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Wholesale Egg Price

Chick with EggChick with Egg Posts: 8
edited 7:27PM in EggHead Forum
How can we find out the wholesale or cost price of these Eggs. Is it a big secret? I think everybody should make a profit but I just like to know how much over actual cost I am paying. Now I know there is overhead and insurance and other costs involved and that's not what I'm asking. I'd simply like to know how much a dealer pays the manufacturer for a med, large or XL egg.


  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,770
    Ask the dealer, but don't hold your breath waiting on an answer.

    I am not trying to be rude here, but do you know the actual cost of everything you buy? Furthermore, the information you seek will vary from dealer to dealer depending on their volume.
  • BigTBigT Posts: 385
    Become a Dealer. :lol:
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,770
    Well then she'd want to know the distributor cost..

    Ok OK I was born ugly I can't help it..
  • How about freight? How far from the Mother Ship do they travel? I sell em I by em there fore I pay freight.
  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    Whole sale price is meaningless when everything else comes into play.

    I wanted some staples for my staple gun from sears. I went to the mall store because I was close. They were out so I went ot the standalone Sears Hardware near my house. They had them but they were a dollar a box more. I questioned it and was told the mall store gets a huge rent discount as an anchor store so they can do lower prices. Same with gas stations to a degree. There are 3 Speedway gas stations with a couple miles of my house with always three different prices. I asked once about that and location costs where the answer I was given (we are talking a about a 5 cent spread between them).

    I work in health care and can tell you the reagent cost for a test might be a small fraction of the billable. You got to factor in such things as the cost of the analyzer to run the test the cost of the service contract on said analyzer (most bills are in the 5000 dollar range but our cost if 0 because of the service contract which costs who knows how much) the cost of me to do the work plus the rent we pay the hospital and everything else that goes into it.

    Wholesale price is meaningless.
  • did you?

    You the kind of guy that will bleed a dealer for every nickel then demand first class service afterwards?

    Being part of the Cult demands you get the best price you can then sit back and and look at the numbers. I paid just $700 nearly 10 years go for my large. It included a platesetter, daisy wheel and a grill gripper. To date my Egg has cost me .19¢ a day. Yes it was an investment but in that time I would have bought at least two gassers ($1500 min. cost) or half a dozen metal tops. $$$

    Bottom line, I don't care what the dealer pays my dealer is still here and going strong! Thank God he's making a profit!
  • HammerHammer Posts: 1,001
    Not wanting to seem rude; but I don't believe that it's any of your business, since you are not a distributor or dealer.
    Next thing you will want to know is how much the BGE Folks pay to have them made, and what their profit is, again none of your business.
    Good luck in finding out.
  • mikeb6109mikeb6109 Posts: 2,067
    as a dealer the question is more or less an insult ,cause most people that want to know is cause they beleive they got ripped off and wanna blame someone!! if you need anything else do you always ask yourself i wonder what the dealer paid for this............come one give your head a shake and be happy you own an egg !!
  • I think it's a fair question. These Eggs are fairly big ticket items for some people. It's always better to negoiate up from invoice or actual cost rather than negotiate down from suggested retail. That's just buyer 101. I also agree that any seller definitely deserves to make a profit. When I bought my XL recently, I just searched around and found a local dealer that was having a sale. My price was better than anything I could even find on the internet. Plus I have the added value of a local dealer for any future warranty issues. My best advise is to always deal with the owner directly if you want to cut a deal.
  • egretegret Posts: 4,063
    MSRP on XL= $991.95, L= $699.95, M= $499.95, S= $359.95, and M= $241.95. If you can get one from your dealer anywhere near this you're doing ok.
  • Oh come on… take it easy on Chick.

    I have no clue but I paid around $800 for my set up… as a business owner myself I’d hope a dealer made at least a couple hundred off me but wouldn’t be offended if the mark up is more… there’s a lot of overhead associated with a retail outlet.
  • Dang , Egret got our prices pegged. Plus You might get a ash tool, fire starters, and maybe some BGE lump. I get no comm. so it's no skin off my , well you know. Gotta love eggers. Converts become birddogs for more eggers. Treat all with RESPECT.
  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,454
    Funny, I had similar thoughts when I went to Publix the other day. I had a small bag of garbage to deposit in one of their receptaclea and when I opened the lid, I was astounded to find it stuffed almost full with unopened loaves of bread (apparently outdated). As I roamed the aisles I came upon a worker who was pulling loaves from the shelves and chucking them into a large bin. "I guess they're being thrown out?", I asked. His answer was "Yes". Then I got to thinking about how large a company they are and how they support their entire operation by selling groceries to us ordinary folks. And that's taking into account; specials, 2 for 1 sales, food that spoils or is discarded for being out-of-date, and theft. There are so many places in the world where people would fight tooth & nail to get at what we throw away! To get back on track, I then wondered what the markup is on all the things we buy. It must be enormous for a company like Publix to be profitable! Guess I'd better go light the Egg and prepare my humble, kielbasa dinner. I wonder how much profit Boar's Head makes on that stuff, but... oh, never mind....

  • Not to mention waste management services :lol:


    Caledon, ON


  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,454
    For sure, and the list could go on & on! Thing is, they still are profitable. Thank goodness for our system or we'd be standing in line, willing to sacrifice the last of our dollars for one more meal!

