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My opinion of our new egg

elmuyloco5elmuyloco5 Posts: 43
edited 1:01AM in EggHead Forum
We recently bought a LGE egg to replace our gas grill that had been thrown during 70 MPH wind gusts and was detroyed. We've used it now a few times and I just wanted to write up my opinion of it.

We really enjoyed the brisket and beans. They came out nicely smoked, juicy, and everything we were hoping for in a good lo and slo cook.

But in all honesty, the steak was not as good as I've made regularly in the past, and the whole chickens that we did were good, but nothing any more special than I've done in the oven (by the way, the secret to crispy chicken in an oven is a brown paper bag).

We used the TRex method on the steaks. They were just OK in our opinion, and we know we could have done better on our old gas grill. They had a slightly smoky flavor that was nice, and they were juicy and tender. But, the sear wasn't as nice as on our gas grill......and we really missed that.

We did two whole chickens above a drip pan with carrots and red potatoes. The veggies came out good, but would have been essentially the same in the oven below chicken. The chickens had crisp skin and were both juicy. I can't say I have any complaints, but that I have done them just as well in the oven many times. Again, there was the difference of the smokier flavor, but I'm not necessarily looking for smokiness to all my foods.

I hate to say it as I know there's a huge following on here, but I am a bit disappointed. There's a lot hype around the BGE's and I really bought into the "food tastes so much different on an egg" theory. But, I'm not sure that's necessarily true. I think the food on the egg is good, I just don't see the big difference everyone talks about. I can't help but guess that maybe those people had difficulties achieving good food using other appliances, and maybe that's why the egg seems so much different to them? I'm not disappointed in the quality, look, ease of use, etc. of the egg......but from what I had read on here, I really expected the food to taste different. It's great food, but I think we made just as tasty of food before the egg.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like my egg, and it's a stellar smoker. I've only owned one other small smoker in the past, and only for a short while at that (the Hawaiian environment rusted it in a very short timeframe) so I can't compare smoked foods as much as I can my grilled foods. The egg, IMHO, seems to do an equal job smoking food compared to the other smoker I owned. However, the egg is definitely built better and has a great warranty. It's definitely a luxury model and will last us our lifetime.

It obviously has some other great functions that neither a smoker or grill can handle, like the pizza oven type atmosphere. That's cool and something I'm sure we'll utilize alot in the future.

It's also easy to keep clean, burns efficiently, and cooks well in poor weather conditions.

But, as a grill.....well it's just OK. It really seems no different to me than a charcoal grill. The structure is different and all the little extras are very useful to arrange foods differently on the egg and such. I would say it's like buying an ipod vs. another quality brand of mp3 player. They both play music, and can play it with equal quality, but the ipod has so many more extras available for it.

Not trying to start waves on here, just want to be honest for anyone looking to buy one. The egg is great, and it cooks well. It's built like a tank and the packaging was top notch. The dealer we have locally was knowledgeable and very helpful. They even remember all of our kids names. If you're looking for a quality unit, the egg is a great choice. But, if I'm being honest, I don't taste the "difference". I taste the smoke, but there's a difference like that between a gas grill and all charcoal grills/smokers. Otherwise, I don't taste any difference, sorry.


  • Richard FlRichard Fl Posts: 8,081
    I bought my first in SE Asia in '68 and have had a few BGE's since then. As you get more cooks under your belt and learn the finer points of the ceramics, you should be pleasently surprised at the outcome.
  • The Naked WhizThe Naked Whiz Posts: 7,780
    Not sure how you could sear any better than 2 or 3 inches away from a raging charcoal fire. Methinks if you have used it "a few times" you may not be aware of how hot you can get the Egg and that you probably didn't have a very hot fire. And, of course, if you really want a sear, put the steaks right on the glowing red charcoal.

    As for chickens, try spatchcocking them. Another secret to crispy skin is to leave the bird uncovered in your fridge for 24-48 hours to dry the skin.

    But in any event, keep working at it, ask questions and I'm sure you'll be able to address any problems you have. Good luck!
    The Naked Whiz
  • "Sparky""Sparky" Posts: 6,024
    You're not holding your mouth right. :laugh: You know that you just started something.You must be a gas guru or something.Or maybe, if your oven does such wonderful things,you should stick with that.I have been grilling for a long time,and have never had anything better.I will keep on eggin,and you can keep on cookin in the oven.I don't care either way. :woohoo:
  • c tredwellc tredwell Posts: 575
    Dang son!

