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Demo Cook for BGE Dealer Suggestions PLEASE

PharmeggistPharmeggist Posts: 1,191
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Hi Eggheads,
I have been flattered today with a most gracious invitation to do a demo cook at a BGE dealer here in my home town of Prattville, AL :blush: . They will provide everything I want to cook with and I get to create my own menu... they even said they would pay me. I don't know about getting paid but having some discount on another egg or some eggcessories lump etc. would be nice :) Anyway, I would like to do this first class all the way The store is open Monday thru Firday 8-5 pm and 10-2 on Sat. Anyway, I want to do a first class job and they are even talking about running an ad in the paper for advertising. I was wondering what I should do..... I don't won't to be a disappointment. I know some people have done demo cooks. I really would like to help these NICE people out!! What should I do??? I have total free reign on this one.


  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    ABTs, some pork tenderloins with some Red Eye Express for a afternoon cook.

    If they are set up for it you cannot go wrong with pulled pork. Being in the south I'd do shoulders so you can have some skin to crisp up for the locals (man the memories of pig pickens rummaging the hog for those choice perfect bits of skin as a kid).

    Ribs, folks are always amazed. They are so used to restruant ribs and oven/crock pot ribs give them some real ones and they'll be amazed.

    Fatties to serve with some crackers.


    The list is endless.
  • PharmeggistPharmeggist Posts: 1,191
    I am ashamed to admit it but I have never done a shoulder :blush: Boston Butts Yes; Clays pulled Beef Yes

    My biggest concern is timing the food to be ready and keeping it warm and tasty when it comes off the egg. I love pulled pork the first day right after it cools enough to pull it. Reheating it isn't as good as the first day though ;) Don't get me wrong its just not the same after its pulled in the fridge haven't figured out how to keep it at the peak of perfection.
  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    Be proud and have a ball, you should be very happy about being selected to do this. Have fun man. -RP
  • PharmeggistPharmeggist Posts: 1,191
    I am egg-cited no doubt. I figure I would do a few pork loins. They cook relatively easily. I haven't done fatties because I know I would eat the whole crazy thing because my wife doesn't like sausage go figure! I was thinking a few spathcock chickens would be good too. I guess the hard part for me is putting together a menu and figuring out how to keep the food warmed without it losing its something something if you know what I mean. I eat leftovers don't get me wrong but food that is hot off the egg can't be beat ;)
    ~ Pharmeggist
    P.S. At this time I know I will be cooking on a Large egg.
  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    A picnic shoulder cooks about the same as a butt. The meat is a tad different but basically the same.

    Is the dealer in a place they can have an Egg out overnight cooking? If not you'd need to cook it at home and cooler it for transport.

  • PharmeggistPharmeggist Posts: 1,191
    Since this is a family run business they have a Large egg outback of their store they cook ocassionally on. The Lady Mrs. Norma who is Co-owner is so eggcited I would come and cook for them I am sure I could get them to let me use another one of their floor sample eggs. They are a swimming pool place predominately but they have a nice area to showcase all the eggs and eggcessories. These are good folk. I bought all of my eggs from them.
  • Big'unBig'un Posts: 5,909
    I'm guessing you want some "WOW" factor. I'd do these.

    Amaretto cranberry stuffed pork loin

    Triple Threats


    bacon wrapped scallops





  • PharmeggistPharmeggist Posts: 1,191
    Nice pictures! I didn't think about the pizza but I know that is something that would be good to do too since I have lots of egg-sperience. I did some ABT's once but I ate 22 of them in one sitting and well I can say that it was a painful experince the next day :woohoo: And I learned why you need to wear gloves while handling the peppers :laugh: My wife thought the peppers were too hot and I was so foolish because I ate all of them like it was dinner :evil:
  • Michael BMichael B Posts: 986
    A lot depends on how many people you expect to come buy. If only a few, cook a lot of what you and the owners like. (Doggie bags)

    Think about foods you can group by cooking temp.
    Also think about things that will rotate through an Egg so that people can see them going on and coming off.

    ABT’s - The better you clean the peppers the less heat they retain. You might think about making a few with banana peppers.

    Fatties - serve sliced on crackers

    Tuna steaks - Sear on a HOT skillet and finish in the same Egg as the fatties & ABT’s. Served cut into bite-size pieces.

    Buffalo wings or chicken fingers.

    Grilled Veggies - Few people think of veggies when they look at grills, so put a few sides together too.
    I always get surprised looks followed by big smiles when I serve grilled vegetables. My kids even like the grilled asparagus!

    Fruit -
    Grilled pineapple is great!

    Apples - core an apple, (but not all the way through), fill with chocolate chips and bake in a 350* Egg for about an hour.

    Bread: (Cook with the fruit)
    Cook rolls in 2 inch clay flower pots. Butter the sides of the pots before putting the dough in and brush the top with a little more butter.

