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Plan TWICE cook ONCE!

axproaxpro Posts: 50
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Oh woe is me, learn newbie eggers, and do not rpeat my folly!

I had a nice picnic shoulder i was going to use for pulled porkl, not too big, but big enough for me and the missus and some leftovers. I dutifully brined it (my preferred method from my propane grill days) and put together a nice rub. last night i got home from work and started setting up for an overnight...

-There was a snowstorm a few days back, and the night we were going to get some more lump, we opted out..... figuring i had enough for this last cook...

So home i come, late at night (i am working inventory at the store i work in this weekend, so no-one is home....) Got o fill upo the egg, and i am shy a few inches. I decide to throw caution to the wind and go for it..... wanting some pulled pork for dinner TONIGHT!

Well, i woke up an hour ago, and ran down to check... The egg was down to 150-ish, and the pork had hit 140. Checking the egg, I am down to the dreggs of coals!!! even throwing caution to the wind and opening all the vents I have BARELY reached a fan assisted temp of 215. I have to go to work in an hour, so i can't stay home and i can't grab a bag of lump anywhere in my area (Since i am working all day, and the missus is out of town)

I may have to finish it....


WOn't be "real" but it'll be edible.

Listen to our elders young ones, they have the knowledge we have yet to gain!

In my rush to have my first "real" pulled pork, i may ave doomed myself to a smokey and delicious yet-oven finished pork product of some unknown repute!


  • Beanie-BeanBeanie-Bean Posts: 3,092
    You know, my wife thinks that I'm silly for having all those bags of lump in the garage...but when feeding two BGEs, ya gotta have some lump in reserve. At least the smoking portion of the cook is done, and you'll have the nice flavor even if it is finished in the oven. I've moved the roasts to the oven while reloading lump--that was on my first or second overnighter. After that, I was on a quest to find something to take care of that for me. At first, I thought that it was airflow, so I went with the Turbo Grate--really nice, but that wasn't the ticket. The DigiQ I picked up a few weeks ago seems to be the thing. Only been used for experiments involving ribs so far, but I think that I'll be doing some pork butts or a chuckie really soon.

    Hope that the pork roast turns out good for you.
  • lowercasebilllowercasebill Posts: 5,218
    can't be too rich too thin or have too much lump! maybe some of the elders will post pics of their lump supply. i have seen pics of basements and garages piled high wtih pallets of lump, cars packed to the roof with lump. great pics maybe a woosday topic "how much lump do you have?
  • dblRdblR Posts: 75
    They will finish ok in the oven.The pork normally soaks up smoke flavor for about the first four hours or so. I have wrapped them in foil and that will help retain moisture and speed cooking. I have taken them off off the egg and just put oven on 190* to keep warm ( foil wrapped) and not cook. I still prefer the cooler and towel thing for holding until time I plan to pull; i.e. guests show up for the show. Will hold for four hours or so.

    Yours in green smoke,

  • Michael BMichael B Posts: 986
    I generally have two unopened bags on hand. I also have stores that sell Wicked Good, BGE, Royal Oak, Natural Hardwood, and Cowboy, all within a few miles of the house.
  • axproaxpro Posts: 50
    Well, withthe grace of god and a good fan, i got the s moker back up to 250-275... and left (expecting to be gone for 3-31/2 hours....)

    Well, it's been almost 8 hours. The egg tried mightily, but gave up and cooled down. THe internal temp plummeted to 77 and it looks and smeels delicious. It peaked somewhere around 160 last night... and was drawing near 150 when i left this morning. so i don't fear microbial beasties (iam reheating to 190-200 in the oven) but I have a suspicion it will be dryer than desert sand... the colagen to gelatin conversion gives pulled pork it's juicyness. but once that conversion is done once, it takes longer to do again, and even LONGER to do again... and it never liquifies the same way it did at first.

    It may be a lovely treat for the pup... but since i am the only one home, i'll give it a shot.

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