    Thats kinda like goin'n to a Ford Mustang show, and talkin' up your new 'vette. You obviously need much more time and practice learning about the basic in's and out's of your new purchase. I'm not chastizing, don't get me wrong, but watch this forum, get some ideas, and try some basic dishes before throwing your egg out! Just like anything else, gotta work on it a little. But if you give up on it, let me know because I need another one for a big dinner I've got coming up :)

    Heartbroken, :(

  • usc1321usc1321 Posts: 627
    Wow... I am very surprised at this post. I would have to agree with The Naked Whiz. My first few cooks on my Egg were good, but I did not know all the things the egg could do, and I did not know how to really use my egg. This forum has shown me the light and I am convinced that you may just need some practice with your Egg. The more I use my Egg the more I love it. My wife and I hardly ever even use our oven anymore, and the thought of a gas grill would never cross my mind.
  • I understand how to sear on the egg. The steaks were literally our very first cook and late at night after we got it built. I'm sure the sear we could do on them could probably be just as good as any other grill (not as convenient,mind you, but as good). We had the egg up to 700, but did not do them low on the coals. And next time, we will see if that makes the difference we were looking for.

    I knew I would encounter many comments on my inexperience with the egg. But, please remember, I didn't say the egg doesn't perform well. It most certainly does. I just don't taste the "difference" everyone was talking about. Almost everyone on here talks about how the food tastes so different when cooked on an egg. I cooked really well before the egg, and I'm still cooking well after the egg. It's a different way of cooking. It works well and we enjoy our egg, but the food tastes just as good as I used to do. I'm only trying to be honest.

    I'm not a gas a guru. I don't even own a gas grill anymore (well technically it's in my yard until bulk pick up got was in my first post). I wasn't trashing the egg. I'm only trying to give my honest opinion of the egg.

    I have no special oven, in fact it's a low-end model. I'm not trying to be boastful of my cooking either. Again, it's just my honest opinion. I don't think that oven cooked food is generally better than on a grill. When our now dead grill was alive, I cooked 98% of our meals on it. Grilled food just tastes better. My comment was that the chickens that I did on the egg were very good, but no better than those I do regularly in my oven.

    I would hope that the people on here are mature enough to handle hearing that someone might have a different opinion than their own. I haven't even said that the egg was a poor choice. For heavens sake, I've shelled out over $900 for ours and all the equipment for it so far, I think I bought the right to voice my opinion of it. You see, when I go to read reviews about a product, I would personally rather read the bad points about it. And yes, everything has bad points, even the egg. It's easy to find all the great write ups about items, but the truth comes out in the bad parts. That way, you can make up your mind as to whether an item fits your needs properly and if you can work around the bad aspects of an item.

    And while I said nothing bad about the egg, I still think it's important to point out that the food cooked on, can be achieved just as well on other grills (with exception possibly to the "baked" items like pizza or bread). I do think the egg is of a higher quality than the average grill out there, so if you have the money, then it's particularly good for that reason. It's also versatile and the ability to cook in adverse weather conditions is a huge plus for some of us. But for a difference in taste, no, sorry, the difference just isn't there (when compared to grilling.....again.....except for the smokiness if compared to a gas grill).

    By the way....I never said we're getting rid of our egg. I never said that we didn't like it. I said that I was a little disappointed about the hype about the difference in taste. I don't see it. The food came out great, but it used to before with our gas too. The only difference I'm tasting is the "smoke".
  • Car Wash MikeCar Wash Mike Posts: 11,244
    Got me scratching my head on that one.


  • Mike, our's had grill didn't produce a nice crust on the outside like we're used to. I'm sure that we can obtain the crust in the egg. I'm not doubting that. I'm saying that the claims that the food tastes different in an egg vs. other grills, I don't agree with. I expected something phenomenally different, and got food that was equal in flavor to what I'd been cooking previously on my gas grill (minus the smoke of course). That's all.
  • I understand where you are coming from. We were pretty good cooks and also got the Egg about 6 months ago. We did notice it being better than the gas grill right away, but as time went on we became much better.