    Monkey Bread!

    *** Call Mothership. They’ve been doing this for a long time, and probably have their menu worked out by now with good reasons for their choices. ***
  • assuming you are cooking on saturday, 4 hours does does not leave a lot of time for pulled pork. unless you cook it friday and serve ,but then they customers do not get to see the egg in action. when i cook at my dealers egg fest, my goal is to show the great unwashed masses the ease of eggin and the quality of the food, 'it just tastes better cooked right, on the egg' and hopefully encourage sales for my friends, to that end i cook simple stuff and a lot of it. short cooks so there is always something cooking and always something to eat. i start with jimmy dean savory sage slices and put some hickory on. everyone asks if it home made. then potato slices or texas fries with some penzeys 4-s seasoning.. yakatori [skewered chicken fingers with yakatori sauce [or bbq if you wish] i always cook with easily available ingredients [store bought stuff] so as not to intimidate. grilled asparagus has been my most popular offering people are amazed and always want more,, apparently it is just eggers that do grilled asparagus. marinated london broil with a rub cooked medium and sliced. i finish with tequila lime shrimp and always have a package of mini hot dogs to throw on at the end. i purposly keep it simple and easy and am amazed at how impressed people are. remember you are cooking for saturday gassers and the kingsford/weber dried out chicken breast crowd and not the forum.. have a blast
  • thanks for the ideas. i will hit the garden store today for 2 inch flower pots i am going to have fun with sons are in their 20's and will not eat boiled asparagus any more ..if it is not egged they don't want it..and "dad could you wrap it in prosciutto?' spoiled brats!!!
  • BobSBobS Posts: 2,485
    I agree with the ideas about having quick cooks that are easy, so you have plenty of food to serve and can interact with the guests.

    The recipe for Ginger Lime Chicken on the Dizzy Pig web site is fantastic and you could have it prepared to cook before you arrive.

    Sliced pork tenderloin was a hit at Waldorf and only takes about 25 minutes to cook.
  • ViennaJackViennaJack Posts: 357
    I did this for my dealer back in May and it was a lot of fun. The post is here:

    I focused on preparing foods that would be very easy to cook and lend themselves to hors d'oeuvre style serving with toothpicks, like flank steak, pork tenderloin, pork chops, boneless chicken thighs, and sweet Italian sausage. After cooking everything got sliced into bite sized chunks and stabbed with frilly toothpicks. Of everything I cooked, the boneless chicken thighs and sausage seemed to be the biggest hits. All I did was grill, no smoking or baking.

    I also showcased the BGE spices, since they are also sold at the shop. I prepared and seasoned everything the day before, using labeled one gallon freezer ziplocks to store everything in large coolers with lots of ice.

    Next time I'll might skip the flank steak. The slices start to look nasty after they are exposed to the air for more than a few minutes. I'll also set one Egg up for baking and do some pizza and quesadillas.

    I think the key to success is to prepare EVERYTHING that you can ahead of time. When you get started all you want to be doing is cooking and slicing and talking about the Egg.

    Have fun!
  • QBabeQBabe Posts: 2,275
    Go through the dealer's store, and choose products there to use...sauces, rubs, marinades, planks, wood, etc. Create recipes using their stock so you can let folks know "I just used XXX, and they have some right in there".

    You're going to end up with many things you want to cook, and not enough time to do it. It' happens!

    We try and choose mostly quick cooks, mainly because you're wanting stuff coming off often so as many as possible get to sample things. Ribs are impressive, but take too long, unless you have multiple eggs at your disposal and can tie one up for the whole day while you're using the other one for quicker things.

    We try and highlight the versatility of the egg. Do something for breakfast, and not just the traditional meats, do some packaged cinnamon rolls or toasted english muffins with ham/egg stacks. You're looking for the "WOW" factor, but with easily done things. Pork tenderloins always go over well and a lunch/dinner item, as well as chicken wings. Think finger food or toothpick food. Pizza's are a hit and will REALLY highlight the versatility of the egg, but they can a bit more labor intensive. Finally, do a dessert of some kind. A peach cobbler, some cookies, brownies, grilled banana splits (you'd have to have somewhere to store the ice cream).

    Have fun!
  • RRPRRP Posts: 15,848
    You have email coming at you via the BGE board. I teach classes myself. BTW the going price here is $40 per person for a 2.5 hour class.
    Dunlap, IL
  • BacchusBacchus Posts: 6,019
    Chicken wings are easy to cook, to eat, and taste great. Especially the drumettes.
  • You are going to have a blast. I did one with my local dealer and enjoyed every minute of it.

    We had two LBGEs going. I cooked on one and the regional BGE rep cooked on the other.

    We brought an easy up and had some talbes set up mostly for serving.

    We tried to keep it somewhat simple and cook stuff that could be stabbed with a toothpick. Lot of activity and questions at the Eggs but several of the young ladies who work at the store walked around with trays and toothpicks so the customers could browse the store at the same time.

