad to move ,JUST DO IT,You will be glad you did .Meals are a better event now, my kids beg me to use it ,the storys just go on and on here on the forum ,you will use it a lot

  • Here is my take.

    I have two EGGs (a large and a small). The large weighs about 140 lbs and the small weighs about 67 pounds. When I take the fire ring and box out of the SMALL it is quite easy to move.

    I bought the small to have an EGG for travel and for separate cooks. In fact, I brought my EGG on a recent trip to Florida. I built a SMALL carrier for approximately $20 which works great. Therefore, it is portable.

    The question is the type of travel that you do. If you are able to load in your car and move it, it is not a big deal. If you are expecting to put it on a crate or in a moving van, that is different.

    As far as the EGG, it is absolutely amazing. I love my large and probably use it more than my small, but I am cooking for 5 people. However, I am always amazed at the efficiency of the small. It only needs a handful of lump.

    Also, this forum is a great tool for information and is free. The forum will talk you through any problems that you might experience in your EGG.

  • Don't wait on getting one like so many of us on here have done. You will wonder how you got along without one. Like it was mentioned, try to get one at an Egg Fest. You will save a lot of money that can be put towards any accessory you need. If and when it comes time to move, pack it like your best china and carry on!

    Bottom line....Go for it!!
  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,091
    Also, no offense but please stop referring to the BGE as a smoker... :ohmy:

    yes it is the best smoker on the market IMHO but how many smokers sear steaks at 600-700 degrees, bake pizzas at 400-600 degrees, bake bread at 400 degrees, smoke cheese at 180 degrees, etc, etc, etc..

    it is an outdooor oven :P ...and that is why it is the best value on the market IMHO.. :)

    now go buy one and have a reat time with will be amazed... :lol:
  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,091
    also there is a great Eggfest in your area in May in Waldorf, MD...keep your eyes posted for information early next year.... B)
  • FlaMikeFlaMike Posts: 648
    I'm retired USAF, but didn't get my LBGE until well after. Had I known about the egg, looking back, I don't think there would have been a problem with PCS moves. I just wouldn't let the movers pack it, or even put it on their truck. You should buy it now, use and enjoy it, and if/when you move, take it apart, pad it well, and put it in the car, or get a U-Haul for the egg and other items that you want to keep off the truck.

    Life's too short to wait until you're a civilian again. Just my 2cents.
  • probe1957probe1957 Posts: 218
    It seems to me you have two concerns, one being the price of the BGE and the other being potential difficulties you might have in moving same. I appreciate both of those issues.

    I have a large BGE and have never owned a WSM. However, many people do and are very pleased. As I understand it, the WSM is quite a capable smoker and somewhat less capable as a grill.

    You could get a WSM now and wait to get the BGE until things look a little more stable for you.

    There is almost a cult like following to the BGE here. Whether it is worthy or not, I will leave to you to decide. In the meantime, you might want to ask the same question on the Weber forum:
  • SkidsSkids Posts: 32
    I'm active duty Air Force.
  • SkidsSkids Posts: 32
    Hitch wrote:
    Please define the nature of your job...are you a military guy, or a government guy. This question actually does have a purpose.


    I'm active duty Air Force. You have me curious; how does that help or does it?
  • SkidsSkids Posts: 32
    Long Legged Egger wrote:
    Don't wait on getting one like so many of us on here have done. You will wonder how you got along without one. Like it was mentioned, try to get one at an Egg Fest. You will save a lot of money that can be put towards any accessory you need. If and when it comes time to move, pack it like your best china and carry on!

    Bottom line....Go for it!!

    How do I find when/where the Egg Fests are held?
  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,091
    If you watch this board they will be discussed....often.. :laugh:

    also there should be a banner at the front of this page called

    Eggfest Central...just click on that and you will see where & when they all are...