    Couple of points, first compare to an oven. We have a high end oven, and our egg is able to maintain a constant tempurature MUCH better than our high end oven. This allow us much better control and a more consistant result.

    As a grill again the ability to get the Egg very hot and then cool it down is something we could never do before. Once a steel gas grill gets hot, there is no bringing it down again.

    Finally please try a spatchcocked chicken. I thought I was good a cooking all sorts of chicken until I tried a spatchcock. It is the easiest recipie I have for chicken and by far the best.
  • Ctredwell:

    How am I talking up my Vette? The only grill, besides a smashed up gasser that isn't functioning, that I own is the egg. The gas grill we had was an inexpensive one that fell apart in a bad wind storm. I'm certainly not bragging it up.

    I'm just not seeing the taste difference in the food off the egg, beside smoke. I ate the food off of the demo cook on the egg and it wasn't any better. We just hoped that they couldn't cook well.

    I'm not on here to fight. Geez.....I just wanted to put my review of it. I don't see why you all should mind it. I have said nothing but nice things about the egg. I simply said that I don't taste a difference in the food compared to what I used to cook with. I'm sorry if that gets at ya'll too much, but it's the truth as I've tasted it.

    And.....I'm not a son...btw. I'm female ;)
  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    you know i am certian that once you get the hang of the egg you will like it a lot more than you do right now i know you like it but maybe you are just remembering fondly some of the cooks you did on your gas grill...

    i see your point in some areas but i think the egg is a little bit more of an advanced grilling degree... your old gas grill had a "hot spot" that never moved... on the egg it moves everytime you cook on it... i understand you are just getting the hang of it and are looking to some better cooks ....

    i hope you stay around here and post your thoughts more often that way we can kind of see what kind of change of heart we all know you will have... i know when i got my egg i had some troubles mainley because i did not come here to learn..... the folks around here are always eager to help you out.... even if you already know what you are doing... i have come across this several times.... you know when isee someone post a question about cooking chicken and i say to myself here is how i would do it.....then i see someone come in and tell me hw they do it..... the egg is a really strange animal... but once you get used to it you will not ever want to do without it....

    i know i will never want to do without it... and i hope you will do the same ;)

    happy eggin


    Anderson S.C.

    "Life is too short to be diplomatic. A man's friends shouldn't mind what he does or says- and those who are not his friends, well, the hell with them. They don't count."

    Tyrus Raymond Cobb

  • JeffersonianJeffersonian Posts: 4,244
    I'm not sure what difference in taste one would expect coming out of the Egg vis a vis a gasser if not the smokey flavor. After all, that is the primary distinction between the Egg and a gas grill.

    Perhaps you ought to peruse The Naked Whiz's charcoal database to see if you can upgrade or find something more to your liking. You might think about adding a smoking wood, too.

    Give it a little time...I didn't really start to understand how to use my Egg until I came here. Spend some time and experiment.
  • "Sparky""Sparky" Posts: 6,024
    Well, I really hope that you get it figured out.The egg does make some really good eats though.You will either learn to use it properly,or hate it.It sounds to me like you're hard to please.I'me not trying to start any trouble but,I have never had better food than from my eggs.Maybe you will be happy with yours someday. :) Good luck,
  • I understand your comments on the BGE and I feel the same way. My family is getting sick of the smoke flavor and I have done just about everything on my large over the last year. Personally, I like the smoke and have been using different types of lump depending on what I am cooking in order to find what works best. Some of the lump charcoal I have used is pretty smoky and others just impart a slight smoke which is better for some foods.

    Poultry seems to taste better on lump from Billy Bones BBQ-poplar based and I find that I don't like the strong smoke flavor whole birds seem to soak up. Once I started spatchcocking chickens and doing them direct, I liked that a lot better. Steaks and any type of pork are my favorites and I have really been doing a lot of mixed vegetables on the stainless steel rack and everyone seems to love it.

    I am just amazed by the simplicity and efficiency of my large and like the smoke flavor it imparts to meat. At the end of the day though, it still comes down to my cooking ability in the prep work and seasoning (or lack of in some cases) and no expensive cooker will make up for my prep work or for going cheap on the cut of meat...The thing just makes me happy and I enjoy the whole process of cooking with it.