    I cooked mojo pork the day before and kept it warm on a warming tray with the mojo sauce on the side. Also cooked some Hawaiian Banana Nut bread and cut into small pieces and had it on the side.

    Cooked at the store;
    My Egg
    Grilled Shrimp
    Blackened Redfish

    Kevin's Egg
    Boneless Chicken thighs - cut into bite sized pieces
    Sausage - again cut into bite sized pieces

    The event was from 6-9 pm. So I ended the night with bananas foster. The only thing that wasn't Egged was the ice cream. :woohoo:

    You will have a blast and be ready for a lot of questions like how do you control the temp, what's that thing made of, does the food dry out, you didn't really cook that bread on there did you, etc.

  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    well here is my suggestion.... these can be made the day before so you will have time on demo day to talk with people, or cook other things.. when you are rerady just throw one on:::

    Pork, Tenderloin, Stuffed, Tomato, TB

    i seen this recepie on the bge forum and decided to try it myself.. i have changed it after i made it and have added the changes here.....

    2 Pork Tenderloins Butterflied
    1 bag Spinach
    4 slices cheddar/swiss cheese
    1/2 9 oz jar sundried tomato paste
    4 tbs Water
    butchers twine
    a few shakes of your favorite rub

    1 pork tenderloins do not come butterflied so you will have to that on your own.. it is very easy after you do it. it is a little intimidating if you have never done it....
    2 put 4 tbs of water into a big shallow pan.. bring to a boil.. add your bag of spinach and turn until it is all wilted.. remove from the pan and put in a tee towel... squeeze out as much moisture as you can... move spinach to cutting board and chop up... i have not tried using frozen spinach but i guess that would work also just make sure to squeeze out as much water as you can..
    3 lay out your tenderloins on your cutting board and shake some of your favorite rub (i use dizzy pig)
    4 using a spoon spread the sundried tomato paste over the tenderloins
    5 layer in the cheese
    6 last add your chopped spinach
    7 tie up using the butchers twine.. if you are bad at tying knots just use bamboo skewers that might work also
    8 sprinkle the outside with some more of your rub
    9 place tenderloins on a 400 degree egg until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees
    10 place on your cleaned cutting board covered with foil for 5-10 min
    11 pull off your butchers twine or pull out skewers
    12 slice.
    13 enjoy

    Recipe Source
    Author: T.Bente

    Source: originally on BGE Forum

    as i said i have made some changes from the original recepie which i copied from supermarket. com which vienna jack pointed me toward


    happy eggin


    Anderson S.C.

    "Life is too short to be diplomatic. A man's friends shouldn't mind what he does or says- and those who are not his friends, well, the hell with them. They don't count."

    Tyrus Raymond Cobb

  • 101_2220.jpg
    Kevin put the bags of BGE lump out front - nice touch.

    The young man in the jeans is an Egger and real nice fellow but of course Egger and nice fellow is redundant.

    The Geaux Tiger Easy up and serving ladies loading up
  • PharmeggistPharmeggist Posts: 1,191
    Very Much appreciated :) :) :)
  • QCA EggerQCA Egger Posts: 34
    Monkey Bread, Fatties, DP chicken wings, ABTs, Adobo Chicken and Nutella tortillas all work well for samples!
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    It is fun to be asked to demo cook for a dealer.

    Remember the goal, sell eggs and related items and well as to get return customers for the dealer.

    Exotic or gourmet food is not called for this activity. Keep the foods simple, something anyone can see themselves doing and getting great results.

    Prospective customers, for the most part, are looking for something quick, easy which will produce fantastic results.

    Remember the 'sizzle sells not the steak'. What they initially see and then taste is what is going to get their attention and inclination to buy.

    If the dealer sells other cookers be aware of them and their virtues and don't beat down non egg products.

    Have fun and let us know how it turns out.

  • Yes - please let us know how it turns out. You are probably going to be busy - have a designated picture taker - pics are nice.
  • CrimsongatorCrimsongator Posts: 5,766
    Let me know what day, I may come down from Huntsville.
  • PharmeggistPharmeggist Posts: 1,191
    I am thinking about AUG. 2nd I will let you know if this date works out for sure :)
  • CrimsongatorCrimsongator Posts: 5,766
    very nice. I know I have a two Saturday conferences in the next 10 weekends. Maybe it will be open and the family can make a day trip down.

    I am trying to sort through some easy eggtoberfest recipes now. I know it is not a cook for a store, but i think I know what you are going through.
  • civil eggineercivil eggineer Posts: 1,547
    This is a little late and sorry I am a little slow :blush: .

    I would buy some beef loins and cut them into fillets. A short marinade time and cook at high temp. Cut them into little pieces on toothpicks and hand out. Fillets are fabulous on the egg, cook fast, and will provide a lot of product.
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