    the 2009 Waldorf Fest will not be up until late this year or early next year as it was held in May
  • opodopod Posts: 41
    i'm military as well and own an egg. my rec would be to buy it--from a dealer--or from Eggfest if one is close and upcoming soon. For moves, disasemble it--it's fairly easy and do a partial DITY. the high weight/density of the egg will actually MAKE you money.
    kurt kowalski
  • SkidsSkids Posts: 32
    Well, if for no other reason than for the level of support you all provide, I believe it is time to purchase a Large Green Egg. I thank you all for your assitance, and at the risk of taking advantage of your kindness (and revealing a less than flattering side of myself), I have one other request for information. As it turns out, there will be no Egg Fest in the foreseeable future for my area (Northern Virginia...about 30 min from the Pentagon). So I made several calls to the stores and it appears there is no price variance...of any consequence ($844...includes the kit & nest). I'll tell you, I was just reaching a level of reasonable discomfort at $650 when this news took my breath away. And you don't get the "plate setter" or "pizza stone" (which I thought were the same thing...I have so much to learn). So, here's my question; am I getting hosed or did you all spend about the same amount for the same equipment? Is there some option out there that I haven't considered (I've only considered the stores in my area)?
  • Mike in AbitaMike in Abita Posts: 3,302
    If there is anyway you can swing it. Try and get to Atlanta on OCT 18. There you can pick up a once used egg for a great price, plus meet a lot of us and see the egg in action. Trust me it will be one heck of a good time, and you will come away with some excellent ideas on what to cook, as well as some much needed hands on experience.
  • GunnarGunnar Posts: 2,010
    I bought my large 4 months ago. The large included the daisy wheel. I added the nest, eggmates, plate setter, a box of fire startyer cubes and a bag of BGE lump. The total was $940 plus tax. Your quote is $5 less than mine for what you're getting.
  • PdubPdub Posts: 234
    The pennsylvania eggfest is coming up in september.
    google says it is 160 miles from the pentagon. When I bought my first egg the sticker shock was hard. The first time I nailed a pulled pork or brisket cook the egg paid for itself.
  • Skids
    Forgive the long post...
    I own a number of grills including a gasser, a WSM and a LG BGE. Why three grills well why not! But for all seriousness, I like BBQ pulled pork, ribs, smoked turkey and the like so I got a WSM . It did a fine job and the food tasted great too, but there are some issues with the smoker. It has no temperature gauge so will you will have to install one yourself, have fun drilling through porcelean coated steal (or you could place a tempurate gauge through the top vent. It is messy too, the water pan inside gets disgusting filthy - what to do with the dirty greasy left over water. For long smokes the water pan needs to get refilled with boiling water. Not fun. It is quite sensitive to the outside weather - wind, rain, and snow. Well one day my trusty ol Weber Kettle rusted out on me (I live near Chesapeake bay so any metal outside with decay eventually, also nearly always a breeze). I wanted something that could grill and smoke in more types of weather, hence the BGE was acquired.

    The Egg does have a temperature gauge and is remarkable easy to control the temp 225-250 is no problem and you can keep that temp all day long on 1 load of charcoal and have some left over. The Egg is very un-messy for charcoal. You don't need a chimney starter that spitts sparks and charcoal dust about, just a few weber cubes or anyother fire starter. and in 10-15 it is ready to go. Gets to full blast faster than my gasser. Once the gasser dies I'll probably not replace it, I'll just use the egg instead.

    I'm new to the egg only got it a few weeks ago. But already made some good pull pork and spatchcock chicken too. So it can smoke and grill. The egg is very efficient too. After my pork shoulder post I used the remaining charcoal for 2 additional cooks!

    Since you like BBQ get the plate setter for indirect. Mine is still on back order! I would also get the Egg Mates, those side tables are great. Since you like BBQ get the plate setter. Mine is still on back order!

    Bottom Line:
    I decided to get an Egg to replace my smooker and grill. So far it is working out. Here are some hightlights on the pros and cons.

    The Egg is expensive and since it is made of ceramic a good whack or a drop by movers and it's humpty dumpty time. Just Insure it for you next move.
    Can smoke and grill and keeping the temp in control is easy.
    Cleanest charcoal cooker there is.
    Doesn't get as hot on the outside as any metal cooker

    The WSM is a fine product and is cheaper but it has less features and optional addons.But it should a move or two with ease.
    Easier to knock over if little ones are around.
    And it is just a smoker
    Is Messy.
    No temperature gauge mounted

    BTW: I got mine a BBQ Galore and they delivered it to my deck.

  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,091
    Unless you can find them at an Eggfest you are in the ballpark with what you are paying.

    I pleaded with my wife for 6 months to let me get my first BGE.

    In less than 6 months aafter we got our large BGE SHE asked me when we were getting a small Egg...LOL...go figure

    she loves the BGE and rarely cooks anymore...yes they are pricey and yes you will spend a lot of money on the other "have to have" items, but it will be some of the best money ever spent...
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,885

    Didn't read all the posts below but I have moved seven times in eight years with another coming up in a few weeks. Every one of those moves has had at least one egg involved. No damage. Just take care that it is wrapped well and is packed in the van or container solidly. Dont wait.



    Caledon, ON


  • Pre-welcome, Skid. Just one more thought...

    I'd say once you get up to speed on your new egg ie. cooking some of the best food you've ever eaten, you'll quickly save a ton of money. The amount you allocate for going out to eat will drop considerably. Maybe even enough to pay for the entire purchase of your large egg in a year...for sure a couple years. Buy it, and come back and let us know how it goes.

    Oh yea, go a little more and get a plate setter. I've always thought they should come as standard eggcessories. Great device.
  • probe1957probe1957 Posts: 218
    To add to my prior comments, if you get a WSM, in short time, you may still want a BGE. If you get a BGE, you will throw rocks at WSM.
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