    Hope you keep using it and find some things that you and your family like!

  • Katodude:

    I plan to try spatchcocked. We couldn't on our last cook because there wasn't enough room for everything to fit well that we were cooking. I would normally not compare an oven cooked chicken to any chicken grilled, but the paper bag is the secret in the oven. As I've said, the old gasser we had couldn't hold up in the weather like the egg, and I've done our chickens inside during those times. Maybe it speaks of our cooking, I don't know....I'm certainly not trying to say I'm fabulous or anything, but I was capable of producing a chicken in our oven that rivaled our gasser. The ones on the eggs were equally as good.

    From the hype, I just expected them to be better, that's all.

    We also did a meatloaf and some corn. I really enjoyed the corn as the smokiness gave them the flavor of roasted corn at a festival. I've grilled some good corn on our gasser, but the smoke made it better. The meatloaf though, I can't say I like smoky. I do like it better with a nice crust the way I can in the oven. I never tried meatloaf on our gas grill, so I can't compare that.

    I don't know what to say to everyone. It's my opinion, and it's honest. I'm not a gas guru, or work for anything related to grilling anywhere. I'm an at -home- mom of three kids. I don't claim to be a gourmet chef, but have learned through many years to cook quite well. Both of my parents were stellar cooks and have taught all of their children to cook proficiently. Just thought it might help someone out who's shopping for one. I feel a little upset that the egg was hyped to us so much. I'm not sorry we got it. We wanted a smoker anyway and this will last us forever. It did a great brisket (only 4.5 lb flat). It was juicy and smoky and wonderful. The problem is, when you put something so high on a pedestal, it's bound to fall down once in a while.
  • "Sparky""Sparky" Posts: 6,024
    I really do hope that you learn to like it.It does great things to chicken if done right.Once you figure out the temp control,you can do almost anything with it.Good luck,
  • Jeffersonian:

    It's not that I expected any certain flavors. I just keep pointing out the smoke so people don't say, "well a gasser doesn't give you a smoky flavor". I know that it doesn't. I've eaten plenty off of a charcoal grill and that tastes different than gassing too. What I'm referring to are all the general comments that food is better off an egg vs. other grills. I've read it all over, and the dealer's claim it too. The only people I seem to read that don't feel that way are ones who don't own, or sell eggs. Or some that have both. You see, everything we read was how "different" the food was on the egg. That's exactly how they stated it. "food cooked on the egg just tastes different, it's so much better". How the ceramics make it juicier, and how perfect it all turns out. Well the food was juicy, and the egg is easy to use. But, it wasn't "different" from what I've been able to produce on another smoker and grill, using the same spices that I used to use. That's my only point. I was just trying to give an honest review of our thoughts thus far.

    I like our egg. I wish that people we talked to and what we had read would have been a bit more unbiased prior to our purchase. We still would have bought our egg, but I wouldn't have the icky feeling that we were misled a bit. That's why I posted, just to tell it like we see it, for others who are shopping.

    So far the lump we've used it the BGE. There's not a lot of options in our local area for lump. I've read the NW site and I think the BGE is about the best he rated that we can get. We've also use Jack Daniels smoking chips and Applewood chips from BGE. The smoky flavor is nice in some of the meals. I don't mind it all, but there are just things I would rather not have it in.

    I don't think it's hard to please, it's just wanting truth in advertising. I feel we were misled a bit. Although we're not unhappy with our purchase, it just leaves an icky feeling to it all.
  • mollysharkmollyshark Posts: 1,519
    You know, I don't get a smoky taste unless I want it. I wait until the fire is definitely lit before putting stuff on if I don't want the smoky taste. Let all the white billowing die down. Also with chicken, if you let the fat spatter at all onto the charcoal you'll get more a smoke taste because it produces more smoke. Trim off those big hunks of fat on any poultry and it will cut it way down.

  • PhilsGrillPhilsGrill Posts: 2,256
    With experience comes great food. Keep practicing and reading. ;-)
  • JeffersonianJeffersonian Posts: 4,244
    I guess that's fair. It might be a matter of taking the claim of tasting different and asking, "Different from what?" It will certainly be different from an oven or a gasser, and even different from a grill that burns briquettes. I know I can taste a positive difference, at least.

