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Steak Problems?

Jail eggerJail egger Posts: 67
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Cooked my first steaks on my new large tonight. I followed the cooking instructions from the egg instruction/cookbook. 650 degrees 2 minutes, flip, 2 more minutes and then shut down the vents.
I had too thin of ribeyes, the steaks were done in 4 minutes and not pink at all inside.

any help?...would a raised grid help if I have thin steaks in the future or what?

the potatoes were great thanks AZRP!


  • JeffersonianJeffersonian Posts: 4,244
    If they're that thin, just 1-2 minutes per side on a sear will do it. I've never liked the method in the BGE manual, myself...I always seemed to get ash on my steaks when I shut the Egg down.
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,768
    nothing helps a thin steak.. :(

    Well accept a nice grinder.

    Serious get the steal above 1" thick. adjust the sear based on the thickness. 4 minutes for a thin steak and it's almost cooked.. 90 seconds per side is enough even for thick cuts.
  • from my experience, anything less than an inch just doesn't benefit from the sear and dwell method. ...with thin steaks, i typically get the egg going at around 500 degrees with a really good bed of hot coals, then simply grill the steak for around 3 - 4 minutes per side or until done at around 125 degrees internal temp (you do have a ready check thermometer of some type right!?) . .. .i do high temp sears and dwell only on steaks that are at least 1 1/2 inches thich or greater and then i sear them at 750+ degrees dome temp ...HTH
  • there are some good thin steak. ..butterlied hangers, flat irons, skirts and flanks come to mind .. .but like i said in my response. .i don't go with a sear/ dwell. ..just a steady grilling at 500 degrees for those types. .
  • Car Wash MikeCar Wash Mike Posts: 11,244
    Flatirons are pretty thin but mighty tasty.

  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    I can get good tasting thin steaks. About 600° or so, about 45 to 60 seconds on each side but I only get a light sear. I don't cook after the sear. The steaks are medium rare to medium. Sometimes they may go into medium well.

    Use mad max's recomendation above and don't try to sear. Thin meat cooks quickly.

    I will take thin steak, thin being 3/4" thick, and do a 60 to 90 second sear directly on the lump or in a low placed skillet then use the cut meat in fajita mix.

    If I cook 1/2" thick, again fajita to the like and sear directly on a good amber lump for 40 to 60 seconds/side.

    Comes out really nice about medium rare.

  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    You have to face them soon. -RP
  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
  • hey, i was giving props to the thin steaks. .it was CW that was dissing them ....i just forgot to mention the ubiquitous flap meat. . .i'm actually looking forward to it. . .cause, while i can get my hangers up here, i haven't noticed flaps down at union meats or at whole foods. .. gonna have to ask though. .. .
  • Citizen QCitizen Q Posts: 484
    Don't know what your definition of thin is, but anything under an 1" qualifies as a Steak-Um around here.
    My personal preference as far as rib-eye goes is around 1 3/4" thick, I generally sear them around 750 or higher on a cast iron grid for exactly 1 minute per side, directly over the coals then rotate a 1/4 turn and 30 seconds more each side. Now for me, that steak is cooked to perfection at this point, but my wife likes her's done a little bit more on the medium well side so I rest the steaks on a plate covered with foil for about 8-10 minutes while the Egg cools down to about 400 and the soot and smoke dissipates, then return her steak to the Egg on a raised grid for 5 minutes, flip it and return mine to the cooker while she gets another 5 and I flip mine after 2 1/2 so they come off at the same time and we can both eat a hot meal together.
    Thinner steaks, say 3/4" - 1" will get maybe 50 seconds sear time per side while up to an 1 1/2" will get the full 60, and maybe a discretionary second flip as needed.
    I never sear longer than 60 seconds/side at a shot as I find there is a not-so-fine line between perfectly seared meat and charcoal.
  • BrocBroc Posts: 1,398
    Yep -- Y'ere stickin' thet steak on fer too long! And don't bet yer stake on such thin'uns!


    :) B) ;)
  • Desert FillyDesert Filly Posts: 1,042
    OOOhhh, I still have you shakin that you're looking for them now. Soo, we have to come to terms with rules....sous chef, judges, etc.....I uglies....your hangars.....


    PS Desserts are team thingy
  • Desert FillyDesert Filly Posts: 1,042
    you need to get a life....I know I got you shakin....At least you got enough time to get there fresh meat...I need to freeze...
    PS..does Spawn need to meet with us ladies on Friday..she may need a little class.....just kiddin
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,768
    Every piece of flap meat I have had has not been THIN..

    If you remember right I posted a picture of a flap meat cook I did over a year ago. I can't help it if Randy just now discovered them

  • you'd have a tough time getting spawn to give up her varsity fix. . . and if she wants a warm bed to sleep in in atlanta and ride home on sunday, she'd better remember where her loyalties lie, if you get my drift!!. .(that is, unless you plan on putting her up for the night and paying for her return airfare to ny!!) :woohoo: . .
  • hey, i'm always looking for good meat, thats a given .. . as for shakin, only thing shakin around here are my dizzy rubs.. .LOL. . .as for sous chefs, i got mine traveling with me. .. . don't know how many of ya-yas you need to help you flip-a-flap, but you can have as many you you deem necessary. .. as for judges, we already have two signed up big-un and emandem's dad ... go ahead and pick a third (always need a third for a tie breaker). .. .we need to figure out person to take the steaks from us to the judges in a way present them "blindly" so they don't know whos is who's. ..i have an idea for that that i'll run past you on an email. . .
  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    The hardest part of not being in Atlanta :evil: is not being there to watch the Ya-Ya's take the winning bow! Er curtsies? LOL :cheer: I know this is going to be good. Hmm a threatened sous chef?? LOL Girls I would be talking to her B) thermometers can be messed with ya know! and I believe she has access to seasonings that can be changed up a little :laugh: I do evil real gooood :whistle:
  • its a simple steak, throw it on the grill, let the egg do its magic. ...pull at the right time. ..slice the righ way at the right time. ..serve it up. ain't that hard ...LOL. . ..



    btw, why don't you load up one of those pre-1960 camper of yours and tow that thing down to atlanta for a long weekend in october??. ..sounds like a good road trip to me!! :cheer:
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 16,040
    thicker steaks are a better cook. one thing not said is to get a thermapen instant read thermometer, cooking by temps, not time, will give you better results consistantly.
  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    "btw, why don't you load up one of those pre-1960 camper of yours and tow that thing down to atlanta for a long weekend in october??. ..sounds like a good road trip to me!!"
    LOL! WE WOULD LOOK LIKE THE Beverly hillbillies Rolling into town! LOL Our biggest deterrent is that we want to spend 4 months in FL this winter instead of one like we have in the past. soooo pinching pennies just to be sure and not spending anything extra till then if we don't have too. I can live two months down there for what this trip would cost :( but DAMN I want to go!!
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