  • Grocery stores like Publix run on pure volume. If a store can net between 1 and 3% on total volume for the year. They consider that a good year. I won't bore you with each category, but some items are sold everyday at a loss. Miracle Whip in 32 oz. jars and 2lb Velvetta come to mind. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Ice Cream is around 35% with novelity items 50%. Bored yet Rascal?
    To keep this 1/2 way related. Cut meat is around 20-22%.

  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,454
    Why would I be Boared? 8 - )
  • One relative local grocery chain, takes their bread etc. to the local food shelters for the homeless.

  • 'relative small'
  • The dealer cost should be about 50% of MSRP. But most likely from 30% to 60% plus s/h.

    Distributor cost, if distributors are in the distribution chain could be again 50% to 35% of the wholesale cost.

    Direct Mfg. cost to distributor should have a markup of at least 100% to 300% possibly even more.

    The actual slip to cast a large shouldn't be much more than $50 here in the US. Who knows how much less when it's done in Mexico.

    Taking your question literally, a dealer probably makes about a pretax profit hopefully of 5% to 24%(on the high end). If they are making a higher net profit of that then more power to them, good business folk.

    Our retail folk literally go through living hell getting products to us the users. There are countless levels of people/agencies/bureaucracies/government that have an almost free hand in the retailers profit pockets. Add to that legal protection and insurance protection that has to be continually paid for.

    If you have never had experience in the manufacture to retail sale side of life, you have no concept of the costs required.

    (Side note: I leave the medical side of all this out of the discussion and feel the medical side laden with, kindly stated, gouging, and ‘out and out theft’ and is completely out of control especially towards the elderly side of things.)

    My 2¢ - - GG
  • CWM,

    I've been told that grocery chains take in a lot of money from manufacturers on their "end of the row" special display sale items. This would be on a national or regional basis.



    Caledon, ON


  • They are called end caps. It is mostly regional depending on the broker or rep in the area. Manufactures also pay for spacing on the store shelves. Be the first manufacturer of milk in the dairy. First bread company on the bread aisle. They also pay for eye level shelves. At the end of the day though, they net 1-3% of total sales.

  • Since I am in a related buisness, think of just this one aspect. If you got it a truck brought it. Now look at the difference the last few years in truck fuel costs and think how that can affect the price you pay for EVERYTHING.
  • Mike,

    Thanks for the info.



    Caledon, ON


  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    The other fine thing to consider is that these are sold at SMALL BUSINESS. most are Mom and Pop dealers, no big boxes to buy in volume and cut corners in service and support. And our rewards of being self employed is a nice fat 20-30% of our money to the government. I have a Rug Hooking Studio in Maine, and have been in business for myself for almost 30 years. My biggest bonus of being self employed is after every bill and employee and everything else is paid I might get to write me a check. then if I actually cash it LOL. I have 1 furnace and 3 gas fireplace for heat in a house built in 1790. want my oil bill :angry:
    I have had people actually come in and go through all my books see what one they want to order off from Amazon and write down the numbers :evil: my head just spins. I asked one lady if I could help her and she said no she just wanted to check it out before she ordered it. LOL I smiled and said I hope I am still here to offer previews when next years books come out. SHE looked confused and asked what I meant. I did not bother, she did not have a clue. I always do the small shops and the mom and pops. I am one, I know what it takes to run a business and it is a 24/7, stress and worry. a mark up ??? LOL I have some idea of what they need to be doing to be in business. they/we earn every penny. Price shop and talk to the dealers sure. you want to be happy all the way around. you also want them there if you need them 6 months or 6 years down the road. Julie, stepping down from the soap box now :blush:
  • My son is plant manager for a window manafacturing outfit who spplies window south of the missippi river.

    They truck glass in and finished wondows out. They have a tempering line that also used natural gass.

    The fuel if all kinds are forcing their wholesale costs by incredible amounts and that is in the last 8 months.

    Due to the increase they have closed down one shift and cut 2nd shift to 1/2 people.

    I was talking to a butcher here at our local grocery store here. I asked why the increase in chicken proces. I was told the increas was due only to increased truck fuel costs.

    With the weight and phyisical size of the eggs I would think transportation has a large percent added into costs.

    But think of all the testing done by others on behalf of BGE. BGE sends out 'free' parts to past owners. If anyone has paid attention to the posts over the last month or so, there has been 3 to 5 eggs replaced some were parts but there were at least 2 that were almost complete replacements.

    That all has to be calculated, there are real costs to BGE for these replacements.

  • Congratulations on making it work for 30 years. Or should I say with putting it up with it all.

    Been there done that. It is a tough road.

  • Julie,

    Whoa! You're preaching to the choir here. I have two small businesses, one in Canada and one in the US. I know what the underlying costs of offering a product or service can be. Thirty years in business has pretty much taken care of any naivity I may have had in this regard. I just asked a question of CWM about chain stores.



    Caledon, ON


  • Thank you sir!

    Nobody ever told me it was going to be easy.

    Steve ;)


    Caledon, ON


  • BrocBroc Posts: 1,398
    Yeah -- I was chatting with Casey [Eggfoot, Omaha dealer] about getting a "scratch-'n-dent" to save me money... I thought he knew I was joking.

    He nodded, "Yeah -- I got one in the back. C'mon, I'll show you."

    We got to a great big box. Inside -- an XL in at least a hundred pieces!

    "Here!" he said. "I sell you this one real cheap!"

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    I wonder if he donated it to Salvation Army...
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