    If, OTOH, you're familiar with other lump-burning ceramic grills/smokers, the BGE isn't going to deliver something astoundingly different.

    I've found the advantages to lie in the ability to provide a wide range of radiant and convective heat, the ability to use smoking woods, the thermal mass the ceramic provides on long, low cooks and the ability of the Egg to achieve very high dew points (i.e., humidity) in the dome to prevent the drying of food as it cooks. Your results may vary.
  • RRPRRP Posts: 18,974
    A thought triggered by your meatloaf comment... Here's one I recently egged and it had a wonderful, tasty bark (you call it crust). Crust to me means burnt meat vs bark which in this case was a favorite rub plus the BBQ secret to many called yellow mustard smeared on the outside!

    In that same vein you are comparing (I assume) a long standing favorite meatloaf recipe of yours made in the oven. I don't know the ingredients but there are several BGE recipes that lend themselves better to the egg vs the oven.

    Also - just as Molly S pointed out is the length of time before putting your meat entree on, but also the brand of lump you use. While I personally steer clear of it the brand called Cowboy is typically made from kiln dried millwork wood scraps and is less smokey.

    One last thought - there are many of use who own more than one BGE so we obviously have overcome the "king is naked" syndrome and I hope you and your family do too!
    L, M, S, Mini
    Dunlap, IL
  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    if you were happy with what you did you got to ask yourself when you hear there is a "big diffrence".... when to some there is not a big diffrence at all.... when i got my first egg i thought i was a pretty good "Griller" (not much of a "smoker" tho) and the more i look at how i used to be the more i have found i have learned (is learned a word? :unsure: )

    happy eggin


    Anderson S.C.

    "Life is too short to be diplomatic. A man's friends shouldn't mind what he does or says- and those who are not his friends, well, the hell with them. They don't count."

    Tyrus Raymond Cobb

  • Well I hope everyone can look back in the thread and see where I stated that the egg is a stellar smoker. For that reason, I'm glad we have our egg. I'm in no way accomplished as a smoker, and I clearly admitted that.

    And, I hope that I will change my mind about the egg's ability to grill in the future, but I don't see it happening. I don't think it grills poorly, just no better than other types of grills. I think there are pluses and minuses to each type of grill out there.

    Everything that we have cooked on the egg has been put on 20-30 minutes after the fire has fully started, so I don't feel that is my problem. I have used it both with and without smoking chips. And the lump is BGE. If it don't work on the BGE, there's an inherent problem. Is it the best, well not according to Naked Whiz, but we can't buy much else in our area, so it's what we got to use.

    I shouldn't say there's always a smoky flavor, but a flavor of coals. And then smoky when we use chips to do so. But there is a difference in flavor when cooking with coals than with gas. Some people like the difference all the time, I personally don't like it for everything.

    But what I still keep trying to address is the statements made that "EVERYTHING" tastes different and better on an egg vs. other grills. I don't find that to be a true statement. This is the heart of what I'm getting at. Am I saying that the egg doesn't cook great? NO. Am I saying that other grills cook better? NO. I'm just saying that above statement isn't true in my experience. I wish the people we had spoken to and read their comments were less biased in their opinions of their egg so that we would have had better information to form our decision to purchase.

    I think we still would have purchased our egg. But, think about how you feel when you buy something and find out it's not all it's advertised to be. Even if you still want whatever it is and are still happy you purchased it, don't you feel a little you've been taken a bit? That's how we we weren't told the whole truth. It puts a little blemish on our purchase that I wish wasn't there. So, I'm telling my truth, as I see it, for the next shopper, so they won't have to feel that way too.

    RRP:I had a "crust" similar to the one your showed on your meatloaf. That's not what I'm looking to achieve. Maybe I'm not explaining it right. The meatloaf was ok on the egg, but not the best I've made in my opinion. Just being truthful. We did use smoking chips, and I think I would have preferred it without. I'm sure there are some lovely recipes to work with on the egg. The thing is, I like the ones I've made. While I mess with the ingredients at times, I don't want to have to cook everyone else's just to have something I like. I'd like mine to come out just as good as they always have. I hope that makes sense.
  • civil eggineercivil eggineer Posts: 1,547
    I purchased my egg about 3 months ago after eating from my brother in laws. I have had nothing but fantastic results with chicken, butt, pizza, etc. They only complaint I have is I was 48 years old before getting one. :( It has eggsolutely changed the way I cook and my mouth virtually drooling thinking about my next cook. I have been egging in 0 degree weather in South Dakota and am anxiously awaiting spring time so I can drink outside while my egg is working. :blink: I have never experienced a cooker that could hold a stable temperature for as long as my BGE. I have seen the light and the light is good. :woohoo:

    Tomorrow I am smoking my second butt on the egg and can't wait. :woohoo:
  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    I hear you and agree, there are a lot of things I can do just as well in other cookers. I once did a test with a chicken recipe that has been on the forum today. This was before I owned an Egg, but I did chicken in the oven, the gas grill, and the turkey fryer. The oven won hands down. who would have thought the oven would beat deep fat frying? Bottom line is the Egg really excels at certain types of cooks and is equal to others in other types of cooks. Spend some more time with it and you will find the things that it is best suited for. Those will make your purchase well worthwhile. Welcome to the club! -RP
  • Jupiter JimJupiter Jim Posts: 2,216
    That sums it all up, well said. Thanks RP.
    Jupiter Jim

    I'm only hungry when I'm awake!

    Okeechobee FL. Winter

    West Jefferson NC Summer

  • Thanks AZRP. I think I will definitely fall in love with our egg for the smoking aspect. The brisket was great and I can't wait to try a butt and ribs. I'm also looking forward to trying pizzas and other baked goods in it. I love the ability to cook in poor weather. Eventhough we now live in NM, where most people would assume we have great sunny weather all year, we get a good bit of snow as we live up in the mountains near the ski slopes. After everything is said, if I'm pleased with the outcome of the pizza and baked products, then we'll consider getting a small in the future to save for those type of items. I plan to grill a bit more on our LGE, but as of now, I think we'll be getting a gas grill to accompany our egg to use for items that we feel are cooked better that way.

    I hope everyone can see that I wasn't on here to cause any trouble and don't want to argue the merits of the egg. I honestly do think that it's great for alot of cooks. I just wanted to put a little more of an unbiased review out there to help other's looking to purchase. Thanks for all the input!! This site it a great wealth of info, and my husband and I have both enjoyed reading the posts and learning about the egg.
  • BrocBroc Posts: 1,398
    I understand and respect your honesty.

    When I got my Egg, I was disappojted as sin. Well, maybe not as much as sin... y' know! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    That said, I was ready to sell the Egg at any cost. It was no big deal.

    Then, I lucked upon this site, and a dealer who took to time to help me through a few cooks [via email]. My cooks are now [literally] famous, just a year later, and I have groups asking me to cook for them.

    And yet -- my cooks are getting better all the time.

    I'm so glad I didn't toos my Egg... Take my car, make my kids, take my w... erm...

    But leave me my Egg!

    Patience, Amigo!

    It will pay off!

    ~ Broc

    PS: Study Naked Whiz and the compadres who post their cook sites for all to see. Their pictures are worth... thousands... of...

    Oof-ta! My fingers are tired!

  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    it makes sense to me!!! and i am not saying you are wrong in your opinion but for ME and proabably the "salesperson" you spoke to......

    it took and is still taking me to another level of cooking.. and that is what i hope happens for you not that you are a bad cook but that you become a better cook...... and that is what i think the egg REALLY does for most of the people out there.....especially those who use this forum as a tool to eggcite their family about eggin.......

    i mean you may have been one helluva cook but i think your "salesperson" may not have known your were already a good cook...... but if you give it some time the egg will be your best friend when it comes to feeding your family and they will eventually become "eggheads" as most of the people who have spoken to you so passionatly about it in this thread......

    and i truely hope you do not mistake their passion for hatred

    happy eggin


    Anderson S.C.

    "Life is too short to be diplomatic. A man's friends shouldn't mind what he does or says- and those who are not his friends, well, the hell with them. They don't count."

    Tyrus Raymond Cobb

  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    Our horse vet bought an Egg after a couple years of having me cater some of his parties with turkeys and pulled pork. I did my best to show him how to use the Egg, but he says he tried it a couple of times and the food was crap compared to what he was doing on his gas grill. There is a learning curve, and I'll keep trying with him. -RP
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