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I'm cook'en some'en: Pork stake, sausage and ?

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Ohhhh..... First REAL day back in the Shack and it feels great!! :woohoo: Had to hall hay yesterday from the field after graveyards and not really in an "Egging" state of mind after that with 98 temps and 70+ humidity.
Got me some pork stake to do direct and aundui sausage along with smoke links for the wife. Also doing something new so check back to this post for updates in a bit. Pork has been salted and cracked peppered and mine have fresh rosemerry and tarigon.
Sausage on first as smoking them at 275 indirect. Up next something fresh from the garden on the Egg then TRex the pork! ;)





This is a pic I took last week in Taos NM at the Taos reservation. The "evelution" of the Smoke Shack and Lounge!! :laugh:



  • EggtuckyEggtucky Posts: 2,746
    nice lookin stuff JL and always like to see me some andouille! :woohoo: ..almost bought some pork steaks last week..think I might do some this weekend...
  • ChefToneChefTone Posts: 42

  • BacchusBacchus Posts: 6,019
    Good to see your smoke shack back in business. You goin "caveman" on those chops?
  • StanleyStanley Posts: 623
    That's a Cobb oven! Oh so cool! I was going to build one - bought the definitive how-to book and everything - then I moved to a 2nd floor condo. Probably no longer a good idea.
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Just going to "regular" the stakes. Caveman some'en soon!!
  • lowercasebilllowercasebill Posts: 5,218
    nice looking stuff will wait for the "jake approval pic'
    that is a pile of food for 2 :ohmy:
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Supper in about 2 more Porters!
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Aunduie and a bag of "nuke" rice... Nothing better at 24:00 working graveyards!!
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,172
    Welcome back to normality JL.
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Got lots of pics with those ovens and the pebblo. Some with the Taos cooking in them and will post soon. Not a good idea in the condo!!
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Got to cook it b4 Jake can approve!! ;) It will get the "seal" soon!!
  • Beanie-BeanBeanie-Bean Posts: 3,092
    Pork steaks looking good, DP!
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Sausage done and now egg plant. Sliced 1/4 inch, 275 direct after coating with EVOO, salt, pepper and fresh parmashon cheese.




  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Fidel, I am ready to hit the starter and head out again!! Just don't understand how some one retired could be board! :blink:
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Egg plant is done. Man its hot!! Even Fancy, reg. Arabian, is hot!!!! :blink:

  • Spring ChickenSpring Chicken Posts: 9,776
    Me and the 'Hen' want to know if you saved some vacation time to come to the Coop Party, October 4th?

    You can feel free to cook up some'em if'n you like. Seems to me you know how.

    Spring "Ranch Hand" Chicken
    Spring Texas USA
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Yea... Lets do it!! B)




  • "Sparky""Sparky" Posts: 6,024
    Looks great as always JL.Glad to see you're back in the shack :woohoo: ;)
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Jake approved!!!

  • lowercasebilllowercasebill Posts: 5,218
    that's the rule.... it ain't dinner till jake says so!
    boys don't do eggplant. maybe this weekend eggplant for me on the mini. or better grill some and smoke the rest for baba ganoush
    sounds like a winner thanks for the inspiration
  • emillucaemilluca Posts: 673
    Looks like Pork Sirloin chops a little farther south of the Pork Steak. Still looks good.
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    Spring Yard Bird, Me and the wife would love to nest up but we have a run in Jefferson TX. on the 10th and 11th of Oct. It's for burned kids and we have made it every year for the last 6 years. Several couples from El Do. go and all ready have lodging reserved as well as $50 regesteration fee. Just to much back to back. However am truley honored to have an invite to the coop!! ;) Will meet you and Spring Hen soon wheather you like it are not!!! :laugh:
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    bill, The fresh parmashon made the egg plant. I called myself salting them good but ended up adding more on the plate. Quite good in the end.
  • Big'unBig'un Posts: 5,909
    It's great to have you back!! Awesome food as always. Let me ask you, what is the motiff you are going for in the "DP's Smoke Shack And Lounge"? Is it tropical, or what? I can see the parrot in the hammock, but that's about all I can make out. It looks pretty cool. Just curious.
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    :laugh: Sort of Jimmy Buffet meets South Arkansas redneck!! Got speaker system that hook the laptop up to, bamboo curtains, hamack, some tropical flags, big yacka cane tree, pink "smoke bird", ect.
    Just some place to use your "License to Chill" ;)
  • Big'unBig'un Posts: 5,909
    It sounds good, I'm gonna have to send you something for your shack.
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