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adhesive for gasket

edited 10:37AM in EggHead Forum
I am putting on a new nomex gasket I got from the BGE headquarters. I know that they recommend using 3M super 44 spray adhesive to ensure a good seal to the egg. However, I can't find super 44, but I did find super 77 which looks like a multi purpose adhesive spray. Has anyone used this? Will it work just like super 44? Any insight is much appreciated.


  • HammerHammer Posts: 1,001
    I've used Nomex for over a year now. The Nomex is adhesive backed. There was originally a problem with the adhesive, but none now.
    Unless you just want to put it on; do it; but I've found it was not necessary.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i always thought they recommended 77. never even heard of 44.

    77 is nothing more than aerosol rubber cement, and should work fine. one coat on the felt and ceramic, let it get tacky, then adhere.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • The one I picked up from the mothership a few weeks ago, let loose. The adhesive used to hold the gasket to the Celo-fane came apart. It came loose after a session with some no knead bread. I have since removed the celo and used some 3M. No problems yet.

    Got me thinking though. Being that most of us didn't know of the new Nomex unitl recently. I'm wondering if the Nomex gasket I got was laying around in the warehouse for quite some time and for lack of a better term "Dry rotted". Just wondering
  • I used the 77. So far no problems. I did visit the 3M store and could not find the 44 listed under spray adhesives.
  • HammerHammer Posts: 1,001
    I would suggest that you contact John Creel at the mothership and explain what happened. He should be back from Mexico by now. I've never had the adhesive come loose, and I've had it for over a year and have put it through all kind of tests.
    I heard of earlier versions that had a problem, but not for awhile.
    As far as it being old; I don't know. All of the Nomex packets and the 30' roll I have has no dates.
  • I was planning on calling him tomorrow. Not sure what the problem was. It's fixed now.
  • HermHerm Posts: 206
    Seriously, cut it out! I cannot properly read your messages with that picture. I cannot stop laughing. I've seen it a hundred times now, but it still has me in stitches.

    Hope all is well!
  • RRPRRP Posts: 17,412

    You said "All of the Nomex packets and the 30' roll I have has no dates."

    Are you a wholesale/supplier of this new product? Why do you have so much stock on hand?

    Doing the math even just a 30 foot roll will equip 3 large BGEs.
    Dunlap, IL
  • Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I'm going to try the Super 77 just in case I got a gasket with bad adhesive. Ran out of daylight cleaning off the old gasket today - took much longer than I thought. I'm looking forward to trying the new gasket with a couple of trex's and some pizza.
  • HammerHammer Posts: 1,001
    First of all, I am not a distributor,or supplier of anything-period or a distributor or supplier to the BGE-period.
    Secondly, I have been testing the NOMEX for over a year for the mothership in many different configurations on my XL's and Larges, as well as some on my neighbors eggs. I have stripped/re-stripped a lot of gaskets in the tests; therefore the requirement that I have plenty of material on hand is/was necessary.
    And there was no dates on the packages as I stated.

    I hope this answer's your questions; but frankly, not trying to be a smart a--,but it is not any of your business why I have such a large supply on hand.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    he asked a normal question, and since this board is conversational in tone and everybody sorta "knows" everybody, i don't think he was being pushy asking.

    imagine him standing there at an eggfest with a beer in his hand asking the question.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • HammerHammer Posts: 1,001
    I hear you Stike, but RRP knows who I am. The questions inferred that I have something to gain by having such a large quanity of the NOMEX on hand; thus his questions.
    The only thing I have to gain is simple; I want to help put the gasket issue to rest, because I am tired of hearing about fried/blown/safety issues/ concerning gaskets; and move on.
    I am not a supplier or distributor of any products, nor am I a facilitator, enabler or paid endorser of any product. There are too many legal issues involved by being part or parcel of the supply chain.
    I have no problems (to my knowledge) with RRP, other than I don't share the same opinions of the gasket he
    apparently perfers; and that's his opinions; and he is entitled to those.
    Thanks for the reply.
  • Hammer,

    Do you mind sharing what your results have been like with the testing?



    Caledon, ON


  • HammerHammer Posts: 1,001
    The testing is still a work in progress, but so far the results have been positive.
    The paramiters I established was to address the various issues that I have experienced personally or other eggers experiences and problems with the gasket.
    As you know the gasket is primarily a cushion between the dome and the base,and acts as a seal between both, but as such is subjected to a lot of wear and tear; high heat/pro-longed heat etc;.

    low heat etc;. There are a lot of eggers who cook without a gasket and have the same great results. So to say a gasket is absolutely necessary is not the case.
    However the problems with the gasket continued. There have been safety concerns/adhesive concerns/quick wear concerns/high temp concerns/leakage concerns; etc;.
    I discussed these concerns with various folks at the BGE over the past 20+ years of egging; but the problems continued.
    I was finally given a gasket by John Creel, R&D, BGE to test, that he felt may be a solution re; NOMEX I was familiar with NOMEX to some degree, since my brother is a Fire Chief and his firemen all wear NOMEX, and he had given me a pair of NOMEX gloves to use with my egg.

    The various tests I have performed are high temp burns at prolonged periods; some as high as 1,500 degrees. low heat burns with prolonged periods. Quick temp burns doing T'Rex Steaks; Mapp Gas burns directly with a MAPP Torch.
    I tested the configurations of the NOMEX on the EGG different ways.All NOMEX;Nomex on the top/felt on the bottom and vice versa. This way I could see the results of how the material would hold up.
    After each test, and it continues today; I examine the Nomex for burns/absorbency/adhesiveness of the glue to the egg; pull away; browning etc;.
    There were earlier reports from some others testing the NOMEX that the adhesive wasn't holding up; I never experienced this problem personally, but it could have happened; and the BGE addressed this problem.

    The bottom line is that while the tests have proven positive over the year; I do not believe that this is the be all/end all problems for the gasket, and that other solutions or gaskets will come forth. But I am pleased with the results so far.
  • Hammer,

    My dad was a fire chief as well. That is what prompted me to ask. I have no gasket on one egg that I use primarily for high temp cooks but I keep gaskets on the others. I am looking forward to trying the Nomex but BGE Canada isn't even aware of it yet. Thanks for the response.



    Caledon